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Special HUSD supt. search meeting on Monday

By Eric Kurhi
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 4:02 pm in Hayward, Schools.

Here’s the agenda for a special Monday meeting that was announced today. A draft letter included in the agenda is soliciting proposals from consultants to perform a nationwide search for a new superintendent.

Board President Lisa Brunner said the firm that was previously hired for the search — the search that was aborted last spring when Janis Duran came on as permanent superintendent — is among those that will be approached for the new search. A bidding process is mandatory, so they couldn’t just be asked if they could resume their search. So it’s possible that the work that was previously done (and money spent) may not go to waste.

Moving fast, tho. According to the draft letter: ”The Board anticipates a very short timeline for the selection of the search firm. Therefore, the Board is requesting a response by Feb. 9, 2011. Based on the information submitted by the consultants, three firms will be selected to interview. Interviews will be scheduled sometime during the week of Feb. 14.”

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  • http://None Kathi Booth

    I am so glad that they are not waiting to begin a search. Hopefully there will be some action before June when Duran “says” she is leaving.

  • trigliker

    Is this meeting only for the superintendent search?

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Observations/opinions regarding last night’s Board of Education meeting:

    For those of you who watched the board meeting last night…Did you find the “new” seating of the board a bit odd and boardering on ridiculous? Unless Ms. Heredia or Mr. Reynoso have some sort of a contagious disease, what is the necessity of segregated seating? I think Ms. Heredia is showing her true colors…she is nothing more than a petulant child…who didn’t get her way.

    I have been a “board watcher” for close to 30 years, maybe even more, and I cannot remember a time when a fellow board member challenged the request/recommendation that a colleague have an absence from a meeting excused. Exactly what point was Mr. Armas trying to make? Was he somehow attempting to delve into his colleague’s personal affairs? Was he trying to embarass this colleague? Whatever his rationale for making an issue of the item, he made a complete fool of himself. If he has questions regarding a colleague’s absence then he should take that up in a private conversation. I think that Mr. Armas has lost his focus, his agenda is no longer student focused.

    Once again the superintendent has not asked her administrators to do their homework before making a presentation to the board. I almost felt sorry for the District Office presenters of the Truancy plan. They could not respond to questions that were data driven…They could only speak in generalities…This new computer program for attendance, that is called Zangle, has not been fully utilized. Once again the responses to questions were met with “We’ll have to get back to you on that.” Thank goodness they had the principal and vp from Ochoa Middle School to give the board an idea of what local school sites are doing to increase attendance.

    Finally please be aware that there is a Special Board meeting in February concerning Special Education…It will not be televised since it is being held at the District Offices. This is going to be a very important meeting…the parents and familes who have children with special needs must attend…I think that there may be some serious and possibly detremental plans to change how Special Education services are delivered to children in HUSD. I hope I am wrong!

  • John W. Kyle


    IOne can only wonder why the dara driven numbers of ADA are skewed> Had =I been a biard member, I might have picked up on the remark by one of the presenters, who made an aside rgar perhaps we should not habve reduced the numbers of Attendence clerks by half….. but that is only the half of the problem with scant data. Those who remained as attendence clerks had rheir time halved.

    Ms. Brunners cousin is one wgo was limited to just two hours a day. That yountg lady would have quit but is hanging for the simple reason that if she quit and then atrt al;ayer time was re-hired…. she would have lost some benefits as well as seniotiy poistion… or what ever is left of ‘bemnmies’ to the lowly attendence clerks.

    Some folks have to think it through before wondering about falte5ring plans to do with truancy,.

    SB 1317…. two cases with a weeks jhail time being the result…. would go a long way tro reduction of the Daily monet loss at just one High School per Kerhi’s report!

    So, if I understand it… I-pods as a bribe supplant the cruelties of imposed discipline….. who buys the I=Pod ? Will Reynoso address that problem in the near future.

