When ‘free’ does not mean free: A craigslist tale

No, this isn’t a righteous screed about freedoms being impugned or any such heavyweight subject matter. It’s about what happened to a Hayward resident who put out various items he wanted to give away, then posted an ad on craigslist. A fellow reporter stumbled across the resulting secondary ad and sent it my way, I got a chuckle out of it and maybe you will, too:

** PLEASE RETURN OUR “FREE” SIGN **(hayward / castro valley)

freesignDate: 2011-03-31, 10:47AM PDT
Reply to: xxxxxxx@craigslist.org


We posted more free items out front of our home the past couple of days  and someone has taken our FREE sign.

This was not intended to be part of the FREE items and we would  like it returned.

I’m sure this was a misunderstanding to someone.

We post many MANY many things on Craigslist for FREE and this sign is instrumental for this cause.

We ask that you return our sign to the front of our home, no questions asked.

xxxxx Monte Vista Dr.
Hayward, 94545
Thank You,

ps. please don’t flag this posting. I’m sure the person that took the sign visits regularly and would need for them to see it.


Hayward seeks input for selection of new police chief

HaywardPDThe city has set up an online survey to solicit ideas from residents regarding a new top city cop. Police Chief Ron Ace announced in December that he would be retiring, and agreed to stick around until a successor is found. The process is expected to take until early summer.

The three questions asked:

1. What qualities and characteristics should the new the Police Chief have in order to receive your respect and be most effective as a community leader and Hayward’s “top cop”?

2. What would you like potential candidates to know about your community?

3. What community issues would you advise the new Police Chief to focus on during his or her first year on the job?

According to the city’s website, “The feedback received will help inform the recruiter about the qualities of a Police Chief and community leader that are most important to Hayward residents, as well as help identify community priorities for the City’s next law enforcement leader.”

While the HayWord and its readers would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, it’s probably more important to let the city know on the survey site. Why not post on both?

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Hayward DMV to reopen April 25

DMV_LogoThe Department of Motor Vehicles announced that the Jackson Street branch will be reopening in less than a month.  From an October story:

The facility, which was closed in August for renovations, was scheduled to reopen in October but a hiring freeze prevented it from happening.

The office was closed Aug. 13 so that considerable infrastructure improvements could be made. Constructed in 1972, it was the building’s first significant renovation project, part of an effort to bring DMV offices around the state up-to-date.

After employees were sent to work at other branches, there have been retirements and reshufflings, and there (weren’t) enough employees available to reopen the Hayward branch, said Armando Botello, another DMV spokesman.

According to the above release, they’ve been able to hire and train new staff, so the Hayward and Glendale branches can be reopened.

THe DMV has encouraged people to avoid going to its offices altogether by taking advantage of services offered through its website.


Text of Councilman Quirk’s slam on the Review

Boo the Review! Rejoice the Voice!

Boo the Review! Rejoice the Voice!

Councilman Bill Quirk had some strong words about the Daily Review at last week’s City Council meeting, starting exactly at the one hour, three minute mark. Piggybacking on comments made by a public speaker who said she hadn’t seen much information in the paper about the gang injunction ordinance that was on the agenda, Quirk advised the room and television audience to seek information elsewhere:

“First of all, anyone who’s waiting for the Daily Review to tell you what’s happening, that was 10 years ago. Do ask the City Clerk to send you our agendas regularly. They just come and you dont have to look if you don’t want to but she sends them out by email regularly.

“Second, start reading the Tri-City Voice. Simon Wong is back there, he’s there at all our meetings and he does a good job. So please start reading the Tri City Voice. Simon, put up your hand, there. Just to let us know. Ok. He’s here at every meeting. The Daily Review is not here.”

At this point, Mayor Mike Sweeney interrupted Quirk: “Actually, they are here.”

“Oh they are here. Oh good!” Quirk said. “Eric, good to see you. Good to see you.”

Sweeney: “And Eric, that was Bill Quirk. By the way.”

Quirk: “Well, it’s not Eric’s fault, the problem is they won’t give him the column inches to ah, to ah, report that he would like to have and he has to cover the whole city which used to be covered by like four reporters. So it’s not his fault but it’s just — we don’t have the coverage we used to have.” Continue Reading


Calendar for week of March 28

Artist207Yikes, once again I find myself a day behind on the calendar post. Here’s what we have/had on tap for the  week. Of note: There’s going to be a Hayward Cesar Chavez event and teach-in at at City Hall starting 5 p.m. Thursday, a new Hayward Arts Council exhibit opens Friday, also at City Hall, featuring the artists at right and for the next four Saturdays, Big Read events, again at City Hall. Continue Reading


Hayward stats: Most crime down, but spike in burglaries

crimestatsthrujan2011The City Manager included the latest “rolling 12-month comparison” in her report from last week. It compares the most recent yearlong period for which stats are available — in this case February 2010 to January 2011 — the the same period of a year prior.

