HUSD Supt. Duran leaving… for Newark

As reported by our Newark reporter, Janis Duran isn’t going back to retirement in New Mexico after all. She’s bouncing south a few districts to serve as the interim superintendent in Newark, a district that has recently lost a lot of top spots and is looking for stability, even if it’s on an interim basis.

For a refresher, find the text of the January story when she announced she was leaving HUSD after the jump.

 HAYWARD — Janis Duran, who took the helm of Hayward Unified School District one year ago, will resign as superintendent after the school year ends in June.

Duran said she is leaving for personal reasons and her decision had nothing to do with the new makeup of the school board or matters related to the district.

“I had my mind made up in October, ” she said. “I need to go home. I’m retired — I’ve been retired for eight years and stayed at home for three. I was in Oxnard (as interim superintendent) before Hayward. It’s time to be retired for a while with my husband.”

After arriving in January 2010, Duran wrote up a plan aimed at improving academics, leadership and safety in schools, as well as make the district more fiscally sound.

She said that while not all of her goals have been realized, the district has “made amazing progress.” “Definitely in terms of fiscal recovery, although we definitely also have a long way to go on that, ” she said.

She added that “we have established very good leadership at school sites, hopefully they’ll stay and continue to be in Hayward.”

Before she leaves, she plans to have an assessment done on the district’s assets — in particular the land it owns — to analyze potential sources of revenue.

School board President Lisa Brunner said Duran has “overall been good for the district.”

“By the time our last superintendent left, everyone was fed up and had no faith in the district whatsoever, ” she said. “At this point, everyone has hope that it will get better, and it has gotten better.”

While the board has yet to discuss the methodology for finding a new superintendent, Brunner was confident it would involve a search and selection process rather than an appointment. She did not know whether the previous search — which was aborted with Duran’s appointment in July — could be resumed.

Duran’s two-year contract included a clause that stated it could be terminated by either the superintendent or the district with 30 days notice, with no buyout option.

Duran’s salary is $229,500 a year, with no medical or retirement benefits. Former Superintendent Dale Vigil’s gross pay in 2009 was $235,135.

Duran is a former superintendent of San Lorenzo schools who served as interim head of Hayward Unified for 18 months starting in 2004.

Eric Kurhi

  • Is anyone surprised?

  • Michael Moore

    No, not at all. My question to you is why do you talk to him? There is no reason for it. Ignore him.

  • Excuse me Michael, to whom are you referring? My comment was about Ms. Duran and her latest gig.

  • Justwatching

    So much for the retirement speech she made in January. I wish her all the best

  • John W. Kyle

    All: As to # 2 above.

    Has anyone noticed that Moore excels at inciting others?

    I have yet to notice Moore taking active part in any ‘ad hoc’ group, task force or commission which involved either the City of Hayward or HUSD.

    Moore does undertake what might be interpreted as ‘advance work’ in a desire for public office. I refer to his frequent, ostentatious praise for Mr. Kurhi’s effort at covering City and School District.

    Kurhi’s efforts need no praise. From what I understand of the newspaper business, if Mr. Kurhi’s efforts were unsatisfactory, his employers would dump him in a hot minute!

    Incredible as it might seem, I suspect Moore thinks of himself as either a future member of City Council or possessor of a seat at HUSD’s Board of Trustees. Thus the need to curry favor with Kurhi. If true, it is a bit presumptuous on Moore’s part! I think Kurhi to be bright enough to recognize the approach of a fawner.

    Moore will need to practice a bit more on the playfield of volunteerism either in the City or at HUSD. He would not win at City council if his not too far distant in the past, attack upon Mr. Quirk is all that he has to offer.

  • John W. Kyle


    As to #1 & #4 above.

    On two occasions, Ms. Duran came out of retirement to aid HUSD. My memory suggests that while a member of HUSD Board of Trustees, Ms. Booth’s husband had a hand in hiring Ms. Duran on the first occasion of her coming to the aid of HUSD.