    Kudos to Mr. Armas… his was the only smile which greated staff as they spoke and of course he was the most courteous, if you failed yop notrice the near constant interruptions by Reynoso. ( iT’S THE LAW Reyboso ! How is that for a handle in the coming elections…???

    Frankly, Aremas was the most tactful speaker last evening…. guesw that comes with the experience of being the boss over the 900 plus employees he supervised, quite succeesrfully, while City Manager.

    Armas is tyhe best thing to hapen to HUSD in a very long while!

    I wonder what happened to the campaign to get past and present trustees to refund the stipend overpayments of the last 20 years or more. Matbe the darts hit too close to home?

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    I certainly hope that Monday’s special meeting with the California School Board’s facilitator addresses the Heredia seating and the insistance of Mr. Armas to spend time questioning a board member’s reason for missing a meeting. I seem to remember that Mr. McGee reminded his colleagues that Mr. Reynoso informed them with proper notice that he would be facing a personal hardship if he attempted to attend the ELL workshop. Seems Mr. Armas just needs to stick the needle in whenever he can. The election is over, the choice of board leadership has happened and cannot be addressed until next December…

    Additionally, I am not sure if the tactic of interruption/frustration/irritation that Ms. Ruiz expresses towards the current president of the board during the board meeting is a proper place for discussion in a CSBA workshop…but somebody needs to remind Ms. Ruiz that she should attempt to work privately with the new board leadership on making the meeting run more smoothly for HER. Her constant interruptions, direction giving and chastising tone of voice is not appropriate. Perhaps Ms. Duran can speak to her, that is if she has time during her busy schedule.

  • John W. Kyle


    Given enough time Ms. Brunner might vlearn to use vocal infletion to aid understanding if what it is that is intended.

    Again, bringing experience of City Managers supervision of the 900 plus civil serbats that he supervised, Mr. Reynoso might learn to identify his needs with a few adjextices in the lexicon of english lamhage as siggesyted by the bylaws of the board of eddykation.


    uTILIZartion of SB 1317 will be a goode investment of law fees. The shock value will ripple through the ADA pronblem at manY California School distriocts and Hayward is certainly THe place for iniotial use of that oproblem. pRIZES FOR ATTENBDENCE ARE UNNEEDED IN FAMILIES WHICH SEE A GENUINE DIPLOMA AS THE REAL PRIZE.



  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Almost a million dollars in total legal fees is something we should all be concerned about. I frankly don’t care who waves a piece of paper to make the point. I would be really curious to see how much Castro Valley Unified, San Leandro or Fremont spends on legal fees.

  • trigliker

    The seating was weird last night. Why was Heredia sitting so far away? Her demeanor was strange as well. I notice she loves to second Armas’ motions (why?).

    Armas is lost when it comes to the education sphere of things. He may have been a good (that’s questionable) city manager, but schools are different.

    Reynoso was cutting people off last night. Someone needs to tell him to stop! His questions are good, but stop cutting people off. Maybe if I was getting the run around like the district likes to give, I would cut people off too.

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    I am so glad that someone else sees that Armas is out of his element. I believe that Ms. Heredia consumed by her hatred of Reynoso. She refuses to be seated next to him. She and Armas see themselves as a team, almost like tag team wrestling.

    I am often disturbed by Reynos’s cutting people off in mid-sentence..I think this pattern became a habit when he was constatntly interrupted by other board members, no matter what he was saying or asking. I think he does really understand numbers and finances and becomes frustrated when district administrators begin their hemming and hawing in an effort to avoid saying either they don’t have the information he is seeking or they don’t want to give it out publicly.

    I am often tempted to ask who is running the asylum? The last time I checked the board of ed. were the ultimate bosses…not the superintendent. I think many employees at the administrative level have their loyalties placed with the wrong with the wrong leadership. But then that is just my opinion.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, you make a good point about the ultimate boss of the district. Mrs. Brunner and Mr. McGee have figured out that the same thing that Mr. Armas and Mrs. Heredia have figured out, the power comes from the majority. Mr. Reynoso is enjoying his sudden power and is manifesting it in force. Let us hope that his message to the district staff is actually understood: come prepared and respond accurately and quickly or pay the consequences. Whether this will produce the desired results depends on which of the two factions choose Mr. Reynoso’s. Of course we could all be wrong and it will be meaningless if the state does not pass the tax increase in Spring. And given the climate of today, additional taxes are unlikely.

