Centennial Hall deconstruction well under way

centennialdestructStopped by the site this morning, and this is what I saw. Somewhere under that heap, I believe close to the spot where the rubble peaks, my wife and I cut up the dance floor to a Shane MacGowan/Sinead O’Conner duet and cut the cake to Def Leppard. The Irish whiskey at the open bar was the first to go, and my wife’s father and her uncle (Carl Nolte of the S.F. Chronicle) both complained that my rube friends drained it without the appreciation it deserves. We didn’t have the main hall — that was being used for the wedding reception of a preacher’s daughter, and it was a dry event. We ran into some of the wedding party in the parking lot outside, mixing drinks at an impromptu bar set up in someone’s trunk. Good times, sort of a bummer to see the place torn down, but I still got the memories and photographs.

Eric Kurhi