Text of Councilman Quirk’s slam on the Review

Boo the Review! Rejoice the Voice!

Boo the Review! Rejoice the Voice!

Councilman Bill Quirk had some strong words about the Daily Review at last week’s City Council meeting, starting exactly at the one hour, three minute mark. Piggybacking on comments made by a public speaker who said she hadn’t seen much information in the paper about the gang injunction ordinance that was on the agenda, Quirk advised the room and television audience to seek information elsewhere:

“First of all, anyone who’s waiting for the Daily Review to tell you what’s happening, that was 10 years ago. Do ask the City Clerk to send you our agendas regularly. They just come and you dont have to look if you don’t want to but she sends them out by email regularly.

“Second, start reading the Tri-City Voice. Simon Wong is back there, he’s there at all our meetings and he does a good job. So please start reading the Tri City Voice. Simon, put up your hand, there. Just to let us know. Ok. He’s here at every meeting. The Daily Review is not here.”

At this point, Mayor Mike Sweeney interrupted Quirk: “Actually, they are here.”

“Oh they are here. Oh good!” Quirk said. “Eric, good to see you. Good to see you.”

Sweeney: “And Eric, that was Bill Quirk. By the way.”

Quirk: “Well, it’s not Eric’s fault, the problem is they won’t give him the column inches to ah, to ah, report that he would like to have and he has to cover the whole city which used to be covered by like four reporters. So it’s not his fault but it’s just — we don’t have the coverage we used to have.”


This was not particularly fair. Especially given the fact that the Daily Review did, in fact, run a preview story for the meeting, including info that the gang injunction ordinance and W. Winton widening were on the agenda. It ran across the top of the local front. I’m not saying we have a preview story for every council meeting, but we did for this one, and we had one for the noise ordinance meeting and one for the Residential Energy Conservation Matter at committee level. And we covered what happened at all those meetings.

That’s definitely more information than what appeared in the Voice. I did an audit of that paper, and failed to see the coverage Quirk was talking about. I realize it would be hard to convince anyone that I’m unbiased on the matter, so go take a look for yourself. I spoke with Quirk on Thursday to find out if I’m missing something, and he pointed out that the Voice has “admittedly short” summaries of all Council actions.

But a check of Hayward stories, even those specific to city matters and not schools and crime and courts, shows the Review still has much more material. I told Quirk that while it may be valid to point out that the staffing level at the Review is not what it was 10 years ago and coverage may be suffering by comparison as a result, it’s not fair to herald coverage in another publication when that coverage doesn’t exist.

Quirk agreed that what he said was unfair, and told me he would have a retraction during public comments at the next meeting.

Hunh. I suppose that means I ought to show up.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore


    I suspect that Councilman Quirk espouses the belief that the marque of the Hayward Daily Review is relagated to insignificance as the stepchild of the Association of Bay Area Newsgroups. In short, the Daily Review is just a part of the BANG and not much more than a pop. As well, your byline, as much as I enjoy reading your work and your dedication to your Hayward beat, rarely if ever says, Hayward Daily Review.

    Quirk is merely expressing that sense of civic loss and pride for Hayward. The decline of civic identity, which began going away more than two decades ago, started when Hayward abandoned downtown following the Loma Prieta Earthquake. That in itself was presaged by the stress of the Foothill extension. Other Cassandras may find that Laocoon was doomed even before that.

    While you have struggled valiantly to cover Hayward, ABAG has seen fit to allow the Daily Review to fade to obscurity and ultimately to near disappear. This loss of a journalistic identity and civic pride is mirrored throughout the metropolitan Bay Area. Newspapers are endangered world wide and certainly in the Bay Area. That is not news.

    I suspect that Councilman Quirk and the balance of the Council, along with the HUSD, all lament the loss of the past glory of the Daily Review. Their lamentations really have little to do with the veracity of fact, as your professionalism has shown time and time again. That you have not printed the insider information that you have been privy to and have refrained from sensational tabloid type journalism is a credit to your training and professionalism.

    That being said, to confuse a politician of any kind with an honest, straight forward, and ethical representative is to be confused either about the truth or honesty. You know better than I that a rabid dog and a politician are distinguished primarily by the fact that even dogs can fetch and wag a tail and mean it.