  • Sherry Blair

    Michael, I seem to have lost contact with you. Would you connect with me?

  • John W. Kyle


    You are wrong, rude and crude while hiding behind a nom de plume!

    I am a retired Real Estate Appraiser with long experience in appraisals of all types of residential, commercial and industrial properties. 30 of my 40 years in the Banking businesses were expended in the appraisal effort.

    A second generation native of the City of Oakland, I gained appreciation of the physical and economically useful life cycle of improvements to land known as residential development. The experience included value analysis of existing and proposed office buildings, mortuaries, rest homes,, whole tracts of two or three hundred proposed homes in a single report etc.

    In short I know my P‘s and Q‘s involving urban as well as suburban communities.

    I have volunteered in a very length list of organized service to community as a Bank employee as well as a private citizen serving his community and in particular it’s schools of the private as well as the public variety. I can list the names of ‘ad hoc groups’ established by the City of Hayward as well as the school district stretched out over an intense 20 year period of time.

    I have written lengthy “My Word” Pieces and letters to the editor at Daily Review. The most recent were the two involving suggested attention to HUSD’s problems. The item appearing on the editorial page of the Review was a 550 word bit entitled “Hayward needs to create a new sense of Community’ published Dec. 2nd 2009 and the second entitled “Civic participation cab sane schools” appearing on June 3, 2010

    No mention of those two articles was ever posted to the Hayward Blog. Frankly, the blog with its permissive use of nom de plume, by mindless character assassins is the worst thing to occur in Hayward… ever!.

    Cheap shots heaped upon those of us using our given names is the a mark of cowardice.
    I challenge s using nom de plume to name the activities in which they sought to make offers of effort or advise of any constructive activity they have offered to City or School District…. They, as a follow up and exhibition of courage ought make an apology to those upon whom they heap licentious remarks!

    Some in this town are unable to differentiate between freedom of speech and licentiousness speech and have heaped unjust scorn upon officials elected by more thoughtful members of the community. I refer specifically to ‘Obama new age’ who in her anger accused me of stalking her daughter! Aided by Kathy Booth who offered the advice that ’o bama new age’ ought make direct complaint about my alleged ‘stalking’ direct to HPD.

    Mr. Michael Moore has not responded to earlier requests that he identify any pro-active activity that he has taken upon himself in support of school or City administration. No answer ever posted by that ‘gentleman‘.
    Again, the worst thing ever to happen in Hayward, is a blog where use of ‘nom de plume’ hurries Hayward’s decline from suburban, to urban deception soon to be regarded as a ghetto at which education is abandoned to a point beyond repair.

    Do not knock the Town Hall idea. It is not comparable to the side shows of the Tea Party which used that deception of it’s various, ill conceived gatherings.

    Town Hall meetings occurring prior to the Declaration of Independence and continuing well into the following century, was a principle form of government that was much admired by the French diplomat Mssr. De Tocqueville who published a book in 1840 in which he extolled that form of activism by an inspired citizenry!

    I dropped the idea when Chairman of the Board of Hayward C of C. failed to return my call when I learned of his mistaken confusion of the town Hall idea with the current FITAG activity. FITAG is totally unlike a town Hall meeting…. In addition this is the second time around for that concept which proved itself worthless about 15 years ago.

    Finally, although I attempted to enlist 20 Christian Churches established within the boundaries of HY+USD administrative area, only one responded by referring the matter to COR, an activist group posing as Congregations Organized for Renewal. That little ship creates no bow waves !

