Statements re: Missing nursing student Michelle Le

michelleleShe’s in our thoughts and hopes. Here’s the latest story on the family’s efforts to expedite the investigation into the disappearance of their loved one. Find the family’s website here.  Here’s the story on Friday’s rally. Below are statements released on Sunday. Thoughts?

From family spokesperson Krystine Dinh: “Following Michelle’s vigil Friday, our efforts toward bringing Michelle home have been reinvigorated by the hundreds of supporters in attendance. Though we continue to stay positive and optimistic for her return, we need more resources and personnel with the highest priority to analyze the evidence to bring her home quickly. Currently, we only have family members, friends and volunteers helping us with media collaboration, search parties, and case updates.

Our family believes the Hayward Police Department is not adequately staffed and do not have enough personnel to work on a missing person case. We have been assured they have personnel working ‘around the clock’, yet only six personnel are assigned to the team, and of those, three recently went on vacation. We have also been assigned a new public affairs officer. Shockingly, the supervising investigator for Michelle’s case told our family they do not have much experience working missing persons cases. As an example, her apartment was not searched until Tuesday, 4 days after her disappearance, and whatever evidence they recovered from her car will take a month to process. The Hayward Police Department did put pressure on the lab to get it expedited, but even then it will take two weeks before any results come back. Though the FBI received her computers early in the week, they did not receive her cell phone records until Thursday. We believe that if personnel experienced in missing persons cases were assigned a lead role, evidence (like her cell phone records) would be analyzed expeditiously, and we would also see her picture and information posted on the FBI’s website under the Missing Persons link.

Further, we have not been given regular updates. At times, we have had to pull information from the Police; even now we have to wait through the weekend to receive our next update, which will be in the form of a public address, not directed personally to our family. We understand the importance of not compromising the investigation, as well as the importance of procedure. However, it fails to inspire confidence in their performance when they report to the media they have no new leads and have to wait for evidence analysis more than one week later.

We are asking the FBI to assume a lead role in the search for Michelle by providing personnel with experience in missing persons to the investigating team, and giving the evidence analysis the high priority to bring Michelle home.

Not only are our combined efforts gaining national attention, our grassroots efforts have garnered over 62,000 supporters on Facebook alone. We continually thank Michelle’s loved ones, the public, the community and the press for their efforts, and we hope to get some answers to everyone soon.”

Hayward police Lt. Roger Keener responds: The search for Michelle Le has been a trying and exhaustive effort for her family, her friends, and the many investigative personnel  who have worked on finding Michelle since she disappeared. Fueling the intensity of this investigation from the beginning has been the sincere hope from everyone involved that Michelle would be found and the case would conclude with a positive outcome.

We fully understand that Michelle’s family is very concerned and anxious for answers — anything that would help bring Michelle home. We have spent several hours throughout the past week meeting with the family and we share in their frustration that Michelle’s whereabouts are still not known. We are investigating several leads in the case, many of which we have been unable to release publicly so as to not jeopardize our efforts in locating Michelle.

We will not rest until Michelle’s disappearance is solved. Investigators have been working this case around the clock since the disappearance. We can also confirm that the FBI has in fact been involved with this case since it began last Saturday, and continues to support us in our investigation. The analysis of forensic evidence has in no way hampered or slowed the investigation. To the contrary, the evidence has provided us with considerable leads in the case.
We anticipate the possibility of providing a more detailed update on where we are with the case, most likely tomorrow afternoon.

FBI statement: “We have been in constant contact with the Hayward Police since the onset of their investigation.  We are working closely with them and we have made every appropriate resource available to them.”

Eric Kurhi

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    Regarding this evening’s sad news, I am wondering why Kaiser Hayward has not made one comment to date regarding this event. Regardless whether this was random or targeted, Kaiser should have stepped up to the plate with a promise to make the parking lot more secure for students and staff.Some articles have commented that this particular parking lot has major security concerns. Shame on Kaiser for being totally silent.

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    There is something not being considered in this disappearance, Subliminal Distraction exposure. It may or may not be involved. Discovered when it caused a mental break for office workers forty years ago the cubicle was designed to stop it in offices by 1968.

    The hospital would be aware of it as ICU Psychosis. One in three people who spend more than five days in a hospital intensive care unit has this mental break. Most recover after they leave the ICU. Hospitals ignorantly blame too much stimulation in the ICU. Different levels of Subliminal Distraction exposure for students incorrectly using computers can cause longer episodes.

    Le was a high achieving student in an intensive college program with a laptop computer.

    There is a long list of these students who vanish on a moments notice. Remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Justin Gains, Josh Guimond,and recently Nick Coppola. As you see most were athletic males. Different amounts of evidence exists for each case. Brian Shaffer was on video alone before he vanished. Nick Coppola has a longer story. But he was in police custody, released, then vanished alone. His activities indicate he was in a confused state.

    This problem should have been eliminated before anything else. If Le is a Dissociative Fugue victim not only might she have been an easy crime or fatal accident victim but if she survived the onset of the mental break Subliminal Distraction is known to cause she could be anywhere she could travel with out a passport.

    Students who disappeared like this have been recovered alive after different lengths of time from a few days to over eight months.

    Visit the Missing Students page on my site. The “Letters” page is a simple presentation of the unrealized history of these mental breaks and my nine year investigation methodology.

    I am interested in contacting and interviewing her roommates and family to ask about activities that would have allowed this mental event to happen. There is a contact Researcher link on the site, VisionAndPsychosis.Net.