As you can see, most crime in Hayward is on the decline. Violent crime down 11 percent. Although there is an increase in murder and rape, the police chief previously said that the murder stat is an anomaly caused by a particularly nasty first part of 2011. Rape is up 39 percent, with the numbers being a difference of 13 cases.

While property crime is down 14 percent, there’s been a large increase in residential burglaries, to the tune of 39 percent. The uptick is significant in terms of numbers: 546 vs. 758. As Chief Ron Ace mentioned at the state of the city event earlier this year, there’s been a similar rise in many other surrounding cities.

San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli talked crime stats at a neighborhood meeting in that city last week. You can watch it on this blog. She said San Leandro has seen a drop in crime of 8 percent, but burglaries have gone up 15 percent. Unclear whether she’s talking total burglaries, in which case Hayward would have a similar increase, of 14 percent, thanks to a sizable drop in nonresidential burglaries.

Another big decrease: Auto thefts. I wonder if $4/gal gas will have a further cooling effect on car snatchings or if thieves will steal a new car everytime they run out of fuel…


Breakdown of state’s most diverse housing tract

diversetractWe had a story on Hayward’s diversity and how it compares with other places in the Bay Area. Turns out that according to one way of measuring things, a tract off Tennyson Road is the most diverse in the state. It’s an imperfect measurement, and doesn’t take into account subdivisions within the race categories that by all means would add to an area’s diversity. Read the story for an explanation of what is meant by “most diverse.” Here’s the breakdown of Tract 4377.01:

POPULATION IN 2000: 4227
POPULATION IN 2010: 3649 (-578)



LAND SQUARE MILES: .1869 Continue Reading


Business owner shares concerns about Winton Avenue widening project

The owner of the Valero gas station at the corner of Winton and Hesperian Boulevard checked in to say he doesn’t think the roadway widening project is a good idea. The I-880/SR 92 Reliever Route Project “will provide for better access in and out of the industrial area located north of SR92 and west of I-880,” according to the staff report. Staff is recommending the City Council approve the project at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Owner of the gas station wrote a letter to the mayor, and included a graphic, laying out his concerns:

valeroDear Mayor Sweeney,

We are the owners, employees and customers of the Valero gas station, and residents living around the corner of West Winton Avenue and Hesperian Boulevard collectively organizing ourselves as the ‘People Power’ vs. Winton Mouth Widening. The City intends to appropriate a portion of the Valero lot to accommodate an additional lane to widen the mouth of West Winton Avenue by 400 ft. on the north side. Continue Reading


Calendar for week of March 21

Lots of stuff this week, night meeting after night meeting after night meeting means I’m on the late schedule. Tonight we have San Leandro talking about the future of the Marina at 5:30 p.m., followed by Mayor Stephen Cassidy’s State of the City speech at 7 p.m. On Tuesday, Hayward’s going to get an update on what’s going on with the proposed gang injunction program, and they’re going to be looking at adopting a negative declaration and approval of a plan to widen Winton Avenue. And HUSD will have a hearing on latest proposal to the teacher’s union. Also, Bully Awareness Forum on Friday night. Continue Reading


Hayward nightclub incident report/story update

Here’s that report from the city manager that was requested by Mayor Mike Sweeney following some incidents at Hayward nightclubs the last weekend in February. And to kill more topics in one post (been busy this week and haven’t had much of a chance to blog), we had a story on the noise ordinance moving forward and another on Caltrans’ preliminary finding regarding the Bunker Hill property it owns. Going back further, had some stuff on HUSD moving toward a qualified status, and here’s a related Katy Murphy overview of what schools are facing.

Back on the topic of nightclubs and downtown, I was talking to Councilman Mark Salinas the other day on unrelated matters, and he mentioned that restaurants down there have been booming on weekends. Said he tried to go to the Kokyo Sushi Buffet, found it packed, went to Buon Appetito, same story, and ended up waiting in a sizable line over at Chef’s Experience. Anyone else been out to eat on a prime night lately and seen an uptick?

Oh, and a final bite on the topic of Hayward eats, the Merc had a nice piece recently on the glorious milkshakes served by Val’s Burgers.

Without further adieu, find the nightclub info after the jump… The Discussion section cuts to the chase about what’s going on. Continue Reading