New HUSD website; 2/9 meeting

Any thoughts on the new HUSD website, launched Monday? It looks cleaner, but is still under construction and there’s no quick link to the board materials yet. But the main stories on the site — which were also special features at Wednesday’s meeting — are better presented than on the old site.

Last night’s board meeting: The update on the superintendent’s plan was  a little disappointing because there weren’t any data available. Won’t be until the end of the year update in the summer. Click here for the presentation.

Some promising news: Trustee Luis Reynoso said that all-day facilitated discussion on board governance proved helpful, and said his new neighbor on the dais is evidence of that.

“Mr. Armas is sitting right next to me now, and that’s a step in the right direction,” he said. “Miracles do happen.”

Impressive presentation on the status of the Regional Occupational Center program. John Taylor, an instructor in the criminal justice department, was there with two of his students. They’ve been winning a lot of forensics competitions, and came in third nationally. Taylor said they only lost because they do forensics different in California than in other states. Spoke with Taylor after the presentation, plan on doing a story down the line.

Left after that, don’t know how the rest of the night went. But per Reynoso’s comment, what I saw was amicable enough.


St. Rose Hospital expansion

Update: Here’s our story on the renovations. And here’s one on St. Rose entering a confidentiality agreement with Eden related to San Leandro Hospital.

After two years of construction, St. Rose Hospital now has more beds, and the whole facility has been retrofitted to comply with state seismic requirements through 2030. I’m headed out there later this afternoon to take a look, but find the press release below. Continue Reading


Got any mural ideas for Hayward sound wall?

bidwell3We had a story in today’s paper that went into more detail on Jean Bidwell’s epic mural that’s going up on the BART soundwall near Jackson Street in Hayward. It was mentioned at the end of the story, but bears repeating: Something really cool about this particular mural project is that it’s evolving as Bidwell moves along, and she’s invited the public to weigh in with ideas of things about Hayward that could be put into paint for all to see.

Oso Santistevan told Bidwell he’d like to see Chabot College represented, and there it is. Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to drive (or BART) by the mural, look at it and see your idea is part of the picture?

Bidwell can be contacted through her website, www.jeanbidwell.com or by email at dauber1@sbcglobal.net, but I thought it might be fun to bounce some ideas around here on the blog. I’ll let her know if it goes somewhere. Continue Reading


Lighthouse LGBT center Casino Night fundraiser was aces

We had a blast at the Lighthouse Community Center Casino Night fundraiser Saturday, held in the Hayward City Hall rotunda. Delicious food, well-poured drinks, flashy entertainment and boisterous gaming while it lasted — I blew my fistfull of chips in rapid fashion at the Texas Hold ‘Em table, but my more skilled or luckier wife shared her winnings to keep me in the game a little longer.

lighthouse1Took this pic of the Golden Follies Dancers, a revue featuring performers ages 60 to 85.

“It’s a Las Vegas kind of singing revue,” director Susan Bostwick told the Contra Costa Times last year. “Our costumes are very elaborate, a lot of feathers.”

The Follies were one of many acts that would start at the top of the rotunda stairs and then descend into the crowd to raise the roof. There are a bunch more pics on this site — wife and I can be found in No. 66. Organizer Kari McAllister posted the following shout-outs on her Facebook site: Continue Reading