Social networking blitz earns St. Rose a cool $10K

spectacularThere was a “Most Fabulous Event” contest from the party company that rents the big white tent that goes up for a week every year at St. Rose Hospital. The winner of the $10,000 prize  was determined by a tally of Facebook votes.

If you’re on Facebook and follow Hayward folks, you’d know all about this — it was hard to avoid being hit up to vote for St. Rose’s “The Spectacular” event, pictured at right. Competition was tough, and included some heavy hitters, but late last week St. Rose was informed that they prevailed. Here’s their press release.

St. Rose Hospital Goes Viral — $10,000 Win!

 HAYWARD, CA March 7, 2011- When Classic Party Rentals approached St. Rose Hospital to enter a nationwide Facebook Contest  to win the “Most Fabulous Event of 2010”, they were skeptical to say the least.  But the ‘win’ would mean $10,000 going back to the Hayward community in 11 different ways, touching over 6000 people. 

Each year, St. Rose Hospital hosts 11 hospital and community events during their annual “Tent Week”. For 7 days, the community comes together under an opulent tent venue situated on the hospital campus.  The tent, through the genius of Splurge Catering and Special Events and Classic Party Rentals, is transformed daily to accommodate a variety of community and hospital events.  Tent week is kicked off by the hospital’s signature fundraiser, The Spectacular, and hosts a sold-out crowd of 700.  “Our creative, dedicated team transforms the tent into a wonderland which spotlights extraordinary destinations and events around the world, it is totally Hollywood!” shares Sandra Davini, Spectacular Co-Chair. 

St. Rose Hospital’s Executive Director, Pamela Russo, was stymied when she saw her competition included the Oscar nominated movie, Inception’s event, “Hollywood vs. Hayward?  We need Mark Zuckerberg on our team!”  Early on, the Inception premiere took a solid first with St. Rose struggling for 4th place.  Russo rallied her troops, and shared, “We don’t do 4th place, nor do we do 2nd, let’s get this thing done!” Within days St. Rose beat out Inception and it was a lavish wedding in Memphis that Spectacular XXII Gala went neck and neck against until the bitter end. 

In true St. Rose style, Russo’s team went “beyond the hospital walls” and back into the community to garner support and votes.  Teams from the hospital’s Foundation, Marketing and HR departments were deployed with laptops and welcomed at Chabot College and Cal State East Bay.  Best of Show went to Tennyson High School, Eden ROP and Moreau Catholic High School whose leaders encouraged students to ‘vote on Facebook for charity’ during their lunch hour.  When things were getting tight, Russo tasked City Manager, Fran David and Mayor Sweeney to “make it happen” and they did, sending an email encouraging all City employees to vote for St. Rose.  Friends from Hayward Rotary also signed on, in unison with the Hayward and Union City Chambers.

It was a tremendous undertaking with stories of St. Rose employees sleeping with their iPads to check vote counts throughout the night.   St. Rose won the FB contest by an astounding 768 votes. Labeled as fiercely competitive, Russo provides a disclaimer by secretly admitting that one minute before contest close, she placed a vote for the Memphis team.  She boasts it was a true team effort and the St. Rose staff were savvy, scrappy and incredibly strategic.

Eventually the efforts all paid off…$10,000 times over!  In fact, proceeds from this year’s Spectacular event supported the hospital’s latest expansion project of a new wing and an extension of cardiovascular services at St. Rose.

Russo attributes the success of the Facebook contest as a win for St. Rose, but also a win for the City of Hayward.  With nearly 100 entries spanning 50 states, Hayward is now on the map as the host of the “Most Fabulous Event of 2010”.   “Our strategy for this project mirrors the high standards our team operates on a daily basis in delivering care at St. Rose.  It’s not just technology, nor state-of-the art equipment; it’s all about the relationship.”  St. Rose is most appreciative of their community partners, leaders and the youth who supported them.  They also look forward to Classic Party Rentals attending their next Board meeting on March 10th to present the $10,000 check.

Look for the ‘Grand White Tent’ on the St. Rose campus once again this OctoberWord on the street is that they can put on quite the party

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    Maybe this good fortune will enable St. Rose to begin the final acquisition of San Leandro Hospital.