Lighting Up the Pet Parade in downtown Hayward

citytreeCouple of holiday events coming up in the next few days, what with the Light Up the Season street party Thursday followed by the Santa Paws pet parade on Saturday.

We had a story on the events; organizers are excited to have Deuce the Alameda Dognap Victim as a guest of honor in the pet parade, which was 100 dogs strong as of Wednesday afternoon.

Also got a call from Jim Wieder, owner of the downtown Ace Hardware and former president of the Chamber of Commerce. He said there’s a sense of disappointment among some merchants because of the lack of promotion of the Light Up the Season event.

“The city gives $10,000 to light up B Street, but it hasn’t been advertised,” he said. “Why light it up if it hasn’t been advertised? The lights aren’t up, the posters aren’t up, the skating rink isn’t there. It all makes the area more festive and shoppers kind of enjoy that feeling.”

Wieder, who was dismissed as Chamber president earlier this year, said it’s “not a case of sour grapes” on his part.

“All kinds of things are supposed to be happening. There’s concern among merchants about where that (city) money is going.”

A quick stroll down B Street revealed that there didn’t appear to be nearly as many lights strung up as in previous  years. Current chamber President Kim Huggett said they didn’t light all the trees because it’s more difficult than the streetlights, which have an outlet at the top and the lights can be wrapped downward. Trees need to be wrapped upward and there’s more breakage involved and the lights don’t last as long, he said.

But he said they’ve done plenty of promoting, including sending 20,000 postcards out to elementary school students, and there has been considerable interest in the events.

“A lot of businesses will be open later, and a number will be serving refreshments and Christmas treats,” Huggett said. “It’s hard to say how many people will be coming out, but it was well advertised. … We’ll know tomorrow.”

Let’s all find out tomorrow! See you there!

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Lets see, the Guest of Honor in the parade is a dognapping victim from Alameda, not Hayward, the lights are few, businesses are not open, The Heart of the Bay invested $10K and the school district sent out 20,000 post cards. Maybe there is something wrong with this picture? The lonely tannhauser is not really in keeping with the ethnicity of the town. Maybe it is time to get in to the twenty-first century?

  • Michael Moore

    All, my apologies, I meant tannenbaum.

  • Eric Kurhi

    There IS a hero dog closer to home… I just sent a note out to parade organizers to see if they know about Diamond here, who could use some special treatment:


  • teachermama

    Tomorrow is the second night of Hanukkah. I hope the city includes this as part of the “seasonal” celebration or at least acknowledges it.

  • teachermama

    Tomorrow is the second night of Hanukkah, but I don’t see any mention of it on the link. I hope the city plans to include this holiday in the celebrations, or at least acknowledge it. I guess a menorah lighting ceremony to go along with the tree lighting is too much to ask for.

  • teachermama

    oops, I didn’t mean to post twice, and now I’m filling up space with the 3rd. Too much Manishewitz maybe.

  • HaywardMom

    My child attends a Hayward elementary school. I asked her if she received said postcard. She told me today they were sorting them in the office to give to children and they were short some so she didn’t bring one home. Giving students the information postcard the DAY BEFORE the event doesn’t cut it for busy families. I would not have even asked her without reading this blog entry to begin with. Sorry but the City of Hayward gets a big F for the promotion of this event.

  • qodrn

    Wow! I can’t wait to see what a $10,000 Christmas Tree looks like. Wish I had some Manishewitz.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, the inclusion of Diamond would be a good thing.

  • qodrn

    Sad to say, but could the HUSD have been slow passing out the flyers? I can tell you Scout flyers take forever to get out through the system..what there is of it…

  • Fred Sandsmark

    The entertainment schedule that’s linked above can’t be current. Some of the businesses don’t exist anymore (Cell Mart and Medicine Chest, to name two) and a group that I sing with is listed as performing, but we haven’t been contacted! (I wrote to the Chamber many weeks ago asking about LUTS and never heard back.) Mysterious.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Good catch, Fred. That was a stale listing, my fault. You can see tonight’s lineup at the Chamber site linked to above — I removed the link to the old information.

