Poor, neglected HayWord blog!

Oh, hello there. It’s been a while since  a new post has appeared on the HayWord, although I see the commenters have been keeping busy regardless.

The holiday weeks were a little frantic around here. We a had reporter off for those few weeks on vaca, and that means everyone else has to pull extra weight . Keep in mind that the Review has two reporters on staff right now and you’ll understand who everyone else is.

Recent recap: We had the HUSD superintendent announce her resignation, an officer-involved shooting and Hayward’s first homicide of 2011. Also had a story about the proposed expansion of the BART maintenance yard, as well as an update on what’s going on with those school construction funds. Couple of recent profiles — a quick one on Library Commissioner Judy Harrison, a longer Hometown Hero on another library commissioner (that was purely coincidental) and transgender activist Kari McAllister. There were also the various feature stories of the sort that reporters are prone to do when they need to find something fast to help fill the paper. Keep in mind that as far as Bay Area News Group beats go, Hayward is the largest city being covered in all aspects — City Hall, schools, crime and courts — by a single reporter. And it’s true that I’ve been seen lurking around the San Leandro City Council chamber — we still have not replaced our beat writer for that city.

I’m going somewhere with this. Find out where after the jump.

I bring this up only because a certain HayWord commentor wrote my boss an e-mail, saying I should “get off my duff.” I am off my duff. If I was on my duff more, I’d have more contributions to the blog.

After that Jon Miller post, I received the following e-mail from an old friend:

“Hey I enjoyed the brief mention of Jon Miller in your blog. I was going to give you props on the Hay Word site, but I see an ocean of psychos have beat me to the punch. The worst thing ever invented: comments on news sites.”

I don’t agree with him, but that kind of bummed me out, along with some of the comments, such as one suggesting the HayWord should curl up and die. While I don’t agree with that, either, I didn’t feel particularly inspired to find the time to get entries posted. So I didn’t.

Then something else happened — over the past few days, three people I’ve interviewed, people completely unrelated to each other, asked me what was going on with the blog.

Not what’s going on in the comment section, they weren’t interested in that. But what’s going on with the blog and why hasn’t there been a post?

So it turns out there are other readers who like the HayWord but don’t touch the comments section. I found that inspiring, and will keep in mind that there are more wheels out there than just the squeaky ones.

Now, the blog is a supplement to the Inside Bay Area news site. I’ve always thought the purpose is to put out additional information on stories, info that gets clipped due to the size constraints inherent to print. Or for subjects that might not otherwise make it to print in the first place. And, of course, for the dialog that follows.

But I’ve also heard that people like to see stuff break on the blog, before it makes it to the paper. That’s what I use the Twitter account for. I also have a work Facebook account, but I consider that to be more for networking than getting stories out there.

But I’m interested — tell me what you’d like to see more of on the HayWord. I can’t promise to make it exactly what you’d like but feedback is appreciated. Someone mentioned another BANG blog allows users to have their own entries posted. That’s not something I’m averse to, if it’s an item of general interest and newsworthy.

So let’s brainstorm. Let me know what you’d like to see. If you don’t want to comment in the field below — I realize it’s considered a no-man’s-land by many — drop me a line at ekurhi@bayareanewsgroup.com.

Eric Kurhi