Career opportunities at HUSD

Hayward Unified is easily the most popular subject of discussion here at the HayWord. Anyone with a desire to stop talking about the district and start talking for it has just such an opportunity: a colleague of mine pointed out that  Hayward Unified is looking to ramp up its public relations staff, what with the following job postings. This one is for the PIO/Community Outreach Officer. This one seems redundant, maybe it’s the same post, but  it’s for a Public Information Liaison.  Here is one for a Lead Publications Assistant.

Eric Kurhi

  • Monica Ruiz

    The district probably already has some one lined up for this position.

  • Teresa Conti

    Monica, you mean the district is not going to spend 30,000 on a brochure and post the position far and wide? This really sounds bad, but I too believe they have someone in mind. which brings up the issue: how to they get the one they want, and do it legally?
    This is a big issue in federal jobs as well, because if the position is not appointed, then they are supposed to offer it to the top guy on the rating scale, which is often usually not the intended candidate. Then they have to ask people to turn down the job or not file a complaint about their non-selection. At least in the public sector you can’t get pointed out by military which their are alot of these days.

  • Teresa Conti

    Now that I think about it some more, whey is the district creating new positions in admin when they just tried to close schools and are laying off teachers? Is the work so burdensome we need these positions?

    Also, this really sounds like instead of fixing schools, they want us to believe they are now fixed. I think a big problem still with the school district is they do not really want to admit just how bad and dangerous going to and coming home from school can be, not to mention problems at school. My son had several problems that nothing was done about until I went down and yelled. Not every kid has parents who can yell and get that 1/40 attention focused where it needs to be. Worse, you have collections of kids who are mad at the world because it has not given them a living.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Supt. Duran called, tells me they aren’t administrative positions, funded through Americorps.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Teresa, I believe it’s the top three if it’s a classified position. So it doesn’t matter if you’re number one they can pick from the top three. This was the selection process in the 90’s.