Big hit in latest ideas for cuts: Faith Ringgold

UPDATE 5/16: Here’s the story that ran today.

cutsummaryFaith Ringgold School of Arts and Science supporters were out in force last night, and for no small reason. The superintendent is recommending closing the school to save more than $700,000. That’s the single largest source of $1.5 million in cuts that Supt. Janis Duran said need to be made regardless of what news comes from the state next week. Duran’s not alone in her recommendation — 60 percent of the the Fiscal Integrity and Transparency Advisory Group recommend its closure, 27 percent voted “yes, but modify” the plan, no members voted against it and 13 percent were undecided.

Trustee Jesus Armas said the board “needs a philosophical concurrence” in making decisions such as this one, because without that, “it’s just numbers, dollars and cents.”

That’s what the board’s special meeting earlier this afternoon was aimed at, a discussion of goals and the like.

We’ll have a story on Faith Ringgold in the next couple of days. Board will decide at the May 25 meeting.

Also, item H.6, the one about forming a community interview panel for the superintendent search, passed. Details to be ironed out.

Eric Kurhi

  • John W. Kyle





  • Michael Moore

    I have been reading the latest on why priests abuse children. Knowing well John’s intimate contact with the children at St Joachims I was wondering if he was more a Salesian follower or a Christian Brother/Franciscan. Given his efforts at exposition I am certain he is no Jesuit fan.

  • John W. Kyle


    To begin’ let me state that I am in truth a fan of the jesuits. I graduated from BELLARNINE PREP IN SAN JOSE.
    MY MOTHER-IN LAW’S ONLY BROTHER Was a Jesuit who was ordained in the year 1930, ABOUT 4 MONTHS PRIOR TO MY BIRTN AND 8 MONTHS PRIOR TO MY WIFE’S BIRTH and who died two weeks after celebrating Mass at his Mother’s Funeral IN 1946 OR THERE ABOUT.

    My Father-in-law’s nephhew was also a Jesuit who entered the ordrer on August 1, 1939 AT at the minimum age precisely set at 17.5 years In early 1957 JUST BEFORE NY TWO YEARS OBLIGATORY SERVICE WAS COMPLETED, I visited him him in Rome while in the Army… he gave me the grand tour of Rome, the City, not the Vatican but did take me to The office of the Jesuit Genaral who I belive was celebrating Mass in Nagsaki Japan at the very instant that he was celebrating Mass. the A bomb went off and tHE CHURCH WAS barely BELOW A RIDGE LINE AND HE SURVIVED.

    My wife’s cousin was teaching Theology at the Gregorian University and had mentiod to one of the priests that I was in town AND HAD had attended Bellarnine. That Priest re-membered me and saked the cousin to bring him by the Jesuit HQ where he was Secretary to the Boss. Fr. John excused himself while we from Bellarmnine went over some old memories….as Fr John H. Wright left the room my old Geometry Teacher says to me… ‘ do you know who HE is…. startled me.. hesitated a bit as he says that is one of the very bright ones, he just published a book in Latin entitled, “The order of the Universe according to The theology taught by Thomas Acquinas” Your cousin is bright … when he returns I will pull his leg a bit.. watch the re-action! So when Cousin returns to the room forner teacher says to him..” you are in trouble iwth the boss”… which shocked the cousin who mumbled something about Imprimator from Cardinal so & so as well as ‘Nihil obstat’ From Cardinal watz ‘is name….. Jansens, the Jesuit Genaral was strictly business so we heard Fr Cousin say, rather nervously “What is the problem? …. pregnant pause….You forgot to autograph his copy,,,, it is on the desk… do it now!

    They are serious men the Jesuits and I never put the knock on any of them!

    Now the response to your last post follows..

    read it carefully !. good night!


    This is not the first time that you have raised the issue of molestation of children by R.C Priests. I suspect ulterior motive, now that you again turn to the subject, especially since you expressed yourself extensively on the matter, quite soon after you commenced making contributions to the blog.

    The bitterness that I initially read emanating from your several contributions, suggested to me that you were probably one of those types who express deep seated animus toward the R.C. Church. At the time it completely escaped me.

    I had put you into that particular compartment of my mind that is filled with those instances, which I personally experienced, privately as well as with others of the faith, where the animus originated with the results of actions taken by Martin Luther and/or Henry VIII. As with conditions in Ulster, that part of Ireland’s island still under the thumb of the English. My paternal great grandfather, a protestant, married a Catholic woman, making it impossible to stay since his ’traitorous act’ caused immediate dismissal from his job.