    But now we see Mrs. Booth taking a limited swipe at Duran’s character. Just as if she, Kathy Booth, was free of defect!

    No’ Mrs Booth, I am not surprised! I think the Lady to be a ‘work- a- holic’ if you will permit that description as an expression of zeal for education. She appears to be blessed with a husband who is willing to make an adjustment in retirement plans; I suspect the man blessed with insight and possible recognition of the fact that the finger of the Lord has pushed Ms. Duran into a situation where we in HUSD might then freely observe and recognize our collective faults.

    True talent and belief, even if occasionally discouraged, (as appears to be the case in her most recent appearances and experience at HUSD,) IS NEVER SATISFIED WITH STATUS QUO, ESPECIALLY IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION.

    Was it Abe Lincoln who said…” it is wiser to remain silent and be thought of as the fool, rather than speak up and remove all doubt!” ?

    Me. Booth, you will be well advised if you refrain from further comment about this event.

  • qodrn

    Ms. Duran gets more jobs by retiring than any person I have ever seen. Does HUSD have a new leader yet?
    Where is Faith Rinegold moving to?

  • Excuse me Mr. Kyle, my husband was not on the BOE when Ms. Duran was hired. Once again you are mistaken…or is it just outright ignorant. The rest of your posting is just more of the same.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, my apologies for the misdirection. I was commenting on your response to John Kyle. It was not intentional. I ignore him. I think if you honestly feel he has something to contribute great.

  • I don’t think he has anything to contribute, and I am going to try desperately to ignore his inane comments about me. However, when he puts out complete misinformation I will continue to correct him. I do not want people to actually think he has a handle on all that has gone down in Hayward or HUSD over the last 30 years…because he doesn’t. Thank you Michael for your continued contributions to the blog. I find them very stimulating, and thank you for your advice and support of my efforts.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I believe that the readers and others can tell the truth, just in the reading. I believe that shunning is the correct response. Without nurture the seed will whither and die.

  • John W. Kyle






    GOOD LUCK WITH THE PORTABLES AT BIDWELL…. IF SUCH CAN BE FOUND WITHOUT AROUSING THE IRE OF THE lADIES OF Fairway Park…. who are located in Hayward but are included in the Union City School District!

    In the mean time HUSd is alert to past failures of Teal EWsytate Management6 aas has recently occutrred in the disaterous lease to the Charter School at Darwin Site.

    Disteraous because of the damaging affect upon the remainder parcel of the old Darwin Site upon which sits HUSD’s violation of zoning law (as seen with the presence ofidudtrial kitchen at which the HUSD Lunch program is founded.)

  • qodrn

    The agenda for the next HUSD meeting is over 400 pages long. Good heavens.

    While the district still insists it would save 700,000 if Faith Ringgold was closed, it seems moving the school costs $36,000+. The district can’t find a school to move it too without incurring more penalties to the ADA. I still don’t see how moving over 100 isn’t going to add teachers somewhere, but so be it. Also to keep the grant the school has, it needs to be at a separate school. So, to sum up, Faith Riengold will stay at Markem in a contained area of the school, allowing the rest of the school to be rented if possible. The district will save some money by downgrading the principal position again to .5 time, which it had before.

    The question remains: Why is the district so afraid to grow this alterntive school?

    All of the possible answers to this question put the district in a poor light. Sigh.

    On the whole, this schoool draws students from other districts here, and keeps students in the district who might go private or charter. What I don’t understand is why the district continues to try to deny this.

  • qodrn

    For fun: If you have seen the AT&T commercial about the snack foods waiting in the DMV lobby, which snack food is injured, and how do we know this?

  • John W. Kyle


    Perhaps yopu ought read my letter to HUSD Trustees dayted early in June; no direcr response was made from the Bioard although syrely they myust have reasd the letter.

    Pop over to the office and ask them to let you read it…. the law says they must!