    I have abandoned hope for a Town Hall meeting and never aspired to chairmanship of that idea as a continuing project. It was to be a single show using break out technique composed of a maximum of 20 souls in each group…. Usually what happens is that good ideas are put forward by interested potential volunteers to community service and when those ideas are picked up by those listening to proponents…. Pride of ownership compels the other to volunteer as chair person.

    Finally, I was elected to chair of two groups authorized by City of Hayward for the simple reasion that an expressed idea found immediate endorsement…. Thus I was pressed into a chairnmanship or two!

    My best idea adopted by husd WAS THE INTRODUCTIOHN OF THE SITE RESIDENT PROGRAM AT Longwood School. That concept of having an individual or a couple actually living on the grounds of a school saw immediate elimination of $50,000 in vandalism ciosts at =Longwood school as well as cleanup of the alchohol; consumption and broken glass bottle problem existent on that school;s play grounds. It Has been abandoned by the ‘need’ for a parents center ! Wher parewhnts are taught how to be nice to their kids and their teachers.

    Fella… get smart… shooting from the lip does not make for successful solution of HUSD‘s problem!.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Mrs. Booth,

    I only saw the beginning of the HUSD board meeting, I am now trying to watch the video and is not available yet. Some editing needs to be done? I wonder. The behavior I saw in those minutes will never be tolerated in my household. I have children under 8 years of age. Mrs. Heredia was acting like a spoiled child and Mr.Armas! Former city manager, proud of his language skills and wisdom? Please, he still can’t believe he is not the vice-president of the board, he needs to pick on Mr. Reynoso at any opportunity he gets. Unbelievable! The good thing about this is that Mrs. Heredia doesn’t have anybody to giggle with.
    Mr. Reynoso needs to calm down, he knows more about education that the whole board put together, he needs to ignore the preschool behavior on the board and concentrate on the work ahead. Mrs.Brunner needs his support and Mr.McGee doesn’t need to play the nice guy. We, Hayward voters need accountability, we need a watchful board; administrators should be providing an equitable education and spend our few dollars in the classroom.
    Going back to this week’s meeting; I did not appreciate the constant “interruptions” from Mr. Armas and Mrs. Ruiz, in regards of Mrs. Brunner opening the meeting. What is going on? We all know the president is new to this position, however I don’t understand why the D.O is not providing her with what is needed to start the meeting? Whatever it is, she is taking this OK; Mrs. Brunner is cool and collected. Good for her!
    I have a feeling that things will not change until we have a new Superintendent, our current one is not going to work with this board. The division is there;she has Mr. Armas and company on her side.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    I read the agenda for the special meeting. Why is Ms. Benson in charge of the Search? Who is she? I thought that task belongs to Ms. Becnel. Is Ms. Becnel applying for the superintendent position, what other reason could be behind that action? I hope not,nobody at the district office qualifies to take on this job. Any thoughts?

  • John W. Kyle


    None have a better grasp of the problem occurring with mis=management of real esytate asses occurring at HUSD.

    When I briought to his attention the major mistake of leasing and irregular loand parcel which included all the buil;dings at the Former Darwin site for a mere $40,000 dollars he examined the problem and thaaaked me for the onservatrions I made which was to wit….. the district leased the buildings and an irregular land parcel which ihn effect destropyed usefulness and ability to lease the remaining half if half is thge correct word.

    Tyhe wholoe could have been leased iut for $500,000 per year with a liylle promotionalo efrfort…. what we wound up with was an income oof just $490,000 petr year….. Real estate management skills at HUSD will improve vastly over our recent experiences during the constant shuffle of the Supt. position.



    Reynos is syhort a full deck of cards on budget matters which is broadly evident by his sol;e concern over the bidding process.

  • John W. Kyle

    Alol please dcorrect typing error at item #15 above…. we now collect just $40,000 per year rather than the estimated true leasehold value of around $500,000 per year…. in other words $460,000 annual potential income is now delayed until expiration of the present 10 year lease to a Charter Schoolo.

