Alameda County Grand Jury report on HUSD

UPDATE, story ran today.

Back from vacation, found this in my inbox. The Hayward Unified┬áreport begins on page 159. The Alameda County Grand Jury received numerous complaints about the district, at first because of the contentious behavior of board members and the process by which a new superintendent was selected. Bottom line: Grand Jury concluded that there wasn’t anything wrong with the supt. appointment and the board’s behavior has improved after new members came on board and training sessions were held, but expressed serious concerns about HUSD’s fiscal management. They made two recommendations:

Recommendation 11-53: The Hayward Unified School District Board of Education must implement the fiscal advice they are receiving in order to prevent relapse into financial insolvency.

Recommendation 11-54: The Hayward Unified School District Board of Education must prepare an array of budget scenarios and adopt a realistic balanced budget, including required financial reserves.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    This is a cool report. The grand jury member from Hayward is named “Goodenough”. I had a next door neighbor on the jury once, now I really see what they do.

    What is this “expensive” prep requirement that other districts don’t have that Hayward does?

    Report shows only 8 percent white folks in district. Wow.

  • Michael Moore


    Thank you for passing on the AC Grand Jury Report. They appear to have done a good job.

  • Too bad they did not see fit to respond to complaints regarding consistant violations of the Brown Act. I am glad that they at least looked at the finances.

  • After 45 days in the hospital and many touch and go situations, my husband received his lung transplant and is coming home sometime today.

  • Teachermama

    Mazel tov, Kathy! That’s fantastic!

  • Michael Moore

    Good news indeed Kathy. Congratulations and blessings. Prayer works wonders.

    I believe the the Alameda Grand Jury did investigate the allegations of the Brown Act and did not find any.

  • Lucy’s Mom

    Mrs. Booth,

    Wonderful news. I wish him a speedy recovery!

  • qodrn

    Congratulations. Having two working lungs is a real life improver.

  • watchdog

    So why aren’t we addressing the issue of this article?

  • qodrn

    Watchdog, because the HUSD is not very good at cutting. They seem to cut things that affect children first, them look at administration (which is very heavy here and used to be worse) and other issues. Can anyone explain what is going on with the prep periods? Are they really higher than other districts or are they really needed? Thanks.

  • watchdog

    So what’s going on at Winton with our tax dollars?