On scams and frauds and burglaries

seniorscamsHad a story about scams, in particular ones targeting seniors,  run over the  weekend. Information came from an interesting seminar at the Castro Valley Library, and there will be another free event in Hayward next month. You can get more information about Legal Assistance for Seniors, the group that holds seminars on fraud and other topics, by  calling 510-832-8040 or visit their website. There are other resources available online related to senior scams, here’s one website and here is information from the FBI and a story based on information from the Better Business Bureau.

While we’re on the subject of public safety, take a look at the Hayward Police Department’s video regarding burglaries. It’s got a reenactment of a typical knock-first, steal later crime in which the perpetrator is faithfully wearing a black hooded sweatshirt — easily the most frequently spotted article of clothing worn by ne’er-do-wells. Hayward, like many other Bay Area communities, has seen an uptick in the number of residential burglaries, and the police produced the video to let residents know what to watch out for and how to report suspicious activities.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    If I remember right, it seemed burglaries picked up during the summer when school was out. There may not be any correlation between the two. It will be interesting to see how this works out this year with reduced summer school everywhere.

  • Teachermama

    I heard the police chief from East Palo Alto on KQED saying that burglaries often spike in the summer because people’s windows are open more of the time.

  • qodrn

    That makes sense. Now that I think about it, they tend to go away during this time also.

  • John W. Kyle


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