1/4 lb. Giant Burger: The beef shall return

It's time for a giant makeover.

It's time for a giant makeover.

So it turns out the 1/4 lb. Giant Burger on Mission Boulevard is merely on a hiatus for renovations. I spoke with Kathryn Lee, a member of the Hahn family that owns the restaurant as well as others in Oakland, and she said that after 50 years it was time to do some major repairs. The floor and counter are all ripped out, and they will also make all facilities, including the bathrooms, updated to the latest ADA standards. What’s really exciting for the Mission corridor aesthetics is that they plan on refurbishing the big burger sign, which is looking pretty haggard there days but would be a nice retro beacon if restored.

Estimated time before you can get 1/4-pound beefed again: One month.

And as I mentioned in earlier comments but bears repeating, there will also be a Five Guys Burgers and Fries opening, possibly by the end of the year, in the Target shopping center at A Street and Hesperian.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    great; I guess I can start getting my late night hot dog fix in September.

  • http://None Kathi Booth

    Thanks Eric for the good news. 1/4 has been my go to place when I am really craving “sinful” foods.

  • Alex

    This is good to hear! Everyone was shocked to see it closed without notice.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, thank you so much for the update. 1/4 pound is a benchmark when you need a greasy burger, fries and a shake.

  • qodrn

    Does it say something about us when a hamburger joint brings out more comments than the collaspe of the stock market or the return of the recession?

  • Michael Moore

    I think that the comments about 1/4 Pound tell us about the strength of the community and our values as Americans. The initial reports of the loss of our beloved burger joint, seemingly as a result of the stock market and recession were a jolt.

    Our collective comments lamenting this passing reflect our deep love a basic American staple: A Great Burger. The burger served at 1/4 Pound is consistent, delicious if you like big greasy burgers (and I do), always open, reasonably priced and predate the present queasy stock market and dreaded recession and sometime depression.

    We all are heartened that the burger did not die. The owners are committed to reopening and have not succumbed as so many others have. That many of us have spoken up in unanimous support is not surprising to me. We all recognize value and quality and sing of those here in HayWord as well as in conversation.

  • Sherry Blair

    Well said, Michael!

  • http://BoothmanSr@sbcglobal.net Kathi Booth

    I second Sherry’s comment.

  • qodrn


    Drove by the burger place today and what should appear on the building but the following sign:


    There seems to be more to the story than we were all told it seems.

  • qodrn


    Drove by the giant burger today and saw the following sign:


    Seems like we don’t know the complete story yet.

  • qodrn

    Drove by burger place today and what did I see:

    A sign that says:


    There is more to the story than we know!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Yeah, there’s some kinda lag time with the comments these days, don’t know why. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, give it a little time. Regarding the mgmt sign, the permits that are posted are all in the name of the Hahn family, which owns the property. But that doesn’t mean they necessarily manage the restaurant… dunno if they were even managing it before.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the good word, definitely hitting it up when I’m back in NorCal. Peace.

  • Stacy

    Thank God they are re-opening! I love the burger. We drive from Alamo to just get a good burger not the chain type stores. We have been coming to them since we were kids with our grandparents. The store was getting pretty trashy as my kids were a bit hesitant to go in and eat so it will be a treat to go back being all shiny and new so I guess some Val’s till they re-open. Hope this is the true story!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Speaking of burger’s check out the Dave Newhouse column that ran yesterday. Val’s and Sam’s Super Burger both included.

  • Chris

    Not sure about the one in Hayward. I used to go there a ton when I was younger. I went to the one on Telgraph and 21st in Oakland last night and it brought back memories