Hayward stats: Most crime down, but spike in burglaries

crimestatsthrujan2011The City Manager included the latest “rolling 12-month comparison” in her report from last week. It compares the most recent yearlong period for which stats are available — in this case February 2010 to January 2011 — the the same period of a year prior.

As you can see, most crime in Hayward is on the decline. Violent crime down 11 percent. Although there is an increase in murder and rape, the police chief previously said that the murder stat is an anomaly caused by a particularly nasty first part of 2011. Rape is up 39 percent, with the numbers being a difference of 13 cases.

While property crime is down 14 percent, there’s been a large increase in residential burglaries, to the tune of 39 percent. The uptick is significant in terms of numbers: 546 vs. 758. As Chief Ron Ace mentioned at the state of the city event earlier this year, there’s been a similar rise in many other surrounding cities.

San Leandro Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli talked crime stats at a neighborhood meeting in that city last week. You can watch it on this blog. She said San Leandro has seen a drop in crime of 8 percent, but burglaries have gone up 15 percent. Unclear whether she’s talking total burglaries, in which case Hayward would have a similar increase, of 14 percent, thanks to a sizable drop in nonresidential burglaries.

Another big decrease: Auto thefts. I wonder if $4/gal gas will have a further cooling effect on car snatchings or if thieves will steal a new car everytime they run out of fuel…

Eric Kurhi

  • Monica Ruiz

    I’m more concerned about the rapes then the burglaries.

  • davey33

    While property crime is down 14 percent, there