St. Rose Hospital expansion

Update: Here’s our story on the renovations. And here’s one on St. Rose entering a confidentiality agreement with Eden related to San Leandro Hospital.

After two years of construction, St. Rose Hospital now has more beds, and the whole facility has been retrofitted to comply with state seismic requirements through 2030. I’m headed out there later this afternoon to take a look, but find the press release below.

St. Rose Hospital Announces its Latest Expansion

HAYWARD, CA February 7, 2011- Following a two year construction, St. Rose Hospital has expanded its bed capacity and also seismically retrofitted its entire facility to be compliant with the State mandate through 2030. Additional improvements include a new integrated cardiovascular monitoring system, enhanced security technology for the Family Birthing Center and a newly remodeled hospital lobby. “There have been significant projects accomplished this past year,” acknowledges Michael Mahoney, St. Rose Hospital President and CEO. “As we enter our 49th year of providing high quality care in this rapidly changing healthcare landscape, we remain confident in our future capacity to meet our local community’s increasing needs.”

The most significant of these projects was the build-out of the Fifth Floor which augments bed capacity at St. Rose with 30 new private patient suites.  Each room has been integrated into the hospital’s new global cardiac monitoring system; further heightening St. Rose Hospital’s designation as a Cardiac Receiving Center. Beyond the technological considerations, privacy was one of several aspects of patient care hospital leaders wanted to incorporate in the new Fifth Floor. “Attention has been given to every detail and all amenities to enhance patient comfort and privacy,” states Ken Henkelman, Vice President of Support Services. “These single-occupancy suites will also allow family members to be even more involved in the treatment process.”

Through funding from the Fremont Bank Foundation, a new infant security system has been also implemented on the hospital’s Family Birthing Center.  The hospital lobby and main corridors have been fully remodeled with a gift from the St. Rose Hospital Auxiliary. 

“The driving force of the expansion is our patients and we remain grateful to our Boards, many donors, and the Jordan family for their generous contribution to Cardiac Care at St. Rose,” says Mr. Mahoney, “We are committed to continually improving our facilities, programs and services with a focus on high-quality, community-based care.

About St. Rose Hospital

Established in 1962, St. Rose Hospital is an independent, not-for-profit, community hospital governed by a local Board of Trustees.  With 163 licensed beds, over 1000 employees and 300 physicians, St. Rose and provides a comprehensive array of inpatient and outpatient services including 24-hour Emergency services, medical, surgical and rehabilitative services, a skilled nursing facility, family birthing center and community outreach programs at the Silva Pediatric Clinic.  St. Rose has made an investment in the community to improve cardiovascular health and is designated as a Cardiac Receiving Center for Alameda County to provide emergency angioplasty and life saving non-invasive procedures to diagnose and treat heart attacks.

Eric Kurhi

  • I am using this space to post an observation of last night’s board meeting.

    During the agenda item regarding furlough days for top administrators and school site administrators, I believe that Mr. Armas violated the Ralph M. Brown Act: Open Meeting Law.
    According to the Brown Act, if a board member’s spouse is in a position that may be affected by board action, that board member must recuse themself and step down from the dias. They may not participate in discussion, deliberation or voting.

    In the case of Mr. Armas, I believe that his spouse currently holds a position that was included in the furlough item. I do not question his motives, however I do question his knowledge of the Brown Act and the fact that he did not step off the dias. In the spirit of transparancy and good governance it was the lawful thing to do.

    If anyone out there can offer proof that I am mistaken I encourage them to let me know. I do not profess to be the “expert” however I believe that I do have a very clear understanding of the Brown Act.

  • John W. Kyle


    Not an expert ? Finally, an admission of fact!

    You do seem to ‘zero’ in on Mr. Armas. Why is that?

  • qodrn

    I wish to point out that St. Rose is no longer a Catholic hospital. This is kind of assumed by the name but their ethical decisions no longer support church doctrine. Keeping the name was not exactly ethical in my opinion. They are a good hospital, but do less service now for the uninsured.