So, did you see the meeting?

UPDATE: Here’s the story.

Started like a work of friction. Less than 10 minutes in, Board President Frumkin called a recess because Trustee Reynoso wanted to rebut Frumkin’s statement from district lawyers refuting Reynoso’s legal findings from the last meeting regarding the matter of Trustee Armas’ relatives working for the district. Get all that?

When they returned and Reynoso kept talking, they had HUSD security kinda awkwardly escort Reynoso out of the council chamber. Just outside the doors, neither HUSD security nor a uniformed HPD officer knew what to do about the situation. It was like “So someone’s breaking Roberts Rules of Order? Who, exactly, is supposed to do what about that?” At one point there was some question of whether the security guard who sits at the desk downstairs should be brought into the situation.

In the meantime, Reynoso went back to his seat. Then a sergeant and another officer arrived. During another recess, they met with the board behind closed doors and then the officers left and Reynoso again took his seat, this time for the duration of the meeting. He also was allowed to make his rebuttal statement without interruption.

I hit the officers up on their way out, they said Reynoso simply wasn’t committing an arrestable offense. I asked them if they’d ever had to respond to a call like that before and they said no, tonight was a first. So I guess they won’t be bringing the paddy wagon around for Roberts Rules violations or anything like that.

Public commenter Doug Ligebel struck a chord with the audience and garnered applause when he said, “I don’t want to see three uniformed police officers at a school board meeting when there have been 13 murders in Hayward this year.”

So I will be working on a story on the whole deal, but I figured I’d offer up a HayWord entry to comment on for those of you who saw the meeting. They also reviewed the final budget numbers for the past school year and heard a presentation on how Measure I projects are going, and they’re going very well.

Eric Kurhi