  • Michael Moore

    I am on my way down there now to participate. Lets hope that it is better than it feels like right now.

  • Michael Moore

    Not much of a show.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Oh I don’t know, Michael. I went with my wife, we had a delicious dinner at Buon Appetito, checked out City Hall, watched some little skaters, saw the tapping trees, ran into some friendly folk, got a photo of a Dickens dude, my Hayward High alumni wife saw her school’s band play. We had a really good time!

    That being said, I spoke with some more downtown merchants who were rather disappointed in the promotion of the event. I’ll be talking to more and may have a story down the line. For now, you can expect to see a happy event story in tomorrow’s paper to go along with the festive photos the Review shot.

    And BREAKING NEWS: I just found out that Diamond the Hayward Hero Dog will be in tomorrow’s pet parade!

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, Buon Appetito is one of the special places in Hayward to dine at for a lovely intimate dinner. Excellent food, great service, centrally located and incredible tiramisu.

    I am tickled that Diamond, who I think is from Castro Valley, will be the Hayward Hero Hound. He needs all the financial help he can get.

    My wife and I brought our Basset Muldoon downtown to enjoy the show. I am no reporter, but the turnout was not robust and rolled up with the sidewalks in typical Hayward fashion. I think there may be some truth to the sense of under promotion on the part of the city.

    Perhaps the weekend will be better.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Diamond’s a Hayward dog. The fire was off Mission, near Torrano. That story had a CV dateline because that’s was the site of the veterinary facility where Diamond and owner were reunited.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, muchly appreciated.

  • teachermama

    So, were there any Hanukkah sightings?

  • The only reason I knew about the lighting of the season,is because my grand daughter is in the Hayward High Marching Band. Most shops,I like to see the lit up trees downtown!

  • Michael Moore

    I did not see blue stripes, menorahs with 2 candles, Lubavitchers or Hasidim.

  • sorry…left off, Most shops were closed at the event! It was dark,not festive as former years.I miss the trees lit up..downtown should be and feel festive.

  • John W. Kyle


    Subject; Wife. Alumna rather than alumni !

  • Michael Moore

    Prester John your Latin is wrong. Alumni is the genitive singular of the second declension noun alumna. Eric has certainly written it correctly.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Light up the Season and the Pet Parade were both a lot of fun!

  • Since there were questions about the promotion of the events this week by the city, the DBIA and the chamber, I thought I’d add a few details:
    1. The 20,000 postcards to schools were intentionally distributed Monday/Tuesday, so they would be close to the date of the event. Thousands more were distributed through the city offices, the chamber, Rotary, and other groups. (And thanks to the Rotarians for putting up lights on nearly 40 light poles and many railings downtown!)
    2. Advertising. In the Daily Review we ran both paid and sponsored advertising and we were consistently in the What’s Up sections and the calendar listings, as well as a news story or two, especially that great one about the kidnapped dog who was one of our special guests, along with Diamond, of course. (Diamond was so shy that we couldn’t get him on the stage to take a bow at the awards ceremony). The Tri-City Voice and CV Forum also were helpful.
    3. Other Publicity. We were in the DBIA newsletter a month before the event, the chamber newsletter, the Animal Shelter materials, and on all the affiliated organizations’ Web sites with articles and calendar listings. Posters were hanging in storefronts all along B Street.
    4. I calculated with HPD that the Light Up The Season Event drew more than 4,000 participants, maybe 5,000. There were 200 entertainers and musicians, alone. Consider, for example, that the Hayward High Band had close to 80, then add their parents. Then add in musicians and their families from groups such as those from Mt. Eden High, Moreau High, New Dimension Chorus and Mariachi Jevenil de Hayward. //
    Remember, we had events stretched along B Street from Foothill to City Hall Plaza and in various businesses along the way and on Main Street, too. And the line for Santa and the ice rink made sure City Hall Plaza was packed all night long.
    5. The pet parade raised more than $2,000 for the Hayward Animal Shelter, and the Library lawn was packed at the end of the parade route for the awards ceremony. The vendors thought it was great.
    6. The response I got from merchants to Light Up The Season was that they were delighted with the exposure, especially since it brought so many families downtown. Many businesses along B Street stayed open late and about a dozen also served refreshments. The book store had wonderful dramatic Christmas readings by a fellow in Victorian holiday garb and I’ve never seen so many shoppers in our downtown antique stores at one time! The manager told me Peets put on extra staff.
    7. The wonderful old bank building at B and Main was transformed into a center for craft-making, face-painting and photos and was full all night long.
    Of course, there always is room for improvement, and we’ll consider the suggestions made to make next year’s events even better. To give more clout to your suggestions, why not become a volunteer to help implement your own ideas?
    The downtown merchants not only have the chamber of commerce to speak for them, but their own eight-member Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board that works directly with the city on how their assessments are expended. The latest DBIA newsletter details the many ways in which these assessments are used, and copies are available at City Hall or the chamber office at 22561 Main Street./
    Happy Holidays Hayward!!
    Kim Huggett
    President and CEO
    Hayward Chamber of Commerce

