Meet your new police chief, w/2 ‘dos!

'Do up!

'Do up!

So it looks like the Daily Review story about the hiring of Diane Urban, the city’s new police chief, didn’t land on the website but you can find it after the jump. It’s very similar to the Merc version, but with more Hayward info added and a bunch of stuff chopped out because of limited space in the paper. Read both for maximum effect, and add to that the  in-depth Merc profile on Urban from November when she was a candidate for San Jose’s top cop post.

Highlights: In addition to her 25-year career with the San Jose Police Department — which included being the first female member of its SWAT team and serving in a host of different capacities up to her last post as assistant chief — Urban has been a horsewoman for life, went to Cal State

'Do down!

'Do down!

Hayward and can throw the discus better than you.

And since they sent me two photos of Urban, in uniform and civilian duds, I figured I’d share those as well. Here’s the Review story:








HAYWARD — San Jose Assistant Police Chief Diane Urban, a 25-year veteran of the department and daughter of a former Los Angeles police officer, on Thursday was named Hayward’s new police chief.

Her promotion makes Urban the eighth female police chief in the Bay Area — and the 23rd in the state. San Leandro named Sandra Spagnoli to the top cop spot earlier this year.

“I’ve spent my whole life preparing for this opportunity,” said Urban, 47.

She will take command of the 190-officer Hayward force Aug. 8, replacing Chief Ron Ace, who announced his retirement earlier this year.

Hayward City Manager Fran David said they had more than 30 candidates apply for the position.

“We had four different interview groups with panels, and she consistently came through right at the top,” David said. “She has immense experience through all aspects of law enforcement, and experience with technology, which is very important.”

She added that Urban meshes well with Hayward’s goal of having a force that’s aware of community concerns.

“She is very empathetic to the community,” David said. “She understands the service aspect of policing.”

Urban becomes Hayward’s first female police chief in a department that settled a class-action sexual harassment lawsuit for $5 million in 2009.

That suit stemmed from the complaints of 14 women who said they were subjected to such harassment as far back as 1982 and as recently as 2007.

“I think there has been a change that has occurred in the department over the last four our five years,” David said. “Our folks are very professional and they will respond to a qualified chief just as they did to Chief (Ron) Ace.”

Urban was born in Los Angeles, raised in Eugene, Ore., and earned a criminal justice bachelor’s degree from Cal State East Bay and a master’s degree in applied social science from Boston University. A lifelong avid equestrian, she is also a former discus champion who nearly made the Olympic team in 1984.

Her base pay in San Jose is $181,790, and she will make just above $200,000 in Hayward.





Eric Kurhi

  • Sherry Blair

    Congratulations and welcome to the new chief!

  • Michael Moore

    Welcome to Hayward, Chief Urban. I suspect that you are well acquainted with Chief Spagnoli in San Leandro. Welcome aboard.

  • John W. Kyle


    New Chief gets pension after 25 years with San Jose Dept. Now she attempts to earn another after how many years at Hayward?

    Took a page fromn the experuience of San Jose’s Chief… about six or seven years ago, who retired from SSDan Jose to take the top job at San Diego…. just a recolledction of memory but it seems he was raking in domething in excess fo $550,000 a yewar when combining his pension from San Jose with new attempt at another pemsion in San Diego……..

    something for the Tea Party to munch on ??

  • Sherry Blair

    Is it true?

  • As far as I know if the new chief was vested in retirement from San Jose, she keeps that pension/retirement and a new one starts in Hayward. Many public employees such as police chiefs and fire chiefs and educators do thisd. Makes for a hefty fund for their “golden years”.

  • qodrn

    Why do you think that Duran keeps unretiring? Money, money, money.

  • qodrn

    Now we need to find out if the board members who voted in this paragon knew about her past record in San Francisco. I would personally not voted for someone with that kind of a past. Does this not all sound familiar?

  • qodrn

    Is Marvin Foxworthy still available? I liked him…

  • Lucy’s Mom

    I hope such administrator is aware we went through that type of spending behavior with Kowal; we will not stand for it again.
    Professional developments in HUSD take place either at the SIAC building, DO, or ACOE. Zorbas and the Naked Fish are gone, Taco Bell, Jack in the Box and other fast food places are nearby, no fancy lunch, or traveling out of Hayward around here.
    Parents, teachers, and board members need to stay alert.
    This individual was hire to improve student achievement; let’s hope it get’s done.
    This does not look good and we are only in the middle of Summer break…
    When does the public find out how this hiring is cost neutral?

