Hayward students honored for perfect scores

Here’s some good news: A whole bunch of Hayward Unified students were honored at last week’s board meeting because they got perfect scores of 600 on a portion of last year’s state standardized tests. A couple of them even got a 600 in two different areas. Great work, everybody! Here they are:

Student Information – First Name Student Information – Last Name School   Grade 10ELA 10 Math 10Science  
Reeya Shakya Bowman   5th    600    
Leonel Rivera Castro Bowman   3rd    600    
Orly Freire Bowman   3rd    600    
Mauricio Rosas Bowman   4th    600    
Justin Hernandez Bowman   5th    600    
Jhoann Batac Bret Harte/HHS   8th/ALG    600    
Paulina Pena Burbank   4th    600    
Fernando Garcia Burbank   4th    600    
Miriam Oseguera Burbank   5th    600    
Angelica Del Muro Cherryland   3rd    600    
Ashley Perez Cherryland   3rd    600    
Hector Coronado Cherryland   3rd    600    
Salvador Bolanos Cherryland   3rd    600    
Emerald Adeyan East Avenue   3rd    600    
Olivia Mendoza East Avenue   3rd    600    
Tamana Ishibashi East Avenue   4th    600    
Ekaterina Sergeeva East Avenue   3rd    600    
Myla Batuyong East Avenue   2nd    600    
Srihari Narayanan Eldridge   4th    600    
Omar Choto Solorio Eldridge   4th    600    
Esteban Enriquez Fairview   5th    600    
Citlalli Damian Ponce Glassbrook   2nd    600    
Christian Mendoza Glassbrook   2nd    600    
Travis Ly Harder   4th    600    
John Stanley Mudzinski Harder   4th    600    
Noe Camacho Harder   2nd    600    
Alan Meza Harder   2nd    600    
Gary Alvarado Harder   3rd    600    
Ivy Hoang King/Mt. Eden   8th      600  
Celena Foglia King/Mt. Eden   8th      600  
Giovanni Pereira King/Mt. Eden   8th      600  
Justin Chan Lorin Eden   4th    600    
Daniel Sun Lorin Eden   5th    600    
Kevin Nguyen Lorin Eden   4th    600    
Nicholas Maharaj Ochoa/Mt. Eden   8th      600  
Brandon Le Ochoa   7th/ALG    600    
Danielle Beaudoin Palma Ceia   2nd    600    
Jarrold Esteves Palma Ceia   4th    600    
Justice Castaneda Park   5th    600    
Briana Macias Ruus   2nd    600    
Cheyenne Gentry Southgate   3rd    600    
Ronald Garay Southgate   2nd  600 600    
Lucy Pena Stonebrae   2nd  600 600    
Ryan Erler Stonebrae   2nd    600    
Lataipalavi Fainga Stonebrae   2nd    600    
Caitlin Hamilton Strobridge   3rd    600    
Leo Velez Strobridge   3rd    600    
Rahmat-Llah Mohammed Treeview Bidwell   4th    600    
Claire Ko Treeview Bidwell   5th    600    
Penelope Chow Treeview Bidwell   5th    600    
Joshua Gavino Treeview Bidwell   4th    600    
Maceo Chavez Treeview Bidwell   5th    600    
Alma Romo Tyrrell   3rd    600    
Rafael Martinez Tyrrell   5th    600    
Phat Nguyen Winton   7th/ALG    600    
Selena Ohuafi Winton   7th /ALG   600    

Eric Kurhi

  • WhatUpThen

    Great job, kids! Any news on the HS students??

  • qodrn

    I am guessing that there were not any at the high schools. Most of these 600 were in the lower grades except for a very few.

  • qodrn

    Also, if they got 600, does that mean they are in the wrong grade and need to skip a grade to be challenged in their school work?

  • Qodrn, there is another element to grade-appropriate study, the element of maturity and socialization. I’ve seen some extremely bright children with socialization issues stemming from being younger than their classmates.