    Some o0f you folks ought lighten up an apperciate Mr. Armas presence…. the man is sharp and when we concluded our conversation over the Darwin site matter he revealed some thought processes which amazed this appraiser in the sense that he had tgained a ‘handle’ on the asset management problem that none have paid attention to for many many years.

    He is the single greatest presence on the present board… bar none!!!

    I’ll never know what inspired Ms. Booth’s animopsity toward the man! I do not believe she knows either! It might be envy over the relatuive difference in status that they enjoy in the community ?????

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Lucy’s Mom,
    I am not sure why Becnel isn’t presenting this information/suggested process. Perhaps it is because Ms. Becnel is involved in the process on preparing pink slips for our staff(s. In kany event, I am just happy that the board is beginning the search, and quite frankly I don’t care who is the “lead” on the item. If Ms. Becnel decides to put her hat in the ring for the position of Superintendent then she is joining what I hope will be a pool of candidates that will be screened before final interviews by the board.

    Does it bother you that the agenda now includes the “Board Code of Conduct”? Prior to the adoption of this document, I don’t recall the previous one appearing regularly on the agenda. I think it is a bit of overkill, and clearly Mr. Armas and Ms. Heredia haven’t read it, because I see that their recent conduct is not in compliance with it. Just my observation and opinion of course.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Mrs. Booth,

    Yes, it bothers me to see their “little reminder of the rules”. Dist. Office does the same at parents meetings: they review some collaboration rules, reminding parents how to behave. I hope Mr. Armas and Ms. Heredia take the time to read the code of conduct and behave according to it.
    Have a good Sunday!

  • Fernando Hernandez

    Mr. Kyle:
    Do we really need to be subjected to yet another one of your long autobiographies? I can assure that the few folks who read this blog are all fully aware of your background and experience in real state, etc., etc., etc., . After all, you don’t miss a chance to tell us all time and again, in excruciating detail and then some!

    I have started to simply skim your postings because not only are they rather repetitive, but they have recently had so many typos that at this point, some of them just take too long to decipher.

    You call Trigliker wrong, rude and crude. I have gone back to read his postings and to be frank, I don’t see what in his posting you find so offensive. Why is it that you must (almost) always put down other’s opinions while trying to present yours?

  • Michael Moore

    Sherry, you can reach me best by email. I think you have it. If not we can try Pete’s again.

  • Michael Moore

    All, I will not respond to anything from or about John Kyle. I believe it is in our best interest to ignore him in the hope that he will go away.

  • trigliker

    John Kyle, my name does not matter, but I will tell you my name anyway. It is Kevin Mason.

    One should look into John Kyle’s connection to Jesus Armas very deeply.

    It is time (again it appears) to ignore John Kyle. To bad though. Again, his idea of a meeting to have a discussion is a good idea, but him leading it is detrimental to good communication. I gather many people won’t show up since it is his idea?

    How do people feel about the governor’s budget proposal and taxes?

  • John W. Kyle


    Do mot worry about my ‘leading’ any meeting….I dropped the idea entirely.

    Tried a few years back to make co0ntact with Hayward High’s booster club leaxder…. he refused to even listen to a proposal for a fund raiser… dismissed opportunity with the comment that He did not want ‘his volunteers’ stolemn away from his snack bar at the game activity. Too bad, in my younger days I raised many thousands of bucks to benefit community.

    In my first activity as eklected chair of the Hayward Airport Noise ordinanxce group, I was threatened by an out of town aviation emthusiast who thought the noise ordinamnce was a lot of BS. Same with the reduction of edxpended jet fuel in ‘engine run up practices at the airport.

    The idiot kept driving by my house, writing letters to any Real Estate Broker with a listing in the Longwood area. One fay, with 2 x 4 in hand I invited him to come out of his auto…. never saw him again.




    You are free to pick up the thread…I doubt you have the verve to take any initiative action on behalf of the kids of HUSD. yOU DO HOWEVER, WHINE A LOT!

    I’ve watched your type come and go from the scene…..
    all talk, no action.