    Councilman Quirk is merely attempting to out-huckster his compadres on the council. Mayor Sweeney as the top former vote getter is trying to make nice. You did not record the various expressions of confusion, disorientation and lack of connectedness with the process of the remaining Council. That would have been most amusing, as any who have watched the council recently trying to comprend the proceedings.

    I would not hold out for a heartfelt apology to The Hayward Daily Review. You will most likely not engage in unprofessional yellow journalism and nascent tabloidism to wake up Councilman Quirk, though you could I guess. But you won’t.

    You could of course continue to add more articles to HayWord by adding a weekly or daily rant/OpEd to spice up HayWord. You could start a rabid byline recognition campaign to make your name more immediate and recognizable than The Hayward Daily Review, the City Council and HUSD. You could alter your legacy and make a new one of cheap shots to expose the venality and ignorance of Councilman Quirk and the other representatives and other local public figures, private citizens and politicians, as is their nature. But you will not. You are not that kind of guy, I fear, though it would be nice.

    But there are others who will or at least could.

  • I have mixed feelings about Mr. Moore’s response to this article. It is clear that Mr. Quirk looks for ways to “enhance” his position in the eyes of the community, and we all are disappointed that the Review doesn’t give as much coverage to issues as it may have in the past.

    However, in some instances I do believe that Eric and his superiors fail to report on issues that are of real concern to the citizens in Hayward. In particular, with respect to HUSD. When the ACLU won its case over the “free schools” issue, Eric did not make much of it. In Hayward, at least last year and a number of years before, parents/guardians were required to purchanse supplies for their students to complete assigments for a grade; they were required to disclose financial information if they could not afford or could not raise enough money for a student to be a cheerleader or to travel for their extra cirricular school sponsored events; and these are just two of the areas where THOSE FEES/CHARGES AND DISCLOSURES WERE IMPERMISSIBLE… and against state law. Parents/guardians who do not watch the board of education should have the opportunity to know what their rights are. If we wait for HUSD to tell them hell really will freeze over.

    I realize that I sound like a one trick pony,however this is an issue that affects students in HUSD…just imagine how many couldn’t participate or needed their family to sacrifice money to purchase that which HUSD should have provided for their education.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, if I understand you correctly, you are in agreement with Councilman Quirk that BANG does not cover Hayward issues and the Tri-City Voice does?

    Really. I am gobsmacked that you would assert that. But, if that is it, so be it.

  • Michael Moore

    I must confess that I rarely read the Tri-City Voice. For those of you interested, here is the link:

    I did not recall it having much about Hayward, and it does not. The most current HUSD information is about the meeting on March 1. Eric’s coverage was just as good, and actually had more information in considerably less space. Here is the article.

    The tri city voice does a good job on Fremont and is OK on Newark and Union City. There is very little about Hayward.

    I think your gripes about the HUSD are OK, but I think that in terms of coverage, The Hayward Daily Review does a better job that the Tri City Review and the Chronicle. There is not much else left.

    At least there is HayWord.

  • Sherry Blair

    Keep up the good work, Erik. You are a source of light.

  • Mr. Moore,
    In no way do I assert that the Tri City Voice does a better job of covering Hayward. I was simply stating that I wish that Eric had the time and the approval of his superiors to do some investigative reporting on issues.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I thought that you were agreeing with Councilman Quirk who believes that the Tri City Voice does a better job on Hayward than The Hayward Daily Review. Eric is doing a great job. ABAG not so hot, perhaps but better than its competitors. It is sort of like contesting whether an API score for High School of 690 or 700 is worse. They are both failures.

  • John W. Kyle

    All; with reference to contribution # 1 above…

    Mr. Moore frequently exercises his right to free speech and in that process goes into great effort and verboseness. Judging by his excessive display of advanced education, evidenced by his conscious use of an extensive vocabulary, he seeks some sort of approval by readers of the blog. Is it possible that his comments relative to Mr. Quirk, have some personal political purpose ?

    Judging by his excessive display of an advanced education well above that of most Blog readers, I suspect ulterior motive. Is it possible that he plans creation of an image suitable for a political career? What other motive can be detected by a use of vocabulary as found employed in his submission dated March 29, 2011 ? Introduction of the name of ‘Laocoon’ had me running to my handy edition of Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. To what purpose or point is that name applicable to a critique of Mr. Quirk?

