MuralWatch! News about the myriad murals of Hayward

There’s a whole lot of paint being slung around town these days as part of the city’s Mural Arts Program. Andrew Kong Knight’s three pieces going up at Cinema Place were the subject of a blog entry earlier this year, and now they are well under way. See some of the murals after the jump.

erev0912gayle03The paper ran some photos of Suzanne Gayle’s latest piece that was completed in September at Bowman Elementary School, like this shot that included the Daily Review as seen on the screen of an iPad. Gayle has recently started on a number of paintings at Winton Middle School, including a piece featuring cats (Winton Wildcats) that she’s very excited about, being a cat lover and all.

muralgoulartThis weekend, Benjamin Goulart will dedicate a mural on the side of Palace Hookah Lounge on Mission Boulevard near Central. It’s a Latin-themed piece, featuring a Mission-style church in the background with celebratory family members as well as a nod to rancheros. “We didn’t want to do a normal mural that you have seen before with Cesar Chavez, we thought there are plenty of those out there,” Goulart said.  “Instead we directed this mural to their rich and colorful history.”

bidwell01This one’s harder to find, but on the soundwall behind the Grand Terrace townhomes near Grand and D Streets, a huge 10,000-square-square-foot multi-panel piece is being painted by Jean Bidwell, who did the animal paintings on downtown utility boxes. It has a variety of elements going on, said Mural Arts Program director Stacey Sorensen, and will be more visible when it rounds the corner of the wall. You can already see it from BART, and the art has effectively deterred grafitti vandals from painting over Bidwell’s work, said Sorensen, which is just the kind of abatement the program is designed for. It was previously a very popular spot for grafitti.

muralhistory1Last but not least is a personal favorite, this agricultural hot-rod race postcard that’s being painted by Josh Powell on the side of the future home of the Hayward Area Historical Society on Foothill. HAHS curator Diane Curry said there’s a lot going on: the area’s agricultural roots, the old Hayward High building in the background, the popular car culture of the area.

There are more murals being lined up, and a push to get one in particular become a reality: A tribute to Michaela Garecht, painted on the wall of the Mexico Super market next to the parking lot where she was kidnapped in 1988.

“It would say, every day, ‘Michaela, we’ll never forget about you,'” said Hayward police Lt. Chris Orrey. Right now it’s just an idea, but it’s one that Orrey has vowed to help make a reality, and Sorensen said she’ll be talking with the property owner in the next week or so.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    I think the murals are a really cool solution to grafitti and I really enjoy them. I would like to seem more light control boxes painted. The wall at the Palace Hookah Lounge on Mission may look silly, but Berry street is going in next to that wall, moved down from its previous location. If I had the money, I would get a mural painted on my garage.

  • Sherry Blair

    I agree. If we use our imagination, we can change government’s approach to everything from creating and enforcing laws against stuff to creating interesting, joyous, beautiful, healing alternatives.

    For instance, instead of paying to clean up trash, weedes and rodents from vacant lots, we could have community farms and let people do work that nourishes the body and spirit.

  • I remember way back when the mural was painted on La Mexicana on the corner of A and Princton. The entire community and especially the students of Sunset High School were filled with pride and loved to drive or walk by it. At least for the period of time I was around there on a regular basis there was never any grafitti On the mural or the building. I love seeing murals on the sides of buildings and on walls, they are not only beautiful but the often tell a story. I agree with Qodrn the light boxes that have been so artfully painted are fun to see.

  • Sherry,
    For your suggestion(which I think is fantastic) to happen it would require the city and the vacant land owners to think outside the box; you know the box that represents development. I suppose it is far better for the powers that be to collect taxes, take a write off, pay for periodic cleaning of the property and wait for their prosperity boat to sail again. In the meantime, people are hungry, land is lying in waste, eysores are abundant in our city and we are constantly reminded of the loss of hope each and every time we drive or walk on our streets.

  • Monica Ruiz

    A lot of the empty lots throughout Hayward are owned by people that live WAY out of town. For example a lot near me is owned by a landowner that lives in Saulsalito. It’s always littered and has a broken down fence surrounding it. The fence has to be over 30 yrs. old. It’s a real eyesore. It’s a shame.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Whoops, typo…Sausalito.

