Hayward spares arts, culture, 211 programs

There were some tough cuts to be made this year, and there will be more down the line, but the City Council opted to save funding for popular arts and culture programs — things like the Sun Gallery, Hayward Arts Council, Hayward Municipal Band, Russell City Blues Festival — in their budget meeting on Tuesday.

We reported earlier this year that those programs were in jeopardy due to threatened redevelopment funding take. Here’s a story on the latest incarnation of that, as passed by legislature. And here’s the pre-budget meeting story that has a little more information about why the city’sĀ financial situation is what it is. Find the city’s budget presentation PowerPoint here. Other materials can be found on the agenda page here.

While the 211 dial up service was spared, other social service programs took a 17 percent hit. That figure came from an earlier estimate of how much the General Fund would have to be cut, but City Manager Fran David said since then, it has become clear that the situation is more dire. But, she added, cutting further into social services at this time would be no more fair than hitting up city employees now for the estimated 25 to 33 percent in concessions that may be required to stay in the black down the line. The city’s target with the unions is 23 percent over the next three years.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Well, the cafeteria attacking senior class from Leadership High graduated tonight at the Cal State amphitheater. After all the hype, most kids went to the prom, went to Disneyland and the ceremony was not reduced in scope. Other punishments were merited out, however. Good luck, clas of ’11. (They may really need it). Yay, jeffy.

  • Monica Ruiz

    Thanks for the 211 information. I didn’t even know this service existed.

  • Sherry Blair

    Here’s Bill Gate’s TED talk that might be of interest regarding the state budget:


  • Sherry Blair

    I don’t know how I did that!!!

  • Michael Moore

    Sherry, the link is fine and is well worth devoting 10.16 minutes to listening. The key note to me is that 4 states: Alaska, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming are not in deficit. The other 46 are. The part that is disappointing is that the investment by the Federal government in these 4 states is huge and it is their energy reserves, active oil, liquid natural gas, coal reserves and active coal mining that drive their deficits. I am not sure why Gates left that off his message. The balance of it is very good and everyone should give it a listen.

  • qodrn

    Cities and government have a tendancy to cut to a minimum level. Never less go beyond and then we could scale it back. So, they are always either in the hole or just making it.
    Government needs to stop funding any more programs for life. I think it is great that our government funds as many things as it does. However, in the future these programs should only be a one time limited run that those using them would be aware of. I think this is better than going up an down like now. I think this would lessen the feeling that only some of us are only taking handouts and would put more emphasis on not relying on government.
    There is a real question here about who is responsible for raising children and taking care of the elderly. Is it the government or is it the family?

  • Unfortunately sometimes there is no family for either the elderly or the children. While I am not super religious, I do believe in the idea of “being our brother’s keepers”.

  • Sherry Blair

    I believe that in place of expensive government programs, the government could facilitate establishing self-help neighborhood cooperatives that would allow for shared resources without dependency. That is essentially what a functional family is. When the government takes the attitude that the people are not capable of solving their own problems and experts must be hired it gets very expensive!