    I have worked with Mr. Quiek on several ‘ad hoc’ or ‘task force groups’ created for one or another purposes by City Council. Quirk’s activism extends back into at least the early 1980’s when he accepted civic responsibility by participation in PTA, Public Library goals, Growth Management Task Force, Circulation task force, 238 Bypass promulgation and a lengthy list of other civic activity. As I recall it Quirk pointed out that loss of 238 bypass would affect the auto dealerships located on Hayward’s portion of Mission Blvd. We now know that the loss of those car dealer’s production of sales tax payments to our City, has played hell with our community’s budget.

    Mr. Quirk does not flaunt his personal achievements, in aid of the success of Livermore Laboratory, where he brought his own advanced education and his particular expertise to the present efforts in space exploration. I have not seen him flaunt that education in the fashion employed by Mr. Moore.

    It is my belief that Mr. Quirk is aware and concerned about the fact that change of demographics involving Hayward most particularly, gave cause to the decline in circulation of our local newspaper. As an example, I am not aware that it employed African Americans, at the local level, to report on matters of concern to that particular portion of our Hayward Community; the Latino community might easily respond to the need for paid subscriptions had there been a page or two dedicated to news within that community, on at least a weekly basis. Use of Spanish language within portions of the newspaper would not be objectionable to this person of Irish descent.

    It was less than 100 years ago that deed restrictions against Catholics, particularly the Irish variety, affected my Grandfather’s personal family use of a home he had caused to be constructed, as an anniversary gift for Grandmother. He handled the problem of garbage thrown upon the home by taking off his coat He was an Oakland plain clothes detective, who wore a shoulder holster. He would purposely water his newly seeded lawn in the morning when neighbors walked down the hill past his home, to the closest street car service stop. Evenings would find him picking up minute bits of trash or leaves as neighbors came home from work. In the evenings, during his break in what was normally a ten hour workday his personal use police car would be seen parked on or near the auto driveway. Again shoulder holster exposed while he also wore a smile and good manners when asking passing neighbors, if their day had been successful. Learning from the Irish experience, I embrace diversity while sadly observing white flight. On the other hand, a good deal of white flight involves white trash.

    It is regretful that Mr. Kurhi’s talents appear diminished by the Review’s need to ‘fill unused page space’ made available by advertisements of small businesses concerns which are unable to afford full page advertisements. As a consequence I have chided Mr. Kurhi, perhaps unfairly, for his ‘squibs’ imposed upon him by his employers who need to fill out unused space frequently left open on a page by advertisers unable to usefully employ a larger space. Unfortunately those squibs bearing Mr. Kurhi’s name, have been taken from the police blotter and of themselves have not aided Hayward’s public image.

    I cannot say that Bay Area News Group which owns the Review is currently employing ‘sharp practices’ in order to maintain it’s advertising rates. However almost twenty years ago I personally observed use of sharp practices in maintenance of it‘s advertising rates.. I saw it evidenced at Longwood School where, shortly after my retirement I made myself useful as a volunteer ‘reader’ to K-1 classes as part of a gift of free book to students by a publisher seeking such readers as are able to emote that which was found in the story books. It was during those days when Review provided a newspaper supply equivalent to the enrollment, in the hope that children would carry the newspaper home for the purpose of encouraging reading, as well as readership, if not subscriptions.

    That was a good idea which went horribly wrong when it was easily observed that children did not take the free newspapers home but scattered them almost immediately after class was released for the day. Neighborhood aesthetics went to blazes in a forest of discarded news print. But the drop off newspapers by Review continued at HUSD facilities for the simple purpose that the required periodic reports of circulation ’counts’ was useful in establishing and maintaining advertising rates. That uncalculated copies went into HUSD trash containers. went unnoticed by advertisers. If that ’sharp practice’ continues to this day, I am unaware of it.

    Finally, I am unaware of any participation by Mr. Moore as a volunteer in service to community at any level. I note here that I have not found his name associated with any real estate ownership here in Hayward. Nor am I conscious of any volunteer effort at the level of ‘commissions’ or ‘ad hoc’ groups existent under sponsorship of City of Hayward or HUSD. He is not listed in the phone directory.