  • John W. Kyle


    As an unrestrained critic, your comments at # 18 above are ‘muchly’ asppreciated.

    However many latin words have found everyday useage in the english language so Ereic erred twice… he might =have gotten by with alumnus but then us experts favor ALUMNA when using the singular recognition of the word wife.

    In your FDR era experiences in the world of ‘boxing…..’, which blow made you the supreme critic of all Hayward activity? Perhaps you were a sparring parther of Max Baer? Hans Burkie? Irish Johnny Taylor?

  • Michael Moore

    Kim, I am thrilled that there were 5,000 people there, including my wife and I. I did not see them, but I was not counting. I missed the advertizing blitz and we left about 8PM when it looked like everything else was done. Looking forward to a lovely Christmas season.

  • Michael Moore

    Prester John, learn to spell. Latin is always capitalized. The gender of alumnus is always masculine in Latin. You may Anglicize it all you like, but graduates in Rome were always male. The genitive is the appropriate case in reference to the possessive state of Hayward High’s matriculate. Alumna should never be in all capitalization. The pugilists you referenced were long gone before I boxed, which was as Golden Gloves bantamweight 1967-1968. My idols were Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Mack Foster.

    Perhaps you will organize a town hall meeting with the Chamber and help them out. Perhaps be inclusive of the Hispanic, Russian Orthodox, Kwanzite, Greek Orthodox, Sunni, Wiccan, Universalist-Unitarian, Anglican, Baptist, Shiite, Serbian, Pagan, Buddhist, Vedic, Mormon, Jainist, Sikh and Quaker communities so that it is fully inclusive of all.

  • Eric Kurhi

    The 4,000 to 5,000 estimate seems awfully high, and I understand it’s a rough gueestimate.

    But a cursory scan of websites for events that claimed to draw 5,000 people found this.


    You can kinda count heads. Looking at 30-50 in the front row and going 100 deep, you’d get 3,000 to 5,000.

    That’s what that many people look like. Light Up the Season did not look like that, even if they weren’t as concentrated.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Light Up the Season was a fun event. My husband and I have some suggestions.

    1. Move all the rides, food, all booths to Watkins and lower B St.
    2. Light up the trees in the City Hall Plaza/Park.
    3. Move the main tree outside…such as Jack London Square.
    4. All the entertainment inside the city hall rotunda…mariachi juvenil, choirs,etc…
    5. Crossing Mission Blvd. is a disaster waiting to happen.
    6. Change the focus from the businesses to the holiday celebration for families such as Cinco de Mayo, Blues Festival, etc.
    7. Include other celebrations such as Kwanzaa, etc.

    Just a few suggestions.