    That you may have been one of the victims of an unfortunate priest completely escaped me. I use the word ‘unfortunate‘ because they have at least momentarily, but possibly in the ‘perpetual’ sense, placed themselves beyond the pale of the Church. I do not take on the role of castigating them… my sense of justice in those particular matters is abandoned by me in the sincere belief that I am not qualified to deal with those offenders. I believe that it is between that offender and our creator; which is to say, judge not lest you be judged.

    As for the other types of individuals who express animus by word or action, I have that defect which is common among those of Irish descent, to express on occasion rather vehemently, my disgust with their attitude. Fortunately I have never resorted to physical violence. Possibly because of the fact that until entering my marriage when I stood at 6’ 2” I did not weigh more than 150 lbs. However I ‘had a mouth’ and in one instance I wound up with a black and blue area that closed my right eye for several days.

    On that occasion, when working as a summer hire as a scullion on the Matson Company’s passenger vessel, ‘Lurline’ which operated between two California ports and Honolulu, I was groped by another, while bending down over some broken dishes in the galley. At 17 while still in High School, and unaware of the fact ‘Lurline’ was known on the waterfront as ‘queerline’. I let out an expletive bit of advice that there would be major trouble if that occurred again. I was not prepared for what happened next.

    Passing along a narrow ship’s passage way seeking a well deserved rest, a door opened and I was yanked into a room, crowded with spectators, where the offender struck me across the ear. Having been on the boxing team a year earlier, I fought back with closed fist but took a pounding on my right side of my face before being thrust out the door with the advice to ’watch my mouth’ and submit when needed.

    The next day a young, highly attractive mulatto woman, working as a stewardess, noticing my closed and blackened right eye, she said nothing, but little did I know that she held a strong office in the Marine Cooks and Stewards Union. Another scullion, a giant of a man, who happened to be Negro, approached with the remark that my problem would not re-occur if I cared to bunk with the black guys; the invitation was followed with the remark that all were ‘straight’ in the voluntarily segregated ‘colored’ quarters. I learned a lot from that experience. Nearing ‘lights out the ‘giant’ and another tall slim fellow entered the foc’sle holding the much shorter offender each by an arm with feet dangling above the deck, I was advised to take a swing. I refused where upon the advice was do you want the other eye ‘closed‘? Unsports-man like but aware of my good fortune I popped the guy lightly, where upon the two tall protectors offered the advice that ‘white boys never chopped no cotton’! The next thing that happened was that the attacker was told, in no uncertain terms, that guys like you are unwelcome on this ship so when we reach L.A. you are to be seen as the first down crew’s gangway. … and he was ! No more trouble for me!

    The stewardess later became a realtor with offices on Telegraph Ave near Berkley. An activist seeking to aid paroled felons find work, she was shot dead in the doorway of her home by an ex-con that she had been trying to aid. Her daughter had married Huey Newton but that had nothing to do with the death. Thinking back to the persecutions in Rome, I recall thinking that this lady too was a martyr in the true meaning of that word.

    I think you might find it interesting to know that those who are most anguished over the molestation of children are those priests who labor on while remaining true to their vows of chastity.

    I recall having submitted some data on the blog that you may have missed or if you did read them you ignored the facts found in that data which was published in a newspaper in a state adjacent Kentucky where my daughter now lives. Louisville Ky was the scene of a prolonged attack by anti-catholic forces who lynched over 140 Catholics who were snatched off the streets after attending Sunday Mass, or dragged from their homes. They were lynched in the finest tradition of bigots and when suspects were questioned, they gave birth to the idea that the region was the birthplace of the ‘know nothing party’.

    Not too many years ago a Jewish business owner published the results of an independent study that he had commissioned with his own money. In that article he offered advice to Catholics that they hold their head up and reminded readers that the great many R. C. Church sponsored Elementary and High Schools had saved taxpayers across the nation, a great many millions of dollars that relieved advocates of public schools who in the absence of Catholicism, would have had to construct and pay teachers, for something in the neighborhood of 700,000 students at pre-college facilities existent in the U.S.

    The study went on to remind of the large count of Catholic Hospitals who ‘took in’ many indigent and other uninsured patients to provide a savings of $100’s of millions in expense to taxpayers for construction and operation of those facilities. He went on to reveal the surprising numbers of Colleges and Universities sponsored by the R.C Church and it’s considerable numbers of those involved with the many existent religious orders of nuns, brothers and priests.

