HUSD special meeting, plus possibility of community voice in supt. search

Quick heads up: Lots of HUSD fiscal recovery/getting to positive certification talk next week. So much that there’s a special board meeting set up for Monday night. Find the blurb below that’s going in the paper’s government listings, but you might want to check the agendas/materials on the district site for more information.

suptsearchAlso, notice the item in Wednesday’s meeting (at over 300 pages, this is one of the larger packets I’ve seen in a while) about setting up the community¬† interview panel for superintendent candidates… it’s an idea that was put forth by Trustee Jesus Armas, and they plan to discuss it and make a recommendation. See exerpt from report at right. Thought some of you might be interested in that. Here’s the final brochure for the search.

A special meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. Monday in the district office board room, 24411 Amador St.
Topics include a presentation on staying in qualified budget status and reaching positive certification, and child development budget and programs.
A regular meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the City Council chamber at City Hall, 777 B St.
The meeting will be broadcast live on Hayward cable Channel 15.
Topics include more on the budget and fiscal recovery, and the formation of a community interview panel for superintendent candidates. View the complete agendas at http://husd.k12.ca.us/

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    If you suffer all the way to the end of the meeting you will discover a presentation by an employee regarding salary payments. The district may owe this person $30,000 or so. Her legal fees (which the district will pay if they lose) are around $25,000. This doesn’t count the the costs the district has spent “defending” theirself. What a waste of money if the district loses. Another $60,000 out the door.

    Why is it the district is closing Faith Ringgold again a Hayward school students actually want to attend?

  • In education, especially here in Hayward, the philosophy is “always make children fit into the boxes the leadership wants them in” regardless of whether it really works. The Faith Ringgold/Charquin/Project School philosophy has always been one that administrators could not wrap their heads around. It didn’t fit the “norm”, it wasn’t their idea, therefore it must go away. God forbid the community were to find out that there was a better way to give our young minds a strong and wholistic start in their educational lives! God forbid that a true collaboration between teachers, parents and students would work!