  • Michael Moore

    Monica, your recommedatins are great. I would add the following.
    1. Strolling carolers. All volunteers. No cost. Keep them all outside singing through the entire venue.
    2. Light the trees outside, forget the big tree inside. There could be an adopt-a-tree contest for all of B-Street. The city could assist with electrical connections where needed, again at low cost or donation.
    3. More usage of Luminaria and candles.
    4. Prizes for youngest, oldest, oddest caroleers. Categories could expand to be inclusive of tallest and shortest, most offkey, best theme, least costume, instrumentation, most participants, least participants and most sentimental.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, your comments about the attendance is very good and much closer to the event that my wife and I attended. The disconnect between the Chamber, Chamber President, Heart of the Bay, the participants and reality is the essential conflict of the city. Baseless Boosterism is counter-productive. Thank you for your well balanced comments.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Michael, I like your ideas especially #2.

  • John W. Kyle


    Here is a test for your communication skills….

    Attention all:

    The HUSD website posting of the agenda for Wednesday, Dec 8th. 2010 recites an extension of a lease of tax supported facilities to a Religious organization.

    Defend the rationale for HUSD’s act if that is seen by some, as a violation of the principle of separation of Church and State as provided in our U.S. Constitution.

    You have about 36 hours to e-mail your facorite HUSD Board member.

  • Michael Moore

    I am opposed to the request from Rhema Bible study for the following four (4) numbered reasons below. I am pleased to support the application provided all eight (8) lettered concerns are addressed and documented as requirements in the lease.

    1. The previous fee of $3,292.24 for 26 weeks from 1/10/2010-6/27/2010 converts to $126.62 each Sunday. The district has to provide 50 chairs. Apparently 2 additional tables were added to the request during the lease period. The district also has to provide the custodial services. This is poorly expensed. This should have been declined then. Shoddy review by the HUSD board.

    2. The previous fee of $3,292.24 for 26 weeks from 7/6//2010-12/26/2010 converts to $126.62 each Sunday. The district also has to provide the custodial services. This is poorly expensed. The request is for 50 chairs and 2 tables. This should have been declined then because the costs are not fully covered. Very poor review by the HUSD board. All of the then present board who approved this then should be taken to task for this malfeasance.

    3. The agenda posted on the HUSD website misspells the name of Rhema. They spell it as Rheema.

    4. The summary of on page 94 E.4 has the wrong dates: 6/7/2010 – 12/26/2010. The applicant date is correct, 7/4/2010-12/26/2010.

    After looking at the Rhema Bible Church in Hayward, it appears that they are affiliated with the Church of the Cross, Assembly of God. The church presently advertises the usage of the facility from for children’s worship on Sunday mornings, Youth Outreach on Tuesdays at 5 PM as well as the Church Services on Sundays from 11-1 PM.

    I am inclined to support the rental for a six month at a time rental provided the following are covered fully.

    A. All custodial costs at time and a half or double time, including benefits that are covered by the district.

    B. All set up and take down costs at time and a h alf or double time, including benefits that are covered by the district.

    C. All insurance costs at present HUSD requirements and minimums.

    D. Weekly floor work in all areas covered by the Church.

    E. All Energy costs, both gas and electric. All costs to be determined by the district and added to the lease.

    F. Sunday supervisorial and auditing costs by the district to be added to be covered. This should be done by a grounds and building HUSD supervisor. Auditing costs to be done as a time and a half full day.

    G. No fees or donations to be received on school grounds or during the services. All contributions to be done on behalf of the church at some other venue, but not on school grounds or other publicly supported venue.

    H. The full lease must be reviewed and approved by the HUSD counsel and the city attorney. This should be added to the lease.

  • John W. Kyle


    Is the HUSD property near your own home? Will parking be adequate? Which one is it? If the old Peixoto school is involved are we liable for defect in site conditiuons?

    You gotta be thorough, especially since you stated belief that RC Church will expire in 20 years….. where will all the people go then, now that the practice is given an ‘imprimator’ by yourself?

  • Michael Moore

    Prester John, the property is not near my home. Parking is adequate and not an addressed concern, not sure where you got that from. I know nothing about the Peixoto school, not sure where that came from, it was not referenced. I made no reference to the RC Church in this. The imprimatur is moot. Please do not use the word incorrectly. You may use it canonically or in a secular manner. Neither is applicable here. I do not care about the RC church and its future. That karma has already been cast. They can do what they like. Please learn to spell. Try to stay with words that mean what you say. Otherwise it is nonsense.

  • qodrn

    Interesting question about cost. I was noticing in the agenda how many of the warrants were for extremely low amounts such as a PO for less than 3 bucks to Office Depot or reimbursements of small amounts. I would like to find out what it costs to actually process a warrant. These things should not pay for amounts less than break even. Small purchases show inept management I want the HUSD to pay its bills but there should a minimum amount for a warrant to be issued.

    I believe the school district is supposed to provide meeting facilities for the local community. Yes, they do pay for a janitor, but if you don’t get out in time, they will bill the org for expenses. However, it does make one wonder if the fee covers the cost of one to two hours of a custodian. Do they make what $24 an hour plus benefits? Cost would be about $50?

  • qodrn

    I also wonder if HUSD pays seven trustees this month?
    This meeting has almost zero agenda. I wonder how long Mr. Reynoso will make it. It will be interesting to see who the new officers turn out to be.

  • qodrn

    In other news, our local Carrows is now reopened as a Coco’s which so far I kind of like. Now if I could just get the Daily Review delivered on Sundays…

  • John W. Kyle


    Oh great one ! How is it that you are unaware of the location of Peixoto school ?

    Shucks, now I am disappointed. However, despite the good quality of a few of your early contributions, I do not live with the impression, gathered from your subsequent scribbles, that you had a handle on everything, great and small.

    Tell us all, oh great one, what language is the word ‘Prester’ taken from? How do you define it?

    Oh great one, will you aid the Chamber and City in next year’s holiday decorations? Or are you just a contributor of unsolicited opinions on appearance, quality, attendance and entertainment arrangements?

    Peixoto school is our oldest structure owned by the school district. It has been used as a day care center and as a place to handle the overload of kindergarten kids on those occasions in time when Ruus school, ( ½ mile plus distance removed) lacks space for the varying fluctuations of enrollment.

    Accessed only from Ruus Rd., and situated on an irregular lot which slopes extensively to the northeast, Peixoto site requires much fill if ever to be leveled….. a probability which will occur when redeveloped, if the site is eventually sold! .Or perhaps a re-use, to accommodate the students of Treeview school which was not included in the Bond Measure, as it should have been, given the present proximity of existent buildings to HAYWARD FAULT.

    Subsequent to passage of the Bond Issue, a soils engineer’s analysis and written report dated July 2009, puts the fault, under the proposed site for a new building…… but that same report avoids comment from pervious geotechnical reports which cite three other potential fault lines between Mission Blvd and the existent school.
    Given the difficulty of a precise location of the fault line, as suggested almost as an aside by the scribbles on the site map, I seriously doubt that anyone involved with the required approvals of Calif. Dept of education, would ever risk being identified with a signature of APPROVAL !

    Frankly, the Treeview School enrolment is partially housed at Bidwell School which is located within one or two hundred feet of Union City’s school district boundaries. There is a history of some HUSD students being permitted to enroll at Fairhaven School District; periodically that school district sends back one or two hundred students when they need space for their own population’s kids.

    Fella, you teach me nothing that I do not already know about this City and it’s school district.. Useless critics, such as yourself, are the bane of this community!

    Wise up… involve yourself with something which is creative rather than pure banality. You have the mind for it but I’ll be darned if I have ever seen or heard of you attempting something creative in this City.

  • May Elizabeth Edwards rest in peace.

  • teachermama

    Where can we find the full NOV. 17 board meeting minutes? They are not included with the Dec. 8 agenda, which is where I expected them. That accounts for the agenda’s relatively reduced size – 108 pages instead of the typically 300+.

  • Teachermama,
    They are not ready for adoption. This does happen occasionally; look for them to be included in the January meeting. The purpose of this meeting is essentially to accept the “good-byes” of Sims and Frumkin, swear in the new board members, elect new officers and assign committee positions, and to have a reception/community time with the new board members. This is generally how the first meeting in December with new members is conducted. Say good-bye and meet and greet is the subject of this meeting.

  • teachermama

    Thanks, Kathi.