Hayward’s partnership program

Hayward city officials, along with HUSD and HARD representatives, have been meeting with residents in neighborhoods all over town to hear what their concerns are and what should be done to improve their quality of life.

Officials say the Neighborhood Partnership Program has been a big success. Here’s a presentation that explains what’s going on. The goal is to have an initial set of four meetings facilitated by the city, then turn the reins over to the residents. So even if the meetings have already been held for your area, you should be able to get in contact with people who have set up an action team. For more information, call Neighborhood Services at 510-583-4227 or e-mail director David Korth at david.korth@hayward-ca.gov.

And just as a reminder, you can also use the city website’s Access Hayward feature to file complaints or suggestions of things that need work.

Eric Kurhi

  • Monica Ruiz


  • K Rocchio

    This is great to see the City encouraging neighborhood specific plans to help citizens improve the areas they live in. Personal responsibility and partnership should help get things done.

  • I hope some of you watched the Board meeting last night. It was really quite comical..I don’t recall Mr. Reynoso speaking to any item. Frumkin kept looking his way and constant look of shock on his face was just hilarious. There are some concerns regarding how the individual schools are handling School Site council meetings and true parental involvement. The questionable tactics of principals regarding notice of a meeting taking place and calling a few chosen parents to form a quorum has happened for a long time. Hopefully parents at these schools will begin to speak out as the Harder parent did last night.

  • John W. Kyle


    If you have not noticed…. see this morning’s Daily Review … Front Page above the red line… right side of the page

    At “Mprning Report section, front page…. no mention of Daily Review….. just another section where on front section and at where at page AA 8 WE ARE ADVISED THAT THE cONTRA cOSTA tIMES HAS COMTROL OF THAT REPORTING EFFORT.


  • John W. Kyle

    All:The Hayward ‘partnership program’ is a well intended idea with possesses huge flaws.

    As a life long resident of Alameda county, a second generation native of both Oakland as well as the USA, three of whose grandparents arrived here in possession of english language and one the child of refugees of the religious strife occurring in Ireland’s probince of ‘ULSTER’ and as a real estate appraiser heavily involved with appraisal of all types of real property =offered as collateral to Bank employers as salaried individual…. Ityhink I know something about v=creeping blight.

    It may be too late for hayward is this latest extension of the long retired “Neighborhood Task Force idea” is doomed to fail. New cross walks, speed bumps, speed sign controls are are good of themselves… they do not have recognizanle affect upon meighborhood demographics escpecially when those same factors induce illicit add ons, viollations of set back lines and violation of lot coverage regulations.

    I went to the trouble of taking photos of obvious and objectionable violations of building code violation, sent that with adequate narrative, hasd a councilman make the tour of dwelllings with photographic as well as actual visual inspection tours…. all with result that nothing happens…… codew violation abound in yhe Longwood/Winton Grove neighborhoos.

    One thing we do have is an overloaded school whose numerous portable building assist packing in an excewssive number of kids…. aided by yellow buses!

    There once was an ed code requirement for a specific amount of land area per student but longwood is packed, last year at 730 and a few years ago almost tied with Cherryland at 799 students.

    Obviously, I do not think much of the City’s program but there is hope…… when we cure the Truancy problem at HUSD qwe will see at least a slow down in neighborhood deterioration.+

    Greter education opportunity and student success with that opportunity would greatly aid the need for City to reduce these smoke and mirror activities.

  • John W. Kyle


    I did not have opportunity to view last evenings out of step with the second and fourth Wed. Schedule but I did watch portions of the re-broadcast which preceeded the City Council meeting on Tuesday.

    How many are able to cope with Reynoso’s behaviors? I empathize with Mr Frumkin when ‘chatter moyh Reynoso’ fails understanding of the word ‘manners’. His case is hopeless and if it were not so damnably expensivce to undertake the act of a recall……we could do without the gentleman whose obvious mistake is one of his own doing. If actions of the Board are consistantly wrong, even after counsels’ advice, then let that self agrandising…. take his littel concerns to a court of law. after all, Mr. Drake will gladly testify in support of Reynoso.

    Am away again…… good Holiday season to all….. SHOP Hayward !!!

  • Sherry Blair

    Thanks for the article about the partnership program. I hope that you will continue to follow the program at Burbank until the end and then report on it’s actual effectiveness, at least in that neighborhood.

    I would like to point out too that the city cannot do this by itself. People must stand up and participate in order for there to be any success. Democracy is not a spectator sport as they say.

    I would add also that it is really a waste of time and a killer of energy to bring in all the baggage of past failures. We all have wounds. We do not need to keep reopening them over and over.

    Instead, let’s create something good together.

  • To Sherry,
    I completely agree with your sentiments.

    To all,
    How convenient that Mr. Kyle didn’t see the most recent board meeting and therefore could only put in his tired comments about Mr. Reynoso. I think that perhaps Mr. Reynoso has decided to take a new tactic since there will be a new board. How about giving him a chance to change his behaviors???