Got any mural ideas for Hayward sound wall?

bidwell3We had a story in today’s paper that went into more detail on Jean Bidwell’s epic mural that’s going up on the BART soundwall near Jackson Street in Hayward. It was mentioned at the end of the story, but bears repeating: Something really cool about this particular mural project is that it’s evolving as Bidwell moves along, and she’s invited the public to weigh in with ideas of things about Hayward that could be put into paint for all to see.

Oso Santistevan told Bidwell he’d like to see Chabot College represented, and there it is. Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to drive (or BART) by the mural, look at it and see your idea is part of the picture?

Bidwell can be contacted through her website, www.jeanbidwell.com or by email at dauber1@sbcglobal.net, but I thought it might be fun to bounce some ideas around here on the blog. I’ll let her know if it goes somewhere.

I was thinking for historic Hayward, Russell City would make for great material but I recall someone saying that a mural with such a theme has been talked about for that area of town. Even though it’s now an eyesore and its future uncertain, Centennial Tower is pretty iconic of Hayward. Plus I have fond  memories of sneaking past the front desk person and climbing a stairwell to throw paper airplanes through an unlocked window grate when I was a young teen. Maybe there could be a combined rendition of the three Hayward City Halls — they might not all be standing forever.

I would also love to see the Pizza Joynt and its mighty wurlitzer represented — a fave post-movie spot that’s been gone for a while. Also ate my fair share of Caspers hot dogs in my time and more than once failed to finish the daunting yet value-priced La Imperial super burrito, just in case there’s a food theme planned for a panel.

Any thoughts? I know a lot of HayWord readers have been in the area for a very long time, there must be some ideas out there. Let’s toss some at the sound wall and see if anything sticks!

Eric Kurhi

  • Dee Dee

    I suggested to Jean that a panel of humming birds would be beautiful – we have so many of them buzzing around Hayward in the summer months. Also, the Hayward Animal Shelter. Some people aren’t even aware the City has this service. I do like your ideas as well.

    Thanks again, Eric, for bringing attention to this fantastic project!

  • Alex

    Here some ideas.

    The 3 city halls. (the first, the city center, and the current one)

    the recently demolished, Centennial Hall.

    Hayward High Schools (Hayward, Mt. Eden, Sunset, Tennyson)

    Mervyn’s, Shasta, other local companies.

    Thanks for posting this, I gotta go check it out soon.

  • Michael Moore

    I would love to see these special Haywardians incorporated in to the mural:

    Joan Weston and Kristi Yamaguchi (Roller Derby and Ice Skating);

    Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Kenji Shibuya, and Shawn Stasiak (Professional Wrestlers);

    Bob Swiekert (Indy 500 Champion);

    Agapius Honcharenko, Sokei- an; Goto Zuigan and Archie Johnson Inger Religious Leaders;

    Michaela Garecht (victim) and France Silva (Medal of Honor).

  • Sean

    How about a rendering of Hayward’s original Carnegie library alongside a rendering of the current Main library (including the wonderful animal themed book return boxes that were also painted by the talented Ms. Bidwell)?

  • K Rocchio

    I really like the idea of some of the key landmarks. The Blending of the City Halls would be really cool. Key businesses like the headquarters above, maybe add the Cannery?. Something showing how Hayward has changed over the years. On notable people, there’s quite a few to choose from. I also think something representing the demographics and nature (hummingbirds, turkey and deer) would be great. I can’t wait to see the mural.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Hey, I had another idea… Hayward’s got a lot of cemeteries, and a lot of us know some peeps we liked a lot who are now buried there… what about a cemetery/dia de los muertos theme for one of the panels?

    When I spoke with Jean, she said the Meek Mansion was something she’d like to incorporate. My wife suggested the McConoghy House as well. Maybe a panel of historic Hayward mansions? Could have a ghost in there, just for kicks…

  • Michael Moore

    Gladioli fields, cherry trees and ornamental flowers were early Hayward businesses and just about all you would see as you drove South on Mission Boulevard.

  • John W. Kyle

    Poor Moore;

    Cherry Trees were the brag of San Leandro! Apricots were commonly associated with Hayeward and areas south. Gladioli were frequently seen in the Decoto area near where the Masonic Home is located.

    Flatland Hayward along the route of Hesperian was an area prone to flooding whioch created one bug stink when after the Cabbage Harvest the residual debris from the harvest rotted and smelled like the devil.

    California Nursery, located in Niles, grew and sold ornamental trees, at all sizes, at it’s Niles location.

    Smell of tomatoes permeated the air during the canning season. Hunt’s employed many seasonal woekers. Young Portugese women favored working for the pencil manufacturer located just south of San Leandro. I’ve heard it said by women, now well along in years, that it was the ‘Portugese University’ where young ladies wemnt looking for a husband since the oencil manufacturer was not a seasonal employer but full time at pencil making.

  • John W. Kyle


    Near the end of January I sent a letter to Truistees at HUSD. I advised that some might want to see, read and digest the content of that letter…… it becomes available on Thurssday Feb 10th.

    Another addtressed to them has been sent but since it was not mailed in time to arrive before the 4th opf February and will then not be a matter of public reciord until February 24th. Again it should be a matter of interest to the truly interested in events at HUSD.

  • qodrn

    How about including some of Hayward’s magnificant churches? Even if you are not religious some of the churches are just wonderful works of architecture.
    Also would like to see something about the cable cars that used to run on B Street.

  • John W. Kyle

    DChur5ches ::; That reads as a potential ptoblem.

    When Mission San Jose friars acted as something like recorders of piblic agreements and records…..;Alameda County sdecided to decorate a floorf at the entranbce of one of it’s newer buikldings. The fact that the design of that bit of dazzling floor decorartion included a ‘Cross’ that set off asn uproar…. too much catholicism for mant in this county so the cross was omitted…. at least intended to be omitted… I never went to look.

    The poiut being that qwe would not want to upsret MR. Moore et al by placing ‘ASll Saints; in a mural along the tracks.

  • Having lived in Hayward for 60+ years, I have a few suggestions for the mural.
    1. A representation of the old Hayward High School located on Foothill Blvd. It was a beautiful and historic building and one that the residents of Hayward should be reminded of.
    2. Another school that was of importance to the community was the old Burbank site. There awaiting all who came to visit were two beautiful lions positioned on the steps that led to the main building.
    3. Meek Estate, the McCogny House, the Fry Family Home.

    My memories of the Cherryland area were orchards filled with fruit trees, Cherry trees included.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Artist Jean Bidwell was very excited about these suggestions. She writes: “I have logged all that has been brought forward and if they are not ‘seen’ along the BART line, please let your contacts know to look along Jackson Street come April…”