Know someone who needs a car?

Pit crew is not included.

Here’s a story about a Hayward auto shop that’s doing something nice. If you know someone who is as philanthropic as they are car-less, think about nominating them to win a set of wheels. As you can see, it’s a sharp-looking ride and has a Kelly Blue Book value in the $2,200 range. And if you know anyone in the auto repair business who would be interested in joining this national endeavor of giving away cars, direct them to the Wheels to Prosper website.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    I don’t need a car but I would like to get some input on streets and intersections that need to be changed in Hayward.

    Here are some of my complaints:

    1. The intersection of Winton and Hesperian. Why or why is there only ONE left turn lane here? People sit and wait for hours while TWO lanes go straight on to Winton. I don’t think 10 cars an hour go down that part of Winton. There used to be TWO options to turn left at this intersection.

    2. The left turn from Harder to Mission Blvd. There used to be TWO turn lanes. Now there is one. The traffic is backed up the hill constantly. Then with the road work on Mission, the cemetary often has only one entrance, guess where, right at the end of Harder in the middle of this mess.

    3. Have you tried the new exit from Hesperian to 92 to Hayward? The road still looks like its not complete and is hard to distinguish from the parking area near it. How about some signage?

    Do the traffic engineers even live in Hayward? Why is Hayward consistently benefiting people who don’t live here at the expense of its citizens and businesses?

  • Alan

    I have a friend who grew up in Pittsburg but is going to missionary collage in Colorado and will need a car when she graduates soon. She is small and your small car would be perfect for her.
    Thank you

  • This is a nice ride, I sure would like to be nominated.