Meanwhile, in San Leandro

Still waiting for a full-time San Leandro reporter to join us to replace our guy who got called up for a year of service in the National Guard.

There’s a lot going on in that city. New Mayor Stephen Cassidy was sworn in this week at a meeting that also saw two-year contracts approved. Pension reform was a big part of Cassidy’s campaign, and that last action by the old council makes it difficult. Cassidy was on NPR the other night talking about it.

There’s also a new police chief, the city’s first female police chief, who will be sworn in on Jan. 10.

And the City Manager announced his resignation following his performance review Monday although what happened in that closed session is not being talked about.

All this follows a close election that saw incumbent Mayor Tony Santos defeated, a loss that soured the once-ardent supporter of ranked-choice voting on that system, which was used for the first time in San Leandro in November. 

There are a couple of active blogs run by politically minded San Leandro residents, as well as an anonymous insider who tweets and facebooks, all worth keeping an eye on if you are San Leandro minded.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    San Leandro has been most exciting this past year, almost at the level of HUSD, and for all the same reasons.

    The two blogs are enormously entertaining and very partisan. It is actually a shame that Hayword does not include more of the issues and controversy within its province.

  • San Leandro Rumours

    Michael, hope you’re reading us too. We’re the best.

  • Michael Moore

    I know that you drive poor Steve and Nicky nuts, which is not bad. I should have mentioned you and the Pundit as well. I hope that you will take up space here in Hayword, as its focus is too great upon just the HUSD. San Lorenzo and San Leandro are equally flawed and needful school districts. The petty politics and other happenings about town are lots of fun and, well heck, the truth is better than fiction at anytime.

  • qodrn

    Inquiring minds want to know. Drove by the Daily Review office today, front doors have large x’s with tape on them. Something happen? Anticipating New Years?

    I don’t think San Leandro is as much fun as Hayward.

    And they don’t have the muffins at Mimi’s Cafe.

  • Michael Moore

    Qodrn, Hayward is a nicer place to live than San Leandro, that is for sure. The schools in San Lorenzo and San Leandro are not much better. But the politics in San Leandro this past year have been a terrific source of amusement. I mean there was potential for great times in Hayward with Kevin and Anna May but that did not happen. Instead we got the Tony, Stephen, Joyce show. Rejoice though, today is Boxer Day and 2011 is right around the corner.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Ok, Qodrn, since you asked… the front doors of the Review are problematic. Standing streetside, if you use the right one there’s no problem — it shuts by itself after your entrance or egress. However, the opposing door does not. It stays open, just a bit, enough to be maddening to Jeanie the front-desk lady/Jill-of-all-trades who works up there. So she put up signs, “PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR.” Nothing doing. People gravitate to that troublesome door. So she put up the X’s, which, yes, make it look like we’re anticipating a fault rupture or planning a particularly incendiary piece of journalism. But that didn’t fix it, either. Door remained in use. So I shoved a potted plant in front of the door, but was told that’s no good — it will die on account of the light or the draft or something, I don’t exactly remember, but we don’t like dead plants in front of the door. These days, there is a chair in front of the door. It doesn’t look like the right spot to put a chair, but it’s there, and that, Qodrn, is the rest of the story.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, this is an excellent Boxer Day story, replete with the ridiculous. Without your efforts the truth would remain hidden. Great light on a sticky hinge in time.

  • John W. Kyle


    Perhaps if you placed a file cabinet at the door, or lacking that expensivre piece of office equioment, try a door repair guy…. shoulod be a minor expense compared to fixing the Dumb ‘D”. Does the door lack an independent floor lock?

    I prefer thoughyts about the file cabinet, a short one on which to plavce a fake palm tree which woyld not require watering…. musn’t rust out the file cabinet.

    There ought be great many ‘dead letters’ laying around. Perhaps the subscription billings addressed to vacant forslosed houses.

    Here is a tip! Try the San Jose Mercury news…. twice they have sent me dun notice for the two copis dumped on my driveway, on two successive Sundays in late Sept. or early Octoiber.

    $12.00 they wanted and get this the address for that returne ehnvelope was in Los Angeles.

    Does Rupert Murdoch have offices in L>A> Is he planning to add ANG to his list or purchases. Hw owns the Wall Street Journal, that TV Station which salaviates over the uttereances of Beck, Rush etc.

    At any rate, since I lloaded up the return envelopes with trash from failed political xcampaign material, then sent it to the L.A. Office with just a $0.17 stamp\r that there must be other material for use in tha file cabinet available to aid the problem of the drafty door.

    Call the S.J. Mercury News for help?

  • Nice piece Eric…while it must be irritating to the office staff, your explanation was fun to read.

  • qodrn

    Thanks eric. I was thinking ya’all moved or decided to only use the back door like Longs.

  • teachermama

    Like Long’s or China Bistro. “Front” doors that open to back parking lots drive me crazy! It is a reflection of our car-centric strip-mall culture, I guess. I will never get used to it. When I patronize the businesses on Foothill, I always park on the street and walk on the sidewalk, with the rest of the pedestrian traffic (ha!).

  • qodrn

    yay Daily Review I guess. After two Sundays of getting the paper sans coupons, no paper on Sunday. Nice lady delivered the paper on Tuesday. Miss those coupons. Anybody else receive coupons? Maybe you don’t get them if you just take the Sunday paper…