Hayward seeks input for selection of new police chief

HaywardPDThe city has set up an online survey to solicit ideas from residents regarding a new top city cop. Police Chief Ron Ace announced in December that he would be retiring, and agreed to stick around until a successor is found. The process is expected to take until early summer.

The three questions asked:

1. What qualities and characteristics should the new the Police Chief have in order to receive your respect and be most effective as a community leader and Hayward’s “top cop”?

2. What would you like potential candidates to know about your community?

3. What community issues would you advise the new Police Chief to focus on during his or her first year on the job?

According to the city’s website, “The feedback received will help inform the recruiter about the qualities of a Police Chief and community leader that are most important to Hayward residents, as well as help identify community priorities for the City’s next law enforcement leader.”

While the HayWord and its readers would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section, it’s probably more important to let the city know on the survey site. Why not post on both?

Ace was appointed to the post in December 2008 after serving as interim chief of April of that year, replacing Lloyd Lowe.

Side note: Ace and Mayor Mike Sweeney were in Maryland last weekend for the formal accreditation of the department. Achieving that accreditation — which means having protocols in place that deal with everything the agency does, from paperwork and evidence handling to deadly force and major crisis management — was a priority given to Ace by city officials when he came on as chief. It was a two-year process, and one of Ace’s main goals, which was completed at a Saturday ceremony.

Eric Kurhi

  • John W. Kyle


    With tongue in cheel and but half serious, perhapds we ought recruit from the Sheriff’s staff….! Then the guy would conclude his career at Hayward eather than run to the \Sheriff’s Dept for the ‘double dip!”
    Look for a Sheriff;s Deputy with experionce ion areas ofd tjhe county near Haywaqrd, especially those areas which are included in HUSD’s area of responsibility and thus familiar with the high concentration of felons on parole whose children may be attending those schools and running up an ADA loss for us.