    What ever you do after reading thie letter…do not tell the tale to K.B. she will not approve of the letter content nor anyone whoc acceopts the idea found in the letter.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Mrs. Booth,

    Any news regarding the Supt. search?

    Thank you!

  • Lucy’s Mom,
    They were not satisfied with those they had screened so the search continues. Evidently Newark Unified either hired a superintendent or they could not come to terms with Ms. Duran on an interim salary so she is remaining in HUSD until they hire somebody permanent. I hope that the search does not drag on much longer. This district needs to have new blood, new vision and new dedication to being open and honest with the community. It is time for HUSD to have action rather than impressive powerpoint presentations that do not reflect what is really happening with our children.

  • Michael Moore

    The Superintendant, Board of Trustees and the Hayward teacher’s union all need to learn to play nice with each other. Until that time, there will be nothing that works. Incidentally this is not a new problem, it goes back to the days of active segregation in Hayward.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Thank you Mrs. Booth.

    I understand the Associate Supt. position that was not filled when Ms. Quinn retired has finally being filled, I did not catch the name, but there is someone there now. I am hopeful this person looks at performance, not friendship/favorites and get in place the leaders we need at school sites and the district office. I look forward to meeting the associate supt.,when my children’ school receives such a visit.
    Wow, now I will have “children”, not just my Lucy as a HUSD student. I’s exciting and concerning given the tough economic times ahead of us.
    So, the search continues, time is running out! I hope the board, set their own agendas aside, think of ALL students and hire a Supt. based on his or her qualifications.
    Thank you for the update, and please continue to keep us informed.

  • John W. Kyle


    At # 18 above, we again see profundity by the master of opinions involving HUSD, City of Hayward. Downtown, Council membership etc. etc.

    Has he ever contributed thought, or time, to analysis of specific problems involving apprciab+le time in personal particiaption at task force or ad hoc assemblies of City or School District?

  • Teachermama

    I was surprised to see the associate superintendent position filled. I thought that the district had eliminated that position to save money, and had distributed the responsibilities to Ms. Salinas and Ms. Wu Fernandez (with a raise for each). Perhaps I have my info. wrong? I didn’t see the contract in the agenda. Does anyone know how much this person will be paid? Thanks in advance for any and all corrections and additions.

  • Teachermama,
    You are correct, that position was eliminated last year, with the explanation that Salinas and Fernandez could and would pick up the slack. I have not seen any contract for this new position. I do believe that if HUSD has chosen to resurect that position then Ms. Salinas and Ms. Fernandez should take a cut in salary..Want to bet that won’t happen?

    Much was done over the month of June in closed session so who knows what decisions were made. It is my understanding this person who is now the associate sup. was one of the rejected candidates for the position of superintendent, this is not absolute fact but I think my source is very reliable.

  • Teachermama

    Thank you for the info, Kathy. This smells fishy. Hardly the time to be adding a position in the D.O.

  • watchdog

    I agree, the D.O smells fishy, time to clean out the aquarium and reduce the amount of fish.

  • Teachermama

    Grrr…the district website is such a mess. I can’t find the calendar of board meetings for 2011-2012. There are no agendas posted beyond July 1. I can’t watch the videos anymore, which means now I will have to surrender my wednesday nights to channel 15. Then there are all these weird sidebars that a professional website just shouldn’t have: “hidden section 1”, “hidden section 2”. I remember when supt. Duran announced the new website with much fanfare, anticipating an upgraded site for free. So did those web designers quit after re-doing the main page or is it a case of you get what you pay for? I am sure that the high school students could do a better job! If any of you are more adept at navigating the district’s website, please let me know where the calendar and agenda for the next board meeting is. Thank you!

  • I can’t find them either..every time I try to access the board’s portion of the HUSD site something has changed. I think it is purposful confusion. I thought there was a board meeting next week or on the 20th. I guess they don’t think anybody cares to know in advance of a meeting. Maybe Eric knows.