Plenty of events, starting tonight, in Hayward

Four days of outdoor events — street party, City Hall concert and Zucchini Festival — kick off tonight, here’s our story on that. Sean Brooks, the city’s economic development manager, said he expects to see a large turnout at the Friday concert because of former Tower of Power frontman Lenny Williams and Lava, a popular local Latin group that will also be performing at tonight’s street party.

“We had 100 to 200 people come to the concerts earlier this summer,” Brooks said. “Expecting more like 800 to 1,000 on Friday.”

Rich Essi, the general manager of the Zucchini Festival, said he expects one of the founding Pointer Sisters to be a draw to his event, which he said has been growing in recent years.

“It’s because of the economy,” he said. “People don’t go anywhere, they don’t like to spend the money on gas. So they’ll keep close to home.”

Asked about rumors that the festival is leaving town, he acknowledged that it’s something he has threatened to do because he feels the city doesn’t offer enough support and promotion of the event. But he said he has no plans to change the venue at this time.

Eric Kurhi

  • Jose

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  • Eric Kurhi


    Family and friends of missing nursing student Michelle Le are looking for volunteers to help with a search for evidence from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.
    It will be the seventh search. . The search is being held in conjunction with Hayward police and the KlaasKids Foundation. The searches usual cover rural areas around Alameda County.
    Le disappeared May 23 from Kaiser Medical Center in Hayward. Volunteers will meet at the family’s command center, 25350 Cypress Ave.