Lighthouse LGBT center Casino Night fundraiser was aces

We had a blast at the Lighthouse Community Center Casino Night fundraiser Saturday, held in the Hayward City Hall rotunda. Delicious food, well-poured drinks, flashy entertainment and boisterous gaming while it lasted — I blew my fistfull of chips in rapid fashion at the Texas Hold ‘Em table, but my more skilled or luckier wife shared her winnings to keep me in the game a little longer.

lighthouse1Took this pic of the Golden Follies Dancers, a revue featuring performers ages 60 to 85.

“It’s a Las Vegas kind of singing revue,” director Susan Bostwick told the Contra Costa Times last year. “Our costumes are very elaborate, a lot of feathers.”

The Follies were one of many acts that would start at the top of the rotunda stairs and then descend into the crowd to raise the roof. There are a bunch more pics on this site — wife and I can be found in No. 66. Organizer Kari McAllister posted the following shout-outs on her Facebook site:

Grateful, exhilarated, are hardly two words capable of expressing my feelings after last nights “Viva Las Vegas Fundraiser. Not only the best attended, but honored by the attendance of Mayor Mike Sweeney along with Maria Ochoa, Councilwoman Halliday and husband, Councilman Francisco Zermenos and Elisabeth, Councilman Marvin Piexoto and lovely wife Andrea, Sara and John Lamnin, members of GLOBE, Lavendar Seniors, EBN, Katie Tague from Senator Corbett’s office, Heidi Finberg from the Chabot College Foundation, and so many others that my head is swimming trying to recall them all. So many friends who could not attend but donated. Thanks to our Drag Performers, the Golden Follies Dancers ( you gals rocked the house and life), the food from “The House of Aries” was beyond good-the Swedish meatballs were heavenly, Aces Up for the Gaming, World Famous Turf Club for the bar along with Curly’s, Rick and John and Rob for the decorations, and all of our volunteers and Lighthouse Board members who gave it their all. Everyone was responsible for showing what the word “Community” truly means. You are an inspiration and I was and am humbled by you bringing your “game” to our casino night. So accept mine and Board’s thanks knowing that your generosity has allowed us to move forward not just financially, but with PRIDE. I love you all and am honored to call all of you my friends. Sincerely – Kari

Eric Kurhi