    You do fit the bill…just a local version of Ian Paisley of Ulster. Drum bangers and nothing else!

    None of you ‘o nothings’ say much; are not quality folk who have attempted exprssion of solutions in the print media’s editorial page. You risk nothing accomplish nothing, but demand solutions from such as Mr. Armas.

    Have you accomplished anything at all which aids solution of the HUSD Crisis? Nah, you havn’t POSSESION OF EVEN A CLUE !

  • John W. Kyle


    This is a statement about Mr. Jesus Armas. He needs no defense against those who have used the blog to attack him by use of licentious comment as well as scurrility ! What we all need is recognition of the fact, that the blog is used by many who lack recognition of the fact that what is occurring is a degeneration of social order. That experience inevitably leads to conclusion that what presently occurs in West Oakland and areas easterly along International Blvd is a breakdown in social order. In short, Hayward is well on it’s way to becoming to southern Alameda County, what Oakland is to the northern part of Alameda County.

    To under stand our need for the presence of the man and gain insight into the composition of the present HUSD Board of trustees, blog contributors and readers ought pause long enough to examine the feat wrought by Mr. Armas in the matters and events which brought the new Burbank School into use by students living within one of the older areas of Hayward..

    Present day Burbank school, would not have come into existence if that project were left to the administration of HUSD. It was a project beyond the administrative ability of those elected and/or employed in the administration of the District. More simply the administrative skills were simply lacking knowledge and skills to achieve what we citizens now enjoy. Accept also the idea that there is no debt to be repaid.

    What I personally enjoy about the man’s presence as a member of the Board of Trustees, is the effort it took for him to obtain his college education as well as the experience to undertake what he has achieved in his life thus far.

    As one of seven or eight siblings, raised by immigrants in Los Angeles ‘barrios’ he attended a southern Calif. University and having eventually obtained a job as ass’t City manager in Hayward, he proved himself productive but more importantly popular amongst staff for his good job related manner as well as humor.

    He was successfully noticed and took a job as City Manager at a City on the SF Peninsula. At a later time, the Hayward City Manager’s job was opened and Mr. Armas was immediately called back by City Council.

    What pleases me as well as any other thoughtful citizen is that he is one of two ‘Latino’ Citizens who have performed life skills do successfully, as to ease opportunities for others. The other party is a Latina woman, a graduate of Moreau High School, who also was part of a large family whose successful struggle for education is a sterling example of hard work and achievement. I refer of course to the Lady who as Treasurer of the United States has her signature appearing on all our currency. Anna E. Cabral is another great indication that folks can not be held down because of race or national origin. Ms. Cabral and her siblings, under guidance of their Mother have all succeeded!

    Hard work coupled to educational goals is rewarded in this country and in California!

    In September 1994 the Hayward City Council formally adopted the Longwood / Winton Grove Neighborhood Task force Report which contained many suggestions for improvement.

    One suggestion pertained to the idea that we ought have the Hayward School District replicate a practice seen employed in other school districts within the SF Bay Area Statistical Count of nine ( 9) counties. The purpose of a widespread and continuing practice was to control and eliminate vandaism at Public Schools.

    The fact is that when and where employed the idea works quite well and although not perfected within some school districts the success stories made the idea practical and this it found it’s way into the Longwood/Winton Grove Task Force report.

    If you will, recall that the Firehouse at the corner of Main and ‘C’ Streets was completely rebuilt. During the construction period the ‘Battalion Chiefs’ needed a temporary office and control Center; a temporary structure was built for that purpose. With the firehouse completion there was no further need for the Battatlion Chief’s temporary structure, which had sleeping quarters, gang shower and locker room and a full kitchen / dining room; the ‘office’ was located between kitchen and sleeping area’s shower spaces.
    In other words it was a cabin suitable for use in establishing the first (and only) site resident opportunity in Hayward Schools.

    The concept known as the ‘site resident plan’ employed as a highly successful tool in combating vandalism and mis-use of school playgrounds and sports fields is successfully employed by many school districts within the S.F. Metropolitan statistical area.

