Styrofoam ban — is it being enforced?

Got an email from a reader saying that although the city’s ban on polystyrene foam products at restaurants and other businesses serving food went into effect in July, he’s seen some of the nonbiodegradable culprits being used out there. I’m going to go take a look at the locations he specified, but has anyone else noticed noncompliance?

The ordinance was approved by council in October of last year.

From city’s website: Effective July 1, 2011, restaurants and all other vendors selling food at retail must use only paper, cardboard, aluminum or recyclable plastic cups, plates, bowls or trays.

This requirement applies to:

•Foods eaten at a business, packaged leftovers, or ordered “to go”

•Foods offered by a Hayward business that can be eaten without further preparation (e.g. cooked chicken, sandwiches or sushi)

There’s also a bill going through legislature that would take such a ban to the statewide level by 2016.


These are the bad boys we're looking for. Seen any around?

Eric Kurhi

  • Monica

    We were given a styrofoam container for our left overs two days ago at Buffalo Bill’s. I asked the server if she knew about the ban and she did not.

  • Michael Moore

    I was shopping at Safeway and Lucky, both in Hayward. They both use and sell a lot of styrafoam containers.

  • qodrn

    Why are we banning styrofoam again?

  • Michael Moore

    Not exactly environmentally friendly. Does not degrade or decompose. Walk through a neighborhood, beaach or roadside and you will see that stays for ever. Animals eat it and die. Nasty stuff. It is also a law in Hayward, though not in the unincorporated areas.

  • Dan

    Was just given a styrofoam at Buffalo Bills last night. I’m surprised they do not know about the new law.

  • qodrn

    Maybe they think the law says let’s use up all the styrofoam we have, then we will buy something else.

  • qodrn

    There is a new sign up at Giant Burger. It is not bad. Hard to see with the trees, though.

  • Jack

    I’m not going to report anyone. This is a ridicalus ordinance. These containers properly disposed, are causing harm to no one.

  • John Kyle


    Add this to the list of opportunites to ‘fink’ ( verb transitive ) on your neighbors

    a.) filtered cigarette butts tossed out the window of their car;

    b.) auto high beams ‘on’ constantly at night;

    c.) graffitti ‘art’;

    d.) annoying polizei on donut break:

    e.) fulfillinhg your self imposed, high quota of phone calls to top of the totem i.e. ‘The Chief’ herself;

    ./…. anyone really care…..in Hayward ???

  • Eric Kurhi
  • Monica

    Buffalo Bill’s has complied:)

  • msohy

    This is such crap! Another big brother law! And in Hayward? Hey Hayward get over yourself! Its hard enough for business to stay afloat and people to afford it. You feel the need to enforce this? Pure craziness. Help the homeless, jobless, etc. So much more to worry about. And if you have nothing better to do than scope restaurants not complying with this silly law, I have pleanty for you to do to keep your mind off it.