Threat of state takeover subsides, for now, for HUSD

Here’s our story on HUSD’s latest budget report.

Side note: Wednesday night’s special meeting went very smooth.

And in addition to the new board lineup, there’s a new county fiscal adviser,  (oops, fixed this online and ran a correx but didn’t fix it here) Damon Smith, the new assistant superintendent of business services of ALCOE, who seems to be a pretty straight-forward kinda guy. Even dialog about the district having to pay for such an adviser was a very fact-oriented exchange.

Eric Kurhi

  • Lancer Pride,
    While in spirit you are correct, it is hard to ignore constant attacks on one’s person. I agree that this site should be about HUSD and what people think and feel about the state of the school district..I believe it should be a place where people can express concerns, share information, give opinions, and yes even criticized the elected officials and the administration that is currently leading HUSD.

    It is my hope that the new year will provide the opportunity to resume posting about schools and children; and what we may all be able to do to improve what our children are exposed to.

    Thank you for lending a sober thought.

  • qodrn

    Merry Christmas every one! Sorry, Micheal excommunication is not the penalty for that – defrocking is – but neither of them stops someone from acting out or saying he is a minister. The penalties that cause excommunication are few and spelled out excactly. Maybe someday…

  • Michael Moore

    Qodrn, please forgive me for sounding like someone else. I do apologize up front for that. Defrocking deprives the priest from practicing his faith as a priest. Excommunication deprives him of sacraments of the church and tosses him out of the church entirely and consigns his soul to perdition. In short his immortal soul is lost in the flames to never be redeemed and not to ascend to heaven. That is what I ask for. The Pope can absolutely on his authority alone excommunicate these priests who abuse their authority in debauching boys, girls and women. The Pope’s decision is final and absolute. Again, my apologies to all for this rant. May all of these readers enjoy the blessings of Providence in this season of healing. Blessed Be.


  • John W. Kyle


    Here is a thought that you might examine amd either support or offer criticism!

    I today’s Review, on the businessSectiom Page 1.0 left hand column under ‘Bay Area BizBuzz’ fitsy item….. EDast Bay ap-artement construction takes off…..

    The ask yourself, this question: ‘What if’…. we moved the darwin site folks and l;ease arrangememnt to the Helen Turner site after moving the Helen Turn operation to Sunset,… would we free the entire Darwing site as being available to a llease the land to a builder who might then follow the suggestion of construction, to a condominium standard, a cojmplesx using ‘Governor’s Square’ concepts’ and attract a high quality tenant occupancy for ten years, then urging sales as condominiums so that we might extract a significant sum of money committed to future budgets?

    I leave it to you to advance the idea to the Board of Trustees. Where do we get the money for movment ? ….FROM THE DEVELOPER’S DOWN STROKE ON THE LEASE COMMITMENT, OF COURSE!


  • John W. Kyle

    Booth: # 55 above was lost in space…. so rewrote it only to see some error needing correctio9hn.

    Here is something which I toss to you as a peace offering.

    Read the first page of today’s Business section of ANG newspaper, formerly the Daily Review.

    In the area above the fold, extreme left column, under the heading ‘Bay Area BIZBUZZ ‘ see the brief article entitled ‘East Bay apartment construction takes off.’

    In a formal letter to HUSD you might suggest the following. 1.) move the Helen Turner operation to Sunset; 2.) Move the Darwin site leaseholder to the Helen Turner site. 3.) pay for the move with finds provided as ‘good faith money’ or the first annual installment under a land lease involving the whole site!

    If a high quality building of around 260 units within 3.5 stories or less, were built to a condominium standard, something in the neighborhood of $500,000 in annual installments might be easily realized given the unique adjacent amenity seen in the Mt. Eden Park at corner of Hesperian and Tennyson,. realized. soon once exposed to the market!

    Use the $500K as needed in making the move.

    Suggest that you make the proposal to HUSD in a formal writing and in that act suggest further state that the M & O site be placed on the market under similar terms…. moving M & O to an industrial site on an ASAP basis. If none available at this moment, lease the Ford dealership site. the building in the old service center at rear ought be highly useful to M & O.

  • John W. Kyle


    No reply to #56 above???

    Come on, there is no attack on you imvolved.

  • Too busy chain smoking, watching Oprah, soap operas, spilling coffee on my saucer, wearing my tattered bathrobe wishing I was Shirley Booth, giving out phoney legal advise, defending Louis Reynoso and Obamanewage, being confused by the difference between lisence and free speech, saying no to town meetings, planning the demise of volunteer truants, only posting negative words, besmirching the suggestions given by a certain poster…and various and sundry other “loser mentality things”.

  • John W. Kyle



  • K Rocchio

    FITAG Info – will be meeting on January 25th and trying to come up with ideas to make $7.6M additional cuts to the 2011-12 Budget. If you have any suggestions or concerns, you may want to attend. There is time for public comments at the end of this meeting.