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Councilman Quirk’s campaign message

By Eric Kurhi
Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 3:58 pm in Alameda County, Ashland, Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, Politics, San Lorenzo, Union City.

Councilman Bill Quirk sent out this message today regarding his run for Hayashi’s assembly seat. It includes a link to his campaign website for more information. Not sure who all else is gunning for the seat except for Jennifer Ong. Here’s more information about the district. Here’s Quirk’s statement:

I have decided to run for California State Assembly because I believe that my 7 years on the Hayward City Council give me the experience needed to make a difference in Sacramento. My primary concern is to get Californians back to work. I have been endorsed by Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, Former Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, Mayors Michael Sweeney of Hayward and Marshall Kamena of Livermore and many others.  You can go to my website to get more information on my positions and endorsements. Please let me know by return email if you are willing to give me your endorsement.

In the long term, the most important factor in job creation in California is education. We need to create more revenue for K-12 and higher education. Another way to stimulate job creation is by simplifying regulations and streamlining the approval processes for new businesses, while still protecting consumers and the environment.  Finally, we can create jobs by encouraging the generation of more green energy and technology.

I will work as hard for you in Sacramento as I have on the Hayward City Council. During my seven years on the Council, I have returned all calls and emails within a day. I have sought out the opinion of all sides on issues and studied the facts, so I could make decisions based on the needs of residents. In my time on City Council and over a 25 year career as a contractor to a large governmental agency, I have learned to overcome bureaucratic gridlock.

Sacramento is dysfunctional because it is polarized. My years on the Hayward City Council have taught me how to listen to all sides and build consensus. When I first joined the Council, it was divided. Working together with my colleagues, we have developed a consensus approach to decision making. We have all agreed the City’s top priorities are public safety and keeping our City clean and free of graffiti. Together we have kept these priorities foremost while balancing budgets by negotiating with our city employees, making cuts, and raising revenue. This will be my approach in Sacramento.

I would be honored to have your support as I begin my campaign to put California back to work, reduce our structural deficit and give the people a state government worthy of their respect. 


Member Hayward City Council

Candidate for Assembly



I will be running in a new 20th Assembly District that includes Hayward, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Fairview, Ashland, Union City, the upper half of Fremont, and Sunol. This is a new district created on Friday, July 29, by the California Citizens Redistricting Committee. The northern half of this district is represented by Mary Hayashi; she will not run for reelection in 2012 because she has reached her term limit. The southern half of this new district is represented by Bob Wieckowski. Bob lives in the new 25th Assembly District that includes the southern half of Fremont, Milpitas, Santa Clara, and part of San Jose, and will run for re-election in that district. I look forward to working with Bob in representing Fremont.

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  • hmshood

    Mr. Quirk truly defines ‘walk the walk’. He has served the City of Hayward at 110%, and the Bristow’s are confident he will do the same at the State level. Our schools need help (understatement). Bill is the right candidate…..

  • qodrn

    Could we hire him for superintendent instead?

  • John Kyle


    Good for Mr. Quirk!

    He has a good mind, reads and retains much and has served Hayward City and School District well over the years daring back into the 1980′s and probably a bit earlier…. with a good proportion of his time as a volunteer!

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    this is a slow week for blogging.

  • Michael Moore

    Richt you are about that.

  • John Kyle



    MR. Moore now focused on fat dripping Hamburgers…
    also made his initialcontribution a few short weeks after Ms. Booth….

    Now blog is in doldrums…. anyone know why???

  • Kathi Booth

    It’s summer John Kyle….I was pleasantly surprised to see tha you hadn’t blogged in a while and now you are back to your digs and snipes. Summer must be over. Have at it old man!

  • Kathi Booth

    So pleased that you can remember when I joined the blog. It must mean that I have had an impact on your life! Digs and swipes have returned from your side, have at it old man!