    In conclusion he advised Catholics to ‘hold up their heads, weather the storm, and be loyal to the faith, which inspires the sacrifices of wealth, which the public would not be able to meet if Bishops closed all the above described facilities. Note too that it was not until the early 1960’s that the ‘ad valoren property taxes’ upon Catholic Schools facilities was lifted off the backs of Catholics. California was the very last to do this; it took three attempts, ( between 1932 and 1962), at the ballot, to achieve that property tax relief and in the last vote, the successful vote, found Masonic Order still contributing, from it’s eastern lodge HQ, a large amount in it’s attempt to continue that tax. For purposes of fairness, be reminded that rectories and convents continue to be taxed as residential properties.

    He ,our Jewish benefactor, did not suggest that we cease prayers for the offenders who in the final analysis, are to be judged by God and not by mere opinions of the broad American public who fail understanding of the embarrassment experienced by those fellow citizens described as Catholics.

    During the course of the dialogue published by that businessman of the Hebrew Faith he suggested that the statistics he had gathered caused him to wonder why the sexual activities of Protestant and Hebrew clergymen had not been given equal attention in the press. His statistics, in his opinion, were worthy of publication He also provided them in his article, but he wisely suggested that attention had been drawn to R.C Church, in the belief that it had deeper pockets resulting from the number of Hospitals, Universities, Colleges and K- 12 schools which are commonly seen as an indication of deep pockets. I can only imagine he was fearful of broken glass at his store windows.

    Judging by my memory of your earlier submissions to the blog involving this topic, especially that singular moment, when I recall that you had predicted the dissolution of the Catholic Church within 20 years. I reacted negatively. Reminding that the Faith had been around 2,000 years! I should have just shrugged my shoulders and offered an ‘aspiration‘, ( a short prayer) for your own mental health. Perhaps: “God, forgive him, he does not realize what he is saying.”) Perhaps you are one of the victims to be remembered when I attend Mass tomorrow morning. In fairness, you in your turn can ‘get off my back’ !

    If you are motivated by a negative relationship with a ‘spoiled priest’ I offer regrets and a prayer now and then to the effect that your personal relationship with our common Creator, is not entirely in a state of disconnect.

    Good night !

  • Michael Moore

    John, what a fine story to share with young people. Look how far we have grown. The world will miss these inspiring vignettes. I hope your grandchildren have rendered these to oral history and that you have offered these to the Hayward Historical Society. These are of such value. You evince such love for God’s creation.

  • John W. Kyle


    It’s a grand thing that was announced on Channel 5 Kpixnews cast at 11:00 pm. on Sunday May 22.

    O’Bama’s mother had a great grandparent who emmigrated from Count Donnegal in Ireland!

    Will that toss the tea leafs in the tea pot of the tea party in next year’s election!

    Now I no longer need to refer to him as O’Bama of County Kenya !

  • K Rocchio

    In reviewing the Agenda for tomorrow night, I came across the information on Mapping the Road to Fiscal Recovery. In the documentation there are additional considerations listed eliminating 2 High School Assistant Principals ($260,000), 5 Elementary Counselors ($445,000) and a Parcel Tax Survey ($30,000). I’m not certain, but following this, it seems these reductions would balance out to roughly the same amount as closing Faith Ringgold. I’m not sure if these are additional reductions being proposed or if they are looking to swap these two items out. As a member of FITAG, I can assure you that no members of this group wanted to see any school closed. However, I can also tell you that I am ABSOLUTELY opposed to any further reductions in student services district-wide. If we again turn to making cuts impacting thousands of students, we have lost our focus. The objective of FITAG was to look at the big picture. The big picture here are the kids. What services and programs benefit the most number of students, impacting their every day learning experience. If anyone knows why these new reductions are appearing, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Ms. Rocchio,
    While I understand your reasoning and arguments for closing FR..I still must insist that you also look at the big picture from another angle. The reason that Charter schools have taken hold in districts, including HUSD, is that there were no options for parents or students..They must fit into those one size fits all boxes or risk academic and personal failure. I am here to tell you that my Gifted grandson’s experiences at the Charquin Program are what saved him once he was forced into the “box” in Milpitas, a district that consistantly outscores HUSD.

    His understanding of himself, his courage to challenge, his determination to succeed inspite of the “box” was developed and nurtured in the Charquin/Faith Ringgold philosophy. If HUSD had studied and implemented only half of what this methodology contains, many of the woes HUSD now experiences may have been eliminated. Budgetary slashes do not impede success. FR students and parents don’t recognize “can’ts” they constantly make lemonade out of the bitterest lemons.

  • John W. Kyle


    One wonders why FR was an idea not adopted by Castro Calley, San Lorenzeo, San Leandro, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Fremont, Union City or, Newark.

    Could it be that Hayward was the patsy for those students who arrived here, at Markham, from other districts. Why hasn’t Almreda County Supt. of Schools ‘instructed’ HUSD to continue the great effort?

  • K Rocchio

    Ms. Booth,
    I don’t mean to commend one service over another. I agree that, for those students that thrive under the programs offered at Faith Ringgold, this school is priceless. I definitely appreciate the value of charters and what they offer out community.
    My question is not whether or not FR offers a valid program, but why are we now looking at cutting yet another invaluable service from our students? Why elementary counselors? Is this to quiet the storm of parents and teachers? Is it to make additional savings should the tax extension not work out?
    The very advantages your grandson reaped from Charquin are the same things I am concerned about on a grand scale. Elementary school is a critical time in the development of our children. They are constantly facing challenges and circumstances often beyond their control. There are thousands of our students that do not fit into the “box” created in HUSD. These counselors are trained professionals that help our students deal with so many issues. I know you are aware of that the diversity of our community plays host to issues ranging from serious emotional to the most basic of physical needs. The counselors are there to help these students develop the skills to grow positive attitudes and offer crisis intervention. They foster a healthy learning environment in the most difficult situations. They offer resources that would often be unattainable to so many of our children. These children ALL deserve to know that they are OK and learn to have a healthy view of who they are and what they can be. The character development of these kids plays a key role in our academic environment and should not be under-valued. Counselors are an important part of a team of professionals serving our students.
    After many hours of meetings, I am aware that the reductions must come from somewhere. My main objective is to make sure that the needs of our students are the first thought when considering where these cuts hit. Like I said before, I am deeply opposed to any cuts that will affect this number of students on such an important level. I would hope that the parents of any student served by this program would be made aware that this consideration was before the Board. They too should have the opportunity to express their feelings on this reduction. I worry about last minute “substitutions” not allowing the community to voice their concerns equally. That is a problem for me. I know the whole squeaky wheel theory, so I guess I am just trying to squeak for those who may not have all of the information.

  • Ms.Rocchio,
    I truly appreciate your thoughts and concerns and they are ones that I have held for probably more years than you have been alive. Throughout the years I have advocated for the rights of all students to be afforded opportunities to thrive academically and socially. I hope that you did not think that I am a supporter of Charter Schools, for that is far from where I stand. Charter schools take from our students and do not enhance the welfare of our district.

    I think that the “new” proposed cuts are a smoke screen of some sort. I do not believe that the BOE will cut districtwide services that benefit students to save one small school, and I would not want that to happen. I simply was expressing why I believe that Faith Ringgold is an option that should be saved. I would never advocate saving the few at the expense of the many.

    Mr. Kyle,
    Your questions are as usual simply designed for you to attack and belittle any answer I might offer. Sorry but you will have to argue with yourself.

  • John W. Kyle


    As usual, you dodge the thought! You sp[eaqk of attacks against you……personally, or against yout argument?

    Or, are you guided that it must be the thought that mi response and enwuiry, is personal …. after all, how could you possibly be on the wrong side of an uissue ?

    Or, once again, is denial a substitue for logic?

  • Mr.kyle,
    Perhaps if you could find a typist to assist you it would be easier for readers to understand what it is you are trying to post.

    If you could simply argue against an opinion that would be acceptable. However, in my case you cannot resist throwing in your little personal jibes. I truly think that is because in many instances you cannot provide a logical, factual basis for your responses…so the best way to continue your discourse is to resort to innuendo, mis-statement of fact, misinformation, lies, name callling etc.

    I am so glad that you are in your senior years. God forbid if you were a teen and used the tactics that you employ on this blog, some unsuspecting young person would be the victim of your cyber-bullying. Instead you choose to strike at the adult world. You are a cyber-bully Mr. Kyle, who thinks that he will be forever protected by his 1st Amendment. I do not believe the tactics you, and others of your type, employ will escape legislation. Maybe not in your time, but your kind will be stopped.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, America will not be better off if the public is protected by legislation from reading what he says. That his scribblings appear to be bullying, hateful, racist, sexist, ageist, spiteful, unpleasant, ungrammatical, indifferently written, generally petulant and pedantic is no reason to look for and encourage censorship of his point of view, which is that of simply being a troll. We should celebrate the diversity of his speech and repudiate his speech when required. The thread of life that maintains his thread has a destiny that is already known.

  • Mr. moore,
    I am sorry but I completely disagree with you. No one has the right to proffer up personal information regarding another individual. No one has the right to step onto another’s property for the purpose of harassment. Whether you wish to accept it or not, the very same cyber-bullying acts that are done by teens to other teens are no different than what Mr. Kyle does on a regular basis to those he presumes to be adults…and they can have the very same devistating consequences.

    While I am still able to hold my own with this bully, there are others who may not be. They are prohibited from joining a blog about their city and mutual interests because they cannot tolerate the attacks of a John Kyle. They may very well be vunerable, shut ins who rely upon the internet to reach outside the confines of their homes. Fear of men like John Kyle and his vile postings results in their not participating. Is it a choice? I suppose it is, but is the bullying of a John Kyle something that should be sanctioned under the guise of free speech? I don’t think so and there are others who share my views.

    For every time he offers up something that may be considered as being worthwhile for thought, there are countless other postings that are designed to allow him to be all powerful over the timid, the weak and the fearful. There is no excuse for him…I and others do not wish to wait until he meets his maker for John Kyle to have his “Come to Jesus” moment.

    Mr. Kyle cannot silence me…to offer up silence is to condone what he does.

  • John W. Kyle

    Ms, Booth;

    Had you taken the time to read #3 ABOVE you might have come to a better understanding of the possibly lost opportunity to resolve the budget problem in it’s entirety. It is however not to late to take effective actions.

    When it really matters that I get a point across I lay a foundation and construct the matter from bottom up.

    Closure of FR provides opportunity to partially resolve our budget problem in the immediate future and see that solution aid resolve of the greater problem about 10 years distant from present time, assuming that action is immediate after the closure of Faith Ringold. If the students enjoying what ever is good about FR, then it becomes the responsibility of the County Supt. Of Schools and the board members of that institution to take the needed actions.

    In the meantime read the well written submission, painfully written at night, ( to the distress of the glaucoma condition etc,) and with use of spell check corrected to a grammatically correct, detailed submission of some directions or steps to be taken by HUSD Trustees. It is important to note that last year after the painfully poor quality of the lease to that Charter School lease involving the Darwin site was brought to the attention of the Trustees, Supt Duran publicly spoke to the need for closer management skill application to of the Districts properties.

    I had conversation with Mr. Armas shortly after the lease was signed and he agreed that HUSD sort of ‘blew it’ in that transaction. The previous team of Vigil and watz ‘is name
    had received copies and plans as well as recent site photos taken from a long ago, appraisal undertaken by me and involving a multi-unit residential structure which I though thought might well work… on the Darwin site. They refused to list the property, for purpose solely intended to attract ’offers’ since it might have meant inability to meet Mayor Sweeney’s thought that they combine their separate needs for a new kitchen. HUSD for the current lunch program and Sweeney for his envisioned construction of a new kitchen dedicated to the Meals on Wheels program. Both of which were good but involved procrastination on the part of the County which created Meals on Wheels.

    Mr. Armas, went on to describe some of his thoughts on future management of HUSD’s real estate holdings. The man’s mind is a jewel quite shiny on the present HUSD Board of Trustees.

    I did not disclose that to you when you went on one of your trips of fantasy to suggest moving administration from it’s present quarters to Sunset High. Nobody attacked you on that suggestion although I recall making an attempt to address your suggestion on the basis of the fact that such a move would not only be economically unfeasible but impose logistical problems, even if there was space at Sunset…. Which is not the case.

    Well read readers of the blog, know your reaction to what was a logical reply by myself. Zip ! Zero! You do not accept reason if it is contrary to what you think, even in matters about which you know nothing.

    I again urge upon you a read of # 3 above. Further I challenge you to tell me why it ( # 3 ) is unacceptable, using logic rather than your obvious emotional input, which never solves anything.

    Now, I have taken the time to use a word program to soften your next, (highly improbable,) response) ! I do not expect that # 3 will change your mind on the closure of FR. Hopefully, others might see it as decent attempt to dispel, at least to some extent, your personal but rather venial attacks upon my motives, character or intentions. In final analysis those poor aspersions directed to me in your scribbles, harm yourself rather than me.

    On the subject of Oh Gee # 3… do what you will with it! Another $1,000,000 settlement by BART to Momma G. comes out of BART Fares to which expense I do not expose myself. The feet on the seat or ‘Picnic’ on the seat, attitude by many riders, turns me off however. my wife uses it on rare occasions to meet her sister and sister in law when visiting in Walnut Creek or Pleasanton for their sporadic shopping trips to sites well away from central Alameda County retail areas.

    Be good, give all a report on your husband’s desired recovery and pass regards to members of LANGIA who are part of your local circle.

    Finally, I am not a trespasser except in that one instance when THAT family vacated the home which they rented. In that instance, had you been able to read and discern factots whih seriously affect your home’s value as well as my own, the front edoor was hanging by a loose hinge, Yes I wnet in! It waqs done foe the purpose of alerting the indicated owner that his propety was in dire straits abd that neighborgood values were being seriously affected,,,,, which includes your own domicile lady! You might thank me for that effort.

    Oh, Why would I attempt to silennce you…. I do not conciously indulge in ‘mental masturbation’ ….. although your silence would be appreciated…. it is beyond my poor talents or even nmy desire. Giving you enough rope to do the job yourself is as simple as letting time pass.

  • Once a bully always a bully John Kyle. I have no local circle and I do not know who or what LANGIA is. Once again you assume and presume to know so much about me and mine. There is room for disagreement on this blog, there is not room for your nasty swipes at people.

    The only thanks you will ever get from me will be when you admit that you have over-stepped the bounds of decency in your efforts to discredit people who do not follow you lock step. Unlike you it is not important to me to control the actions or thoughts of others. I simply express my opinion, provide facts when possible, offer suggestions and as politely as possible disagree when I am moved to do so.

  • K Rocchio

    Ms. Booth,
    Thank you for your respectful exchange regarding my post. These are the reasons I still occasionally visit this blog. I enjoy being able to share my concerns as well as get the viewpoint of others in a courteous and well spoken venue. While we may not always agree, I value your experiences and insight into these types of situations. It is always beneficial to hear someone share their perspective. Thanks!

  • Ms. Rocchio,
    I appreciate your passion for children, education, and equal opportunity for all. I think it is something that we have in common, regardless of whether we agree on every subject or not.

    If fate is in our corner tonight, we will see Faith Ringgold saved without any “take aways” from student services for students. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, the law provides you with a vast array of legal remedies for the behavior that you have noted. You need only retain the counsel and you will find that he will be adequately restrained, or broken financially. Greater laws protecting you are not needed, in my opinion. Providence has already prepared a spot in any event that awaits those folks, regardless of your actions. Providence does not care about the belief system as Purgatory awaits under all circumstances. In his case he cannot type or talk his way out.

  • legal representation is a costly choice…I thank you for your suggestion. If it is the case that legislation should not be an answer to the John Kyles of the world then would you say that teens do not need protection from cyber-bullies? Or is it that adults aren’t vunerable??

  • John W. Kyle

    Mrs, Booth;

    Since you refuse to read abd logically rebutt item # 3 sbove but instead resort to cheap shots which are lack-ing in logic and which are seen by some as a self inflicted wounds upon your own reputation, I dismiss you from further personal thought,

    You simply are not worth offering further ideas, suggestions nor thoughts by me!

    Suggest you spend more if yourself in dealing with Larry’s illness. It is quite serious as he himself described it to me when I found him at his job using oxygenduring the course of his workday.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, the civil courts and existing law provide generous remedies that will work to your advantage to eliminate the pain inflicted by such as he. There are many fine attorneys that would be happy to encumber his estate and restrict him. You should consider such.

    As for cyber bullies for the young, I suspect that the parental responsibilities are not as engaged as they should be. Being a teenager, while some time ago for me, is recalled vividly and without fondness. I was not bullied, nor was I a bully. It is just a miserable time of life.

    Vulnerable people are vulnerable. They need professional help and should be encouraged to seek it out. The world does not need more and restrictive laws. IMHO if you are being cyberbullied, do not log on to the web, gain a new id, and start all over. Drop the bullies like a hot rock.

  • John W. Kyle


    Now there is a pair… Moore and Booth’

    Moore Incites Booth who is under mental stress….
    Moore will hold her coat while she attacks the bully with wild figments of her imagination as the weapon of choice.

    Do I detect moral bankruptcy permeating the blog?


  • Mr. Moore,
    So he wins.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, you can either use the courts or not fight. Both are victories.