    Upon completion o0f the new Firehouse the battalion chiefs had no further use for the temporary office / sleeping quarters and as that structure stoo on the site of our new City Hall, it had to be remove!

    Out of the blue came a phone call to me by Mr. Armas. He asked as simple question related to the recommendation seen in the neighborhood’s task force report published years earlier. “would the temporary structure we used in relation to Fire Dept management be suitable for the ‘site resident concept’ found in your area’s 1994 report to the City Council? Of course it did! And the City moved it to Sunset High School where it was ‘stored’ until school District raised sufficient cash to provide foundation and utilities ’hook up !

    In the first year of occupancy by a female security guard regularly employed by HUSD, the vandalism expense, to the tune of $50,000 per year, was eliminated.

    After nearly eight years of success, that genius, Supt Vigil and his associate, ass’t supt Schimmel discovered that since we were to acquire elctronic counter measures against vandalism the site resident structure ought be placed on the rental ,arket. Then current occupant, who took the premises as is was advised that she would be permitted to tay if she agreed to pay $800. per month in rent. The occupant immediately retired and moved away.

    Then it became evident that the structure had not even had an interior paint job ap0plied in the move. Naturally, Dr. Vigil saw the need to do some remodeling which I estimated occurred at a number above $5,000.

    The structure was then rented to another employee of HUSD’ security Dept. at just $700 per month which number included all utilities, including scavenger service. No duties in service to the original co9ncept were required of ‘the tenant’!

    Vandalism returned almost immediately! Yet the employee tenant was totally unaware of the now recurring vandalism problem and of course the electronic site monitoring equipment was of no help. Worse yet, the tenant was totally unaware of the re-occurrence of vandalism.

    In retirement, without interest in golf ot hobbies, I began, in 1994. Spending about 20 hours per week in an effort to expunge illicit materials from Longwood School play ground. I spent some above $400 of personal funds in attempts to rejuvenate use of the softball field nearest Longwood Avenue. The grounds were not irrigated and the adobe soils had the nasty habit of opening up ‘ankle busting fissures; when dried out. The so called ’green playfield’ had open access gates which enabled a well worn ’cut short pathway to Southlamd mall from the South Garden area.

    What had been happening was that the open gate provided opportunity to avoid paying ‘dump fees… ‘ I kid you not. When I state that the grinds were constant=ly bei8ng littered with broken glass liquor bottles, used condoms, dead family pets, auto batteries and other trash…. The place was a dangerous experience for students at the longwood School.

    Mr. Armas phoned one day, prior to the call about the cottage, and asked a simple question…. The man was aware of my contribution of time and simply asked how many hours a week I spent on grounds maintenance. When I replied he asked if I could use a new water service to aid irregation…… then used the entrepreneurial funds of the water company to install a new water hook up; he

    carried the ball a bit further and convinced HUSD management to make an advance of about $7,000 from the maintenance assessment district funds as a means of enabling installation of quick coupling devices that reduced the need to hook up several hoses to a single sprinkler head.

    I had induced a Latino soccer league to use of the grounds with the understanding that they would provide some assistance to maintenance. When I was struck down gby a problem with kidney stones, those folks failed to hold up their end of the agreement… worse yet, the Treview did a story about that league and inadvertently revealed y=that it was asemo-professional activity.

    I immediately caused them to be evicted. During recuperation of health I took to walking the grounds on weekend afternoomn periods…. Can you imagimne my dismay at breaking up an act of oral intercourse on a Sunday afternoon?

    The site resident problem cured that as well as the frequently seen use of the grounds as a dumping place alternative to fees demanded by the scavenger. I can not fully describe the the horrific conditions existent at Longwood school. All was resolved by installation o9f the Site resident concept. My appraisal experience found me as quite competent in estimating costs ‘to
    cure’ vandalism. The site resident concept saved the distruct nothing less thah $50,000 per year. The total vandalism expense to the didtrict in those days was only guesstimated at $150,000 per year by M & O Dept at HUSD.

