It’s a Big Mike mystery!

Only Big Mike's big dirty footprints remain.

UPDATE: Story on Big Mike being found in Castro Valley.

Here’s our story on Hayward’s own Muffler Man disappearing from the Mission Boulevard spot where he’s stood for decades. I was first alerted to his absence by a keen-eyed reader last Thursday, and after talking with nearby merchants it sounds like that’s the same day he was chopped up and trucked off. They say it took about four hours to do the deed. For more on Mike and his brethren, this site is always worