Hayward artist’s mosaic bench installations

Sometimes, for various reasons, a story runs online without a key component, like today’s tale about artist Terry Hunt and the mosaic benches he makes. I bet you’d like to see what these benches look like, wouldn’t you?

erev0402mosaic03Here’s Terry with his fishing-themed bench in front of St. Rose Hospital.

There are additional benches at various locations around town; read the story to find out where.  Funding for the benches comes from the city’s Mural Art Program, the same one that supports the various murals on walls and utility boxes to deter vandalism.

erev0402mosaic06Here’s the Russell City blues-themed bench in front of the noodle restaurant at Southland Mall.

Eric Kurhi

  • Alex

    Ive seen these popping up, my favorite is the one at the downtown Bart station.

  • qodrn

    I am not against art, but probably would have thought that the money spent on the various art spurce ups could have been spent elsewhere. The way these projects have turned out and the fact that most of them cheer me up no matter my condition has completely changed my mind. Three cheers to those who came up with these ideas and those who carried them out.