    Yet his contributions to the blog and open use of flattering remarks directed to Mr. Kurhi might possibly suggest a latent interest in elected office. Is there anyone who can enlighten me on possibility of another underlying purpose of Moore’s attack upon Mr. Quirk?

    The last paragraph of Moore’s March 29th submission brings question to Moore’s personal attack upon Quirk. It is Mr. Moore who is guilty of tawdry ‘cheep’ shots…. A fact which I believe Mr. Kurhi is capable of recognizing.

  • Maybe Mr. Moore has no nefarious reasons at all. Perhaps he is just voicing his personal opinion regarding matters of interest to him. Why must someone post their efforts of involvement in the community? Some people wish to keep their commitments to the community at large private and do not need to constantly “brag” about them. Furthermore, so what if Mr. Moore wishes to run for public office, last time I checked it was his and anyone else’s personal choice and the voters will either support such a candidacy or not, since it is also their personal choice to vote.

    Personal attacks are in the eye of the beholder. In addition, I do not think Mr. Moore’s opinion/commentary regarding Councilmember Quirk begins to reach the level of the personal attacks that are posted by others who contribute to this blog. But of course that is just my personal opinion.

  • Eric has shown me that the Daily Review does cover more Hayward City Government stories than the Tri-City Voice. I stand corrected.

    I have immense respect for Eric and believe he does a great job. The problem is that he covers what 4 reporters used to cover, and there is just not time in the day or space in the paper to cover everything that was covered ten years ago.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I can confirm that I think Eric does a good job writing. I think he is an excellent journalist. He seems to me to be just and egalitarian in what he writes. Those two virtues are special and should be observed by all.

    BANG has evidenced little interest in Hayward, but has much more interest in Hayward than does the Tri City Voice. I dislike passionately politicians who use the bully pulpit of elective trust to castigate the press unfairly. Councilman Quirk crossed the threshold of propriety when he denigrated the efforts of BANG in covering Hayward. The Councilman knows well what ERic looks like, he was just sloppy and inattentive. Our representatives owe us more responsible and gracious behavior.

    The purpose of my note was to point out that Quirk behaved badly and that he was wrong about the Tri City Voice and that Eric and BANG do a better job. Nothing more and nothing less.

    To HayWordians who do not recognize some words, I apologize for not writing to the level that is comfortable for you. I meant exactly what I wrote, nothing else. I applaud each person who reserves the moment to discern what is written. I meant what I wrote when I wrote it. There is nothing to ponder or speculate at.

  • Michael Moore

    Mo chara tUas Kyle. Tá mé ró-Poblachtach Éireannach agus bródúil. Féadfaidh tú a chaitheamh ag ceiliúradh am maith d’iarrachtaí ár laochra anointed Éirí Amach na Cásca ag Ard-Oifig an Phoist in aice leis an Life seo go léir nócha cúig bliana ó shin. Tá an Cuimhneachán bás a fháil ar a gcuid gníomhartha sainted agus a íobairt fola am ar leith, go deimhin. Gach hÉireannaigh Ní mór sos agus ardaitheoir pionta i n-onóir agus a mhúineadh ár bpáistí go maith. Lig dúinn go léir a toast deireadh a chur leis an míolra na Breataine as ár gcósta agus ár talamh naofa de na Fianna aontú. Céilí Mór na Breataine. Tríocha Dhá contaetha anois.

  • The Silent Observer

    Hey, I thought St. Patrick’s Day was two weeks ago…Erin go Bragh!!!

