No grocery moratorium for Hayward

walmartletterUPDATE 5/9: Here’s the story, which came out over the weekend. Also, on Friday the city provided me the requested original Feb. 1 email from the union to Quirk regarding the matter, you can read it at right. The jist of it is that the union believes Wal-Mart is making a push to set up grocery stores in Hayward and the greater Bay Area. Here’s the union’s page on WalMart.

Just received word  that the proposed moratorium on Hayward supermarkets was shot down by the City Council at last night’s meeting, with Councilman Bill Quirk making the motion to oppose. I did not attend — had some furlough days lately, in case anyone was wondering about the lack of HayWord posts and diminished number of stories in recent weeks.

The video of the meeting has not been posted yet, but according to the City Clerk’s Office, staff was directed to go ahead with the study analyzing the effects of new groceries without imposing a moratorium. Here’s the staff report as well as letters from property owner, neighboring business, a union representative, the union’s lawyers, and lawyers for the property owner.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Do we know what store wants to move in? Its kind of hard without knowing the store name. In Dublin, a Sprouts Farmers Market is opening at a former Circuit City. Sprouts recently merged with Henry’s Farmers Market and would bring something new to our area if they were the store. Right now, its kind of like protesting a law without any idea of what’s in it.

  • Michael Moore

    Councilman Quirk deserves a salute for listening to reason and not supporting the call for a moratorium on groceries in Hayward. Every part of this was a mistake. Thank you Bill Quirk for doing the right thing. The greater number of markets is good for the community.

  • J Fleming

    I concur with Michael. Councilman Quirk did the right thing. Despite the fact that there are several stores within a mile of the location that have significant square footage delegated to groceries, it is called free enterprise. Is it not up to the consumer to vote for which store they prefer with their wallets?

  • The last time I checked Mr/Ms Fleming your comments are right on.

  • qodrn

    More info. Save Mart is converting several Lucky’s to FoodMax stores. I would not like my Luckys converted to a FoodMax since they already closed the one at Southland. I can see why the union wants to fight back.

  • hmshood

    As usual Councilman Quirk takes the lead and as usual makes the right call…he always seems to have a “feel” for the many different areas we have here in Hayward…he listens!

    Big box type stores may have some benefits but they are slowly forcing many small businesses owners to close up…