Million Father March on first day of school

Hayward Unified is asking parents, guardians and just about anyone involved in a child’s life to accompany them to class on the first day of school, which is Tuesday for those not on the year round schedule. It’s part of the Million Father March, which organizer Black Star Project expects will see that number of people take place this year in 700 cities across the nation. According to Trustee William McGee, Hayward is the only city in the area he knows of that is taking part in the effort this year, although he said they plan to do some brainstorming and hopefully get Alameda County and the Tri-City area involved next year.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Well, it didn’t start out that way, but dad took the son to his first day of 12th grade today. Good job!

  • Cynthia Rodriguez

    My husband participated in this event. He said it was a great event to a part of. I am happy that HUSD did this. Looks like an improvement from last year. Lets hope they keep going!!!

    On another note, I posted once before, but did not post again because of what I believe to be the toxicity of comments coming through on this website. I feel it very sad that there is only one comment about this event! If this was a negative article, there would 76 comments about it. Lets not ONLY focus on the negative.

    Thank you to Eric Kurhi for reporting on this. Thank you to HUSD for putting this event. Thank you Qodrn for commenting on this.

  • Michael Moore

    You make an excellent point, Cynthia. Today really is a very nice day in Hayward, California.

  • Monica

    Cynthia, I agree with you. There is more positive than negative happening in our community and schools but we hardly ever hear or read about it. I stopped reading all newspapers because of all the doom and gloom articles. Thanks for speaking the truth 🙂