  • Lucy’s Mom

    To Mr. Moore and Mrs. Booth,

    Very soon our daily newspapers maybe a thing of the past, I grew up reading my city newspaper; when I moved to Hayward, the Daily Review was still a vibrant newspaper operating in an old building. Some of us will adapt to e-newspapers with reluctance, I am hanging on with my subscriptions of the DR. and the Chronicle! My children will probably be the last generation that have a hard copy of a newspaper at their porch!
    I have read the Tri City Voice a few times, it is not the Hayward Voice for sure.
    I agree with Mr. Moore on the behavior of the council member mentioned in the story. Hopefully Mr. Quirk will retract publicly, his education, former jobs, or any other accolades are not in question. What is in question to me is his pointing fingers at the only person in charge of delivering news in Hayward.
    Eric Kurhi is doing a good job, even though, in Hayward, he is “a one man show”. He is young, energetic, and tries to reach us all through the paper and this blog in a journalistic manner.
    Mrs. Booth, it’s good to read you comments again!
    Mr Moore, please continue challenging us with your scholar vocabulary, as long as is done in English 🙂
    Changing the topic a bit, Mr. Moore indicated that” Our representatives owe us more responsible and gracious behavior”. Well, let me mention to you that in the last few months, I have attended some local meetings where Mr. Armas has been representing the HUSD Board, however he seemed to be more interested in his blackberry than the events. If our HUSD students are caught using their phones during class, the phone is confiscated. Maybe we need to use this policy with Mr. Armas, at least when he is representing HUSD.

  • John W. Kyle



  • Michael Moore

    Bill, it is good to hear your more contrite tone. If it is acceptable to Eric, that is good. I am most pleased and pleasantly surprised. Good job. You are correct that Eric does a lot of work and does it well. The Hayward Daily Review is almost a non-entity except for Eric’s efforts. If we had more news we would have more coverage.

  • Michael Moore

    The Irish was a message for one person. Any who speak or read the language are welcome to share it. It is a wonderful language made vibrant by more than five thousand years of a bardic tradition. In late April we will be able to remember the Rising and in early May we will honor the Blood Sacrifice of the Sixteen Heroes.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    How very gracious of Mr. Quirk to express his regrets to Eric through this venue.

    A most appropriate description of the Irish language and of the people of that beautiful land.

  • Michael Moore

    Colleen, what kind words to this jackeen. May all of yours be twice blessed before he knows its gone.

  • John W. Kyle


    Your anticpation of a celebration of the uprising is a joke. You and Ian Paisley share an attitude !

  • Michael Moore

    My ancestors are from Laois by Kerry. We have been proud United Irishmen since before Wolfe Tone. Remembering the sacrifice of 1916 is celebrated throughout the Republic and through much of the World.

  • K Rocchio

    Mr. Kurhi manages to stay on top of what is happening in Hayward. He is a professional multi-tasker and all you have to do is look. Mr. Kurhi utilizes not only the hard copy of the Review, but the on-line, blog and twitter to reach those seeking up-to-the minute information! I find Mr. Kurhi to be open to input and suggestions and always providing opportunities to voice our own thoughts. Perhaps it is not the end of the DR, but finding a way to reach the community in a current and relevant manner.

    Thank you Mr. Kurhi and keep up the tiring, often thankless and important work!

  • John W. Kyle


    Wow ! Your familiarity with Irish history is just plain wonderful! We who are at least two generations away from ‘he troubles’ are greatful for the wisdom of great grandpaerents and/or grandparents who took the opportunity to leave when and as the opportunity was made available.

    Now, please take the opportunity to advise how all that education, skill and willingness to share has been made available to Hayward. You would of coures accept the thought that your own involvment with the blog is inadequate to the need of City and HUSD…..

    Just give us the stright scoop about how you have contributed to betterment of our local community through sacrifice of time and labor.

    Can you do that?!

  • While I cannot speak for Mr. Moore, I will say that I hope that he does not feel compelled to respond to the demands of other posters. Not everyone needs to “toot their own horn” when it comes to community involvement.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, well said.

  • John W. Kyle

    Booth / Moore

    What have you done in the way of community service ‘to toot about? What was accomplished in any action that you might want to toot about.
    Just curious…. having observed nothing from either of you!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Hey, it’s the end of the week, this thread has died down, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words of support, as well as the critiques regarding what could be done better. It’s all appreciated. Quirk and I have been in contact regarding other stories and whatnot, there’s no animosity or anything to get excited about, and I appreciate his posting here as well. Anyway, furlough day Monday, boo. Check y’all after that.

  • John W. Kyle

    Booth / Moore

    No response to above suggestion that you give us all an insight to activities benfitting City and or School District.

    Silence on the matter is, in iotself, an answer ?

  • Toot!

  • John W. Kyle

    Toot! ?? It figures!