Statement from family of Hayward twins

You’ve probably heard the tragic story that happened last week involving the Hayward High School students. We’re keeping an ear out for updates, but I received a press release  that was e-mailed to me by relatives of the twins. We’re not releasing any names at this point because of the nature of the case.

Here’s the family statement, which they want to be shared:

We understand that the media’s role is to provide the public with pertinent information. However, our family has felt that the media, in paying attention to a number of uncertain and very sensitive details pertaining to the passing of our son, have produced sensationalized news articles at the expense of our privacy and well being. This focus on the tragic and fatal details, we feel, does little to help our family and community heal and, instead, fetishizes this event.

Certainly, we understand that people are very concerned for the well being of our local community. As such, we ask that, if the media is going to dedicate resources to covering this tragic event, that they note the tremendous amount of support our family and our sons have received from the vital community institutions, such as our church’s parish and our sons’ schools. For example, the youth in the PUENTE program at Hayward High School produced an impressive shrine, complete with artwork and poetry, dedicated to the memory of our deceased son. Our church provided our community with a space to grieve our collective loss. These are important events and actions that demonstrate the well standing of our sons in the broader community, as well as our community’s tremendous capacity to heal and recover.

We welcome the media to echo our gratitude to those individuals, families and community organizations that have expressed their condolences and lent their moral support to our family in this moment of crisis. We feel that this is an opportunity for all of us to learn from this tragedy, and that the strengthening of community ties, as demonstrated by the outpouring of community support, provides us all with great hope for the future of our entire community.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    The loss of one teenager and the incarceration of another portends the very real failure within the family and the community. No one needs to read or hear the speculation or read conjecture in print or over the air.

    The needs of the family and other relations tangenitally contaminated with this tragedy must be fulfilled. And, when the facts are known and professionals are able to assess and recommend courses of action, then all of the details must be presented to the public. Unless of course we want to see this sort of tragedy continue without documentation or correction.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Regarding you statement that “The loss of one teenager and the incarceration of another portends the very real failure within the family and the community. No one needs to read or hear the speculation or read conjecture in print or over the air.”

    Mr. Moore: Your very statement is pure speculation!
    “failure within the family?” Do you happen to know this particular family?
    I do, and you are way off the mark!

    I can tell you with confidence that I have met few families who are as close, caring and community oriented as this particular family.

    Maybe, instead of writing this speculative and somewhat accusatory statement, you can give this family the privacy they need and deserve.

  • John W. Kyle

    Mr. Fernandez;

    Thank you for the analysis of the Moore contribution at position # 1 above.

    Your thought processes are well founded and are basic to instincts for Faith, Hope and Charity as well as being based in Theology.

  • Michael Moore

    Mr. Hernandez, while I do not know the family, I do know that twins are special, that to have one die and the other to act out dramatically is not normal. I am neither accusatory nor speculative. Something truly horrendous and awful happened to this family, friends, neighbors and community.

    We should let the family have the privacy they need and deserve while the mourning process continues and the coping process goes on. Before this is complete though, there is something to be learned through this tragedy.

  • qodrn

    I am so sorry for this family. What happened is just horrible. Most of the time, these things are not preventable, because parents are not mind readers and they can easily get mixed up in their own affairs at the wrong time.

  • Kathryn

    All I ask is somewhere somehow this family does think about the people that their son effect by his actions. I know the residents pray for them, I hope they feel the same for those kids scared to sleep at night. As parents we can’t control the world and to blame blindly isn’t helpful. I know a broken heart when I see one…and that morning I know many were shattered.

    My other thought is this letter should be directed only to a local tabloid that still publishes news under the guise of the chronicle. THEY, then CBS followed in posting your childrens names…those are the ones that should be called out on unethical reporting.