HARD honors its volunteers of the year

hardawardThe Hayward Area Recreation and Park District held its annual volunteer celebration, and chose Frances Horn as HARD Volunteer of the Year. She’s in the photo at left, holding the plaque with a photo of Frances Horn on it, surrounded by family members.  Horn has volunteered at the Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center since 2001, and is in charge of the Senior Health Screening program. She sounds like a good candidate for one of the Review’s Senior Journal profiles, but for now find the HARD press release after the jump.
The Hayward Area Recreation and Park District’s Board of Directors recognized the HARD volunteers on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at the Hayward Area Senior Center. Over 400 volunteers were invited to the Brunch and Ceremony. There were nearly 1,000 registered volunteers last year, who donated in excess of 72,000 hours in 2010. Volunteers are a vital part of the District, they volunteer in the aquatics, arts, camps, dance, and special needs program, theatre arts, gymnastics, nature, parks, youth, sports and senior adults programs. Their dedicated volunteer service allows our District to fulfill its mission, which is to enrich the quality of life for our community by providing a variety of recreation activities, parks and facilities that promote health, wellness, learning and fun. The “Volunteers of the Month” were recognized as was the Volunteer of the Year.
Below is the list of the 2010 Volunteers of the Month and the program area they volunteered in.
January: Carolyn Grieco, Nature Program
February: Clyde Ortiz, Ashland Community Center

March: Delina Cheung, Senior Adult Program

April: Ashley Griffey, Dance Program

May: Melissa Kobori, Special Needs Program

June: John Engle, Theatre Arts Program

July: Michaela Teefy, Nature Camp Program

August: Nicholas William Zafiratos, Aquatics Program

September: Jeff Sherman, Youth Sports Program

October: Oliver Klink, Photography Program

November: Frances Horn, Senior Adults Program

December: Mike Carroll, Adult Sports Program

The volunteer of the year is selected out of the 12 Volunteers of the Month. Ms. Frances Horn was selected for HARD Board of Directors “2010 Volunteer of the Year” for her volunteer work in the Senior Adult Program at the Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center where she has been a dedicated volunteer since October 2001. Fran works tirelessly on Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. working at the front desk and in the Bingo Program. Tuesday is one of the busiest days at the Senior Center and Fran is able to multi-task with ease. She assists participants with their appointments, provides general information on the Senior Center and classes, does class registration, answers the phone and performs clerical work. After working at the front desk in the morning, Fran proceeds to help out in the Bingo Program where she sells bingo cards, verifies winners and distributes prizes and yet runs the snack bar between games.

Fran also heads up our Senior Health Screening provided by the Senior Support Program of Tri-Valley. She works closely with the nurses of the Program and coordinates the appointment schedule for the first Tuesday of each month when those services are provided. If all of the above is not enough, Fran is an integral part of the Kenneth C. Aitken Senior Center’s casino coach tours and volunteers for many special events during the year that include the Spring and Fall Flea Market and the Flu Shot Clinic. Fran Horn is a retired school secretary and the Senior Adult Program is very fortunate to have her as their dedicated volunteer and a friendly face at the Center where she has made a positive impact on the staff, volunteers and participants.



Eric Kurhi

  • K Rocchio

    Congrats to all of the HARD Volunteers for this recognition! HARD offers some really great programs. One of our personal favorites is the Day Camp at East Avenue Park during the summer! The people who run that program work hard to keep our kids on the move and they do a fantastic job year after year! We look forward to that fun every summer!

  • John W. Kyle


    One wonders why the recruitment of Volunteers at HUSd is so weak.

    Hard must gather much of it’s he;p from San Loremzo and Castro VCalley; or does that fact not register with those who vocalized opposition to the “Town Hall Meeting’ thoughts. Dumb Chamber of comjerce thought that FITAG would handle that question !

    Fitag concept noy new to HUSD…. it was used in mid to late 1990’s under Foxworth… much the same cast of Characters then as now. Good luck with the cuts !

    Try a lawsuiot using SB 1317 ! It would be cost effective in the sense that there would be more rapid response to improve by negekctful parents if even one caught a linited stay in the jail!

    It is called “Tough Love”!

  • Well said Norm. Thanks for that bit of sanity.

    To All:
    I posted on an earlier blog about the ACLU settlement regarding schools charging fees for classes, supplies, pe attire, etc. and how it was ruled that to do so is a violation of the “free public education” law. In than posting I stated that the State Dept. of Ed. and/or the Governor would be sending a letter to ALL superintendents of schools in CA informing them of the ruling and giving them guidelines for ceasing such practices.

    Well I have recently seen a copy of a letter written to a parent from a Superintendent in So. Cal that states that her district received a letter over the winter break regarding this issue. The parent was reassured that the district was reviewing with all site administrators the law, and making sure that they were all compliant. TO DATE I HAVE NOT SEEN NOR HEARD OF SUCH A COMMUNICATION BETWEEN MS. DURAN AND THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OR SITE ADMINISTRATORS…..I WONDER WHY???? Should we all assume that HUSD has and does not need to to address this issue?

