Foam fight tonight in Hayward?

Tonight’s City Council agenda includes a public hearing on a Styrofoam ban. You can read the entire item here.

Hayward wouldn’t be the first city to pass such a ban, and it wouldn’t be the first city to have said ban opposed by the Chamber of Commerce. According to an e-mail from Councilman Bill Quirk, that opposition is expected at tonight’s meeting.

Save the Bay also checked in and will be there to speak to the importance of such a ban.

Also on the agenda: A work session on regulating hand-cart vendors, which are currently banned from operating but do anyway.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Let us hope that the Council votes to jump ahead and include beverage holders, food wraps, bags, straws, coffee stirs, utensils and hot-cup lids. Doing this will eliminate much of the litter in our community. The ban should include the sale of non-biodegradable materials in markets and stores of all kind.

  • Michael Moore

    Let us hope that the progressive members of Council will recognize that regulation of hand carts is symptomatic of all that is wrong with the city today. Look at the empty store fronts and unemployed. And the city wants to add further charges for registration and permitting. The council should get real and acknowldege that pushcart vending and street corner salesmanship are the hallmarks of the beginnings of the American Way. When the city and the county can get together on this then perhaps there should be something done. Until that time the fees should be waived along with the inspections and investigations. All existing push cart and sidewalk vendors should be able to apply and receive a five year permit, non-transferrable, the allows them to operate their business. This is a policy that supports individual effort and does not discourage it.

  • John W. Kyle

    Mr. Moore

    Right on ! Nothing more annoying then living at the entrance to a tract of homes where those who lack consideration for others are often guilty of tossing refuse from their last meal onto the street. I guess it saves them a trip to the trash can at their place of domicile ? Trouble is, they do it when I am not looking.

  • Monica

    I take my own container for left overs.

  • qodrn

    Would like to see what would happen if the school board put some of Mr. Reynoso’s requests on the agenda. Would he quiet down or move on to something else? It does seem other school board members get their requests honored.

  • He’d probably have a heart attack…one way to quiet him down though.