  • It was so sad to hear that Elizabeth Edwards died today. Although I am just 4 years older than she was, I considered her to be a role model for me. She was a lady of her convictions, would not take no for an answer when it came to finding solutions for those who were in need. May she rest in peace…and may someone pick up the banner she so graciously carried for all of us.

  • Monica Ruiz

    That is sad.

  • qodrn

    Anyone know what Costco is charging for gas these days? Is a Costco membership worth it?

  • John W. Kyle


    Costco membership had much larger advantages when it was divided into groups at different levels of cost and privilege enabled earlier entry into the store than the lesser level memberships. Early arrival saw faqster service at check out counters.

    I keep an eye on gasoline price levels and am able to state that the Costco prices are advantageous. Fuel pricing is difficult to understand…….. to begin, understand that the raw price of a barrel of oil was ( last week) at $90. per barrel That is the topmost price ever reached. ! The highest ever and that is the result of competition for oil products out side of consideration for auto motive gasoline or Diesel engine considerations.

    At one time a barrel of oil contained about 55 gallons but the present barrel size, a last report that I am about which I am aware, was only 48 gallons. Some rascals figured you could reduce the price of the metal used in the manufacture of the barrel while still charging the same ‘price’ for a smaller amount of capacity in the barrel.

    Automobiles compete for gasoline which is a product of raw crude oil……. one of the largest competitors in the US is the typical hosehold need to supply oil to homes and industry for the simplistic use of that oil as a means of HEATING HOMES AND OTHER BUILDINGS…. The east coast regions of the U.S. is largely dependent on oil for home heating purposes. Wher coal had once been used in many swellings and office buildings, it required much labor to extract and ship from the mines to the residential coal chute into a basement where additional labor was needed to rake out coal ash and then dispose of it!


    Plastic pipes for sewage disposal are largely a product of oil as are other more mundane products.

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    Another example, replacing coal in generation of heat during during the process of producing steel etc…

    As to the cost of gasoline at the pumps, hang on to your hat ! The economic ‘roller coaster’ at gasoline pumps, has only begun it’s ride up steep climbs and down hill slopes, tight turns and bumps between one factor and another.

    Save your aluminum cans ! The price for scrap aluminum at the real professional junk./recycle centers is quite favorable…..assuming that you drink liquids sold in aluminum rather than p;astic bottles.

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    Gasoline purchases at Costco are considered in your annual ‘refund’ from that Distributor…. Our annual ‘refund’ from Costco exceeds the cost of annual membership fee…… go figure it !

  • Michael Moore

    Prester John, the CRV on a 6 pack of 12 ounce cans is thirty cents which the consumer paid when they bought the drink. As you can see, the only folks ahead of the game is the state. The outfit that sold the drink to you sends to the state the thirty cents, a nickel for containers less than 24 ounces. The CRV for containers greater than 24 is a dime. 36 cans, a case and a half is $1.80. All you are doing is defraying your already sizable expense. Your cost of gas, insurance, oil and time means that you are losing money when you recycle. Keep up the good work, you may want to tithe the diocese. I drink water, no containers.

  • John W. Kyle


    You are a cheap shot artist…. your comments about the diocese reveals that fact. Your prejUdice existed prior to the acknowledged problem with SOME priests. My bet is that you are sympathetic to the orange crowd of Ulster. Well Guess what…..my paternal great grandparents were married in Ulster and had to leave immediately for New York….. he was Pesbyterian; she was Catholic married in the Catholic Church rectory since it was a ‘mixed marriage’. Both families disowned the couple for that offense but more indicative of folks who think as you do…he immediately lost his job owned by wealthy protestants living in England. My guees about you is that you would have been ‘black and tan’ had you lived then. It eventuated that the ‘black and tan’ guys had a price on their heads. I’ll bet 10 aluminum cans that your history is traced back to a member of the black and tan….. it has nothing to do woth the child molesters…. it’s in your nature to just plain hate somebody or something somewhere.

    Now having said that, show me the store which refunds the money when the containers are presemnted for refund whether it be plastic or aluminum. will refund the money! Guys like you probably own stock in Waste Mgt. or drive their recycle trucks in desperate hope that my aluminum cans can be filched out of the load you take to Tri-Ced

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  • Well Whoopie for you John Kyle.