  • John W. Kyle


    sonewhere in this sudden rash of contributions you wanted understanding of what WAS GOING ON AT wUINTON aVE.. I ASSUMNE THAT YOU MEANT WINTON AND HESPERIAN


    Are you referring to West Winton at Hesperian? If that is what you are concerned about then become aware of our simple minded administration’s need for a project. It does not matter what the project is, just so long as it originates in the minds of our wonder kinder of the ‘administration’.

    This particular project is a simple destruction of a local businessman’s service station which offers some repair opportunity as well as the usual snack bar etc.

    City can not afford to ‘take the entire corner’ so all it is willing to do, is to impair access and opportunity for fuel sales…. Just a ‘little bit’

    WE. ( in the ‘royal’ use of that word,) have to do this in order to aid access by trucks to our regional employment powerhouse, south of W. Winton and westerly of Clawiter and Industrial Blvd but north of Rte 92. This ‘need’ may have been accelerated by the Federal Aviation Agency’s ‘need to move’ Hayward Airport’s long runway ( 28 L) about 500 feet North/ westerly. In other words clip off 500 feet away from the end nearest W. Winton and move it (the runway) closer to the golf course and San Lorenzo Village. That movement of the runway is done in order to enable use of HWD by a new business jet design that has a landing speed of 143 miles per hour, thus a longer and lower angle of approach. That problem screws up the long planned extension of West A, alongside the golf course to reach a connection with Corsair Blvd. A tunnel under the runway is out of the question due to the fact that the water table, this close to SF bay presents a problem when locating a depressed roadbed under the runway. Water pumps would be runmning cionstantly so that the road bed would not become boyant (Float).

    Not considered by the Council, due to an illness called “feet in concrete-itis”, is any thought of constructing a north bound ‘off ramp’ at Industrial Parkway. / Industrial Blvd over-crossing which has ramps at I-80 but none over Hesperian where we find the Costco Store and a beautiful road to an exemplary overpass at Rte 92 freeway with it’s opportunity to serve industry south of 92 but also reach Clawiter from Depot Rd and if desired, the Highway 92 interchange at Clawiter Rd.

    ‘They’ ( City staff and Council), totally refused to close W. Winton To truck traffic which would have then compelled trucks to use the two existing and one more which is proposed at the Southern end of Whitsell . Whitsell is proposed to be developed into a four lane arterial joined with Cabot Blvd to aid additional industrial and/or arehouse development on Hayward’s West Side, north of Rte 92.

    So a third interchange on 92 which provides easier access for trucks will suggest closure of W. Winton to trucks thus making it easier for Southland Mall Access and better success than it presently enjoys. Right ?

    Oh ! Want to make a bet? Remember this is Hayward the City with no juice at Sacramento. The doormat of the Bay with a totally unfair number of parolees living in Oakland and Hayward because it has low income housing while Pleasanton ‘suffers’ the presence of five… 5 mind you ! It has no low income housing but will soon have some minor amount of low income housing on a piece of land that would have made a lovely, tax producing truck stop. The low income housing promoted by former County Supervisor Steele, is finally coming to Pleasanton, assuming that, that City, anexes the site and provides some sort of road access into the adjoining residential area. You will love this part…. The proposal is for low income senior housing, who have no minor children eligible for attendance at Pleasanton schools… get it?

    Sleep on Haywardians… ( HAYWARDITES? )

    Postscript: Even though the runwauy 28 L is moving to the west about 500’ feet, the Noise Berm near Hesperian at Winton is to be removed…. Thus, when a jet aborts a takeoff, we have room for a roll out… or, (in my mind,) ‘debris field’! With a 143 MPH landing speed… how fast does it scatter if the aborted takeoff is totally unsuccessful.

    Drat that little businessman operating the gas station…does he not know of real need when he sees it!

    Hayward Council might have been useful for a W.C. Fields movie if that actor had lived long enough! Godfrey Daniel!!!