Something good down in South Hayward

We had a story today about how a Cal State-based foundation scored a grant that’s going to be used to better the South Hayward community. It’s a rare thing — only one of 21 communities across the nation to get a “Promise Neighborhood” grant, which is modeled Harlem Children’s Zone. That program was created to give kids a  chance to beat the surrounding conditions of poverty, with social and educational support. Check out the story for more information.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Let us hope that this grant does some good. Perhaps this money will be able to be used to bolster up the sorry state of Winton Middle School. The issues that will come to light there, from new hire teachers who prey on children to absentee administrators and a complete lack of administrative overhaul by the Superintendent and the disunity of the board foretell a less than positive view. These issues began some time ago. Thank you Eric Kurhi for final printing the story that began to unravel in August of this year. The investigation by the San Francisco authorities may or may not cast a new light on the failure to vet teachers in the district. The teacher involved is new to the district and has moved once from his assignment at Hayward High to Winton, the perfect storm for his particular festish. Whether he is convicted as a felon or of a midsdemeanor is for the justice system. For the HUSD not to call for the changes needed in the district is not a good sign for either the incumbents or the challengers. The administration has tried to prevent any notice of this since August and they have been able to keep the salacious and shocking results quiet for 60 days. Let us all unite around the principle that Child Pornography and School Teachers in the Public School should not be allowed to continue. Those responsible for the hiring, training, and evaluating teachers, specifically the accused should be called to publically answer for their actions. If it is your kid involved you might be afraid to speak up. Let the balance of the comunity rise up. This is really wrong.

  • The Harlem Children’s Zone has gotten marvelous results! However, like a lot of good programs, FESCO included, it gets these fantastic results because a great deal of positive effort, knowledge, and financial resource is poured into the program. This will be really interesting and I hope it is a rampant success story.

  • John W. Kyle


    Have you details to share? What is extent of local involvment i.e. volunteerism in the harlem case as an example?

    I read the story and it certainly had applicability here in Hayward. Story was a bit short on detail of operation.

  • I am happy that, once again, the Tennyson South Hayward area of our city has received new support for children and families. But…..

    I must ask, why has the northwest area of our city and school district been so completely left out in the area of concern and resources?

    This area, boundered by Winton/Jackson and A street and the Cherryland School attendance area has been the victim of neglect for too many years to count. Too many children live in less than adequate housing, have families that are dealing with multiple issues, don’t have enough food in their bodies to promote learning and growing these issues among many more affect a child’s ability to progress and thrive in school.

    There have been too few attempts to bring grant resources to this underserved population. I have watched children climb over disgarded furniture and bags of garbage blocking the sidewalks on their way to school. I have observed many school aged students just wandering the streets when school is in session. Graffitti is rampant, gang signs are everywhere.

    At my insistance and prodding of City Councilmembers, Olden Henson, provided assistance in organizing a neighborhood cleanup in the South Garden area. It was susccessful, but the overall results were so short lived. And clearly, when the garbage returned, the city resumed its pattern of ignoring this area.

    Where are the city, Cal State, HUSD advocates for these children? When will they begin to reap the benefits of huge grants and support from the public?

  • Geoffrey Canada is the brains and finance behind it.

    You can read more about it at:

    They did a fantastic piece on it on 60 Minutes and that is where I became acquainted with it.