Cal State East Bay development blocked

Here’s our story on a judge’s ruling regarding a large parking structure and new dorms planned at the Hayward campus. Basically, the judge agreed that CSU didn’t do enough to mitigate the effects of more cars and residents. City Attorney Michael Lawson said the university planned to ask the state for money to help the city handle the extra load, but would have goneĀ ahead with the projects whether they got the funds or not, putting the burden on the city.

The university plans to double its student body in the next 20 years or so.

You can find more information about the projects on the CSUEB website. The parking lot and dorm reports are under the subheading “Cal State East Bay Hayward Campus Master Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report Volume II

To view the case, go to Alameda County’s DomainWeb site and enter case number RG09480852.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Monica, so nice to have the reminder of the Festival at the Bistro. Perhaps I will see many of you there.

  • With the newly granted raise in tuition, I don’t see how CSUEB can think they will double enrollment here in Hayward or any place else for that matter. College dreams are fading for many of our kids.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Hayward Downtown Pet Parade December 5,2010

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    For exanmploe: You might have done better with your first sentence above @ # 52… With newly established increases in tuition understand how CSUEB is able to double etc,…..

    Understand that you used the word ‘grant’ ill-advisedly and ‘rise’ in tution might have been more appropriate.

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  • qodrn

    The fees raises are rather silly. I can tell you they don’t go to the state workers for the most part. They raise fees as to not have to offer less classes, but they might as well offer less classes because the fees keep students out. Unless you can get a scholarship most folks can’t afford college without loans. I think the schools figure well the grants or loans will just go up a to respond to the increase, but it makes a big difference. Sadly, its the middle class that is being priced out, the same middle class that benefitted from the first colleges in California. I am amazed at the demonstrations in Britain about school. How about the state legislature offerring bonuses if the schools can lower fees?

  • Thank you John Kyle for the lesson in proper grammar and sentence structure. I was not concerned about anyone missing the point, therefore I just typed what was in my heart and mind, not bothering to proof read.

  • Rod Joaquin

    This blog has some very off the mark comments. A lot of folks just have no concept of CSU East Bay’s mission. #1 the fees are among the lowest for similar colleges #2 the City of Hayward should be embracing the college. But instead they make each and every student never want to drive down that hill. The City never did develop into any type of college City AFTER OVER 50 YEARS OF COLLEGE KIDS ATTENDING THE CAMPUS. Had they (City Admin.) got their collective head out of the toilet they could have celebrated the college like most cities with a major college. So as you drive through Foothill’s empty, old, ugly buildings think about the opportunity the City lost & is losing as theY push the college students away…..The entire mentality of the City admin. has to change here. Embrace CAL STATE EAST BAY ! GROW WITH THE PIONEERS ! DONT HATE THEM to the point of making them walk in the rain and deny a simply parking garage with a roof ! GEEZ…..