    My many critics involved with the ’Hayword Blog’ have much to learn about their community and why it uis that their attitude of constant negativity is leading this City into a condition of economic ruin. If you have not yet noticed, take a good look around and tell me, if you can that an extensive amount of ’bootleg’ additions to the housing stock by folks who fail to apply for building permits, when adding space to living quarters coupled to poor exterior maintenance, is not proving to deterioration of the school systems API scores.

    We are moving rapidly away from the pre-war II image of rural area and gave gone through the sub-urban to urban description to the eventual application of the word ‘Ghetto’.

    Mean mouthed thoughtless attacks upon Mr. Armas are leading us directly to additional decline of our school system.

    Become more pro-active….volunteer rather than stand back and throw a constant flow of ‘cheap shots’ at Jesus Armas. The man is our single greatest hope for a turn around at HUSD.

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Maybe Armas can use this on his campaign literature when he runs for office.

  • John W. Kyle


    Atta giorl Kathy…. hold true to your distorations of fact!

    I would not expect anythuing else of you. We sure miss your hubby on the Board…. right!~ He did wonders for HUSD when he vetted KOHl after dismissal of Foxworth!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Right now they’re having a discussion with Leslie DeMersseman of the California School Boards Association regarding board meeting conduct, how to work together, that sort of stuff. It will last until 3 p.m., then they’ll talk about the supe search, which isn’t expected to take long.

  • K Rocchio

    Trigliker, thanks for joining the blog. It’s always good to see someone new offer their input!

    All of our Trustees are faced with a difficult task and vote based on their own experiences and what is best for HUSD.

    Concerning matters of ADA, on March 24th and again on April 28th, Mr. Armas voted regarding Attendance Clerks and an Attendance Office Supervisor reduction. In the first instance it was to reduce staff and the second was a motion leaving out these positions when considering options for these reductions.

    Regarding the use of the Darwin Facility by Envision Schools, it was on May 24th that the Board approved this MOU for 10 years. Mr. Armas had this information and could have voted against this item had he been opposed.

    On July 21st the Board approved a 2 Year Contract for Superintendent Duran, Mr. Armas seconded that motion. There were concerns voiced prior to this motion regarding the contract duration.

    On October 27th Mr. Armas himself explained that while his experience as City Manager may have offered him perspective, this role was entirely different in some regards. I do not think any of the above mentioned items make him a martyr nor villain. I believe he is doing what he believes best, as are the other members of our Board. We can agree or disagree with individual decisions, but let’s not elevate one member as the “only” one.

  • qodrn

    terrific. The board needs an all day meeting to learn to act like adults? good thing nothing important is in thesse people’s hands.

  • Michael Moore

    The board needs to begin the difficult task that is in front of them. There are two issues, it seems to me.

    The first is how to operate HUSD schools if the voters chose to not support continuing taxes and vote no on new taxes. No one will be happy with this result.

    The other is how to improve the existing situation in the HUSD. This assumes that the existing revenue does not change and that the .25% State Income Tax continues; that the 1% Sales Tax continues and the .5% DMV fee continues. Governor Brown will propose additional taxes to allow schools to continue to do the job of educating California’s children.

    The City of Hayward is looking to raise additionally $39 Million more in revenue in order to operate the city as the politicians believe we the taxpayers want.

    I suspect that the state is in for an ugly surprise. It is going to be a very contentious year.

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    To All,
    I have heard from several people that they have sent emails to the board via the emil site on HUSD’s site, and they have not received any confirmation that the email was delivered nor any aknowledgement from board members that they have recieved them. Any of you having the same problem? Some are wondering if board members even check their HUSD email account.

  • John W. Kyle


    THINK! It might be more effective to send e-mail or US mail direct to your favorite board members….. that way tou get supportive response by selective norification….. a FACT finding tour suitable to your vatious campaoigns?

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Oh thank you for that special insight.