Trustees heading to Pittsburg on Thursday in supt. search

UPDATE 7/29: Here’s the story.

UPDATE 7/28: Board not going forward with Palacios. Brunner swings vote, says that while Palacios is very impressive, doing a great job in Pittsburg, he may not be right person for Hayward. Board will move on to third round of supt. search, will not have one for start of school year, which Brunner said she finds “very depressing.” Trustee McGee said he’s not worried because¬†“we have people in place who will be able to keep district moving.” He said next step is “getting together with search firm and interim superintendent and discuss how we will go forward.” Both said Palacios didn’t meet the criteria on the brochure they created. Press release expected in the morning, will write a story tomorrow.


The board voted 3-2 to offer the job to Enrique Palacios, an associate superintendent at Pittsburg Unified, contingent on the site visit and interviews. Barring any problems, they would then enter contract negotiations. Here’s a story that quotes Palacios regarding the positive state of Pittsburg schools.

Board President Lisa Brunner and trustees Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas voted to go with Palacios. Luis Reynoso and William McGee cast dissenting votes.

“We’re all looking for different things,” said Brunner. “He is much heavier on the business administration than the academic end.”

Brunner added that they did recently hire an associate superintendent of academic affairs.¬†Here’s that story from a few weeks ago.

Brunner said only two candidates were brought forward to be interviewed by the board, and “the other was also excellent.”

Looking around for info, came across this although I’m pretty sure it is the wrong Enrique Palacios.

Eric Kurhi

  • Thanks Eric for this short article. I hope it will generate some interest in the latest appointment for HUSD. It seems that Mr. Palacios has some direct ties to Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Jordan. He was a memeber of her board of education a few years back. It really seems as if the circle of administrators here is very tiny, almost like your previous headline on an article about musical chairs and superintendents. While familiarity with the local area may be a plus, at the same time I wonder what it would be like to get someone who is not so closely tied to all of the “movers and shakers” in local politics.

  • Justwatching

    Maybe this web link might be of interest to some at HUSD.


  • Obsever,
    I was going to direct people to this site, so glad you did. I also found an old FCC case against San Fransisco Unified from the late 1990s. Mr. Palacios was a “special assistant to Sup. Rojas” and was assigned to supervise the SFUSD public radio site’s manager. Apparantly he was remiss in his supervision, because the manager seemed to have “forgotten” how to fill out the necessary documents required by the FCC. In addition, he did not follow policy regarding programming. Mr. Palacios assured Rojas of the proper completion and information contained in the documents, so Rojas signed off and approved them.

    When Rojas was fired/terminated from SFUSD Mr. Palacios left with him. He did not return to educational finance until a few years later, when he was hired by New Haven…He left them and went to Gilroy, I believe, where he again failed to properly supervise employees, left there in 2010 for Pittsburg and now he is leaving them for here…

    I am concerned that his ability to manage and keep track of all that needs to be done here in HUSD might be lacking. But I guess it’s too late..the hire has already happened. I wonder, did the board know of these slip-ups in supervision before they hired him????

  • qodrn

    I suspect he could be unhired at this point. Maybe janice wasn’t so bad after all.

  • watchdog

    In response to #3, maybe 2 out of 5 may have had doubts of hiring by doing some research, which is part of the responsiblities of serving on the board and serving the best intersts and needs of the district.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Post updated, they’re not going forward with Palacios.

  • Thanks Eric for that info. I am glad that they had some second thoughts. This board is very green and perhaps they expected the search team to do all of their research for them. I hope they have learned a lesson and will at least visit the home district PRIOR to offering a contract. Perhaps they should also have a “sit down” with the search team and refresh their collective memories regarding just what qualities and qualifications they stated they wanted in a candidate. It might do them well to look beyond the greater bay area also.

  • watchdog

    Beginning to wonder what sort of association the search team has with the the canidates for these positions. Could there be graturaties involved?
    When you do a little background check, it seems these canidates have bad qualifications as far as performance, but seem to walk away with a fat wallet, and go elsewhere to further pad it.

  • Interesting thoughts Watchdog. I think that when you restrict your search to as narrow an area as HUSD has you will always run into the “good old boys and girls” network. Additionally, I might suggest that Ms.Jordan of Alameda County may have had a hand in the promotion of Mr. Palacios since he was on her board of ed for several years. Perhaps someone should politely suggest that she stay out of the mix,going forward, and the same should be said to Ms. Duran.

  • qodrn

    So I have this straight, Hayward “hired” a candidate that didn’t meet any of the qualifications? No body checked? I think the truth is no one of any consequence once to come to this district. Maybe they should look at some private and charter schools for some fresh blood.

  • qodrn

    add an if after so. Thanks.

  • qodrn

    change once to wants. sigh. Time for bed.

  • Justwatching

    In response to #3

    The amount of time that a couple of the HUSD Board Members have served on the Board one would think they would have done their job and made sure the candidate meet the criteria and if the didn’t shame on them

  • Watchdog

    I must say that I admire Gov. Jerry Brown’s comment as to the hiring and selection of college administrators as “Hired Guns.” I’m begining to wonder if this is also happening within local school districts as to the hiring of Supt. and Asst. Supt.’s by a controlling force to manipulate taxpayers monies.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Updated with link to story.

  • Thanks again Eric for keeping us posted on what’s happening in HUSD. I am glad to see that there was a rethink on the idea of Mr. Palacios..It is my supposition that the board must have not been as impressed with his qualifications after speaking with members of the Pittsburg Unified community and employee groups. Again, I say perhaps the search should be expanded to include candidates from outside of the greater bay area…maybe even into Nevada or Oregon. Who knows new ideas and a fresh perspective may be lurking there.