  • Eric Kurhi

    snip… snip… snip… snip. You know, I’m making an effort to get more items up on this blog, getting behind in other aspects of work, in hopes that it will generate more interest, more readers, more constructive dialog and less sniping. I’m gonna start snipping the sniping when it appears done just for the sake of getting a rise out of someone. But look — I’m not going to babysit this thing either. I’ll catch it when I can. I don’t want a bunch of emails saying “he’s doing this” or “she’s doing that.” Don’t have the time. But the scissors are out, and they’re sharp!

  • Michael Moore

    Eric well said. It is about time.

  • John W. Kyle


    Earlier I had advised, via the blog, that I had written a letter to HUSD Trustees and that it might be a matter of interest to blog readers if for no other reason that it was a follow up to revelations in Eric’s article of last Sunday. Recall that Eric identified a problem at one HS where the ADA losses totaled $4.500 per school day. If that held true for 180 day school year, that out of control school is costing a denial by State of ada payments in
    An amount of over $1,100,000 per year!

    That condition demands action…. It is certain that I will not vote for a parcel tax unless correction is made… soon! Thus the need to grab attention by use of SB 1317, Be reminded also that the second assessment authorized under Measure I will kick in soon!

    Consider that the first firing of the last four superintendents, was centered on the idea for action which has not occurred in the 15 years since the attack on Foxworth.

    I dispatched that three page letter on Monday the 24th and it should have arrived on Tuesday’s delivery to the Amador offices.

    Imagine my surprise when at the end of the meeting occurring last evening, the Secretary announced that there had been no correspondence addressed to the Board in the format necessary for any chance of it being available to those who might be interested

    The FITAG idea was/is not new! It was used in the mid-1990’s and for a fact I was appointed to attend that action. The current FITAG activity is a repetitive use of the concept.

    My point being that we had an ADA problem going back to the 19909’s; it has not improved and if you listened to the full presentation of the ADA problem as occurred last evening, you to
    realize that there is little likelihood of solution under Gov. Brown’s plan for success in the near future.

    I espoused use of SB 1317 for it’s shock value!

    The trustees have come up with a plan which requires too much effort and detailed accomplishment to succeed in the time frame presently available.

    Ms. Roccio affirms this in her revelation that the group is planning further budget reduction for year 2011- 2012.

    Use of SB 1317 IN ONE OR TWO NOTORIOUS EXAMPLES OF PARENTAL NEGLECT MAY SEEM HARSH BUT IT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS NEEDED IF STAFF IS TO SUCCEED IN IT’S OWN PLAN. Harshness serves a purpose in it’s ability to gain quick attention of most parents, without the pleading and cajoling apparently now taking place.

    We simply are unable to wait! My hope that some might be sufficiently interested to read the content of my letter would see them making use of the archival copy on this day.

    Failure to announce receipt of the letter may or may not have been a rebuttal to my effort.

    I have dispatched an e-mail complaint to trustees and Duran…. Perhaps next meeting you will visit archives and pay particular attention to the copy of a letter I had addressed to the Review and which was a defense of Marlin Foxworth who had been criticized by Review for not having solved the ada PROBLEM WITHIN THE TWO YEARS THAT HE HAD NOT YET COMPLETEED IN HIS FOUR YEAR CONTRACT.

    I am also recommending introduction of the idea used in Postwar Germany where the system decided by age 13 which students would not qualify to go to high school prep for college but would shunt them to trade school. Know also that many students would prefer trade school if conducted professionally!

    I have a son, a member of IBEW who has taught night classes through arrangement with Chabot and IBEW. He was amazed at the number of college grads who were dropping out of the business world to learn a trade…. Even some registered female nurses and

    German trade schools have turned out some top notch folks capable of tooling many medical instruments / devices to tolerances of 1/1,000 of an inch. Much to annoyance of some TEACHERS AND COLLEGE GRADS, THEIR PAYCHECKS ARE OFTEN SUPERIOR.

    As my peace time service neared it’s time of conclusion and since we were sent as a division, all at once, American auto sales folks brought product to the Kasserne where our German employees gathered to view and criticize the sloppy work. They were right! manufacturing technique at the time was poor and the Germans had made there point within 10 or 12 years of war conclusion. Most who bought a car, which Army would transport, free of cost, to New York as a reward for honorable service, bought either a VW or an Opal. We even took a tour at nearby Opal plant and saw an automated assembly line which resulted in door fit tolerances etc… far superior to the American autos.

    Staffs enthusiasm for it’s plan is not enough… we do not have the time… we need the shock value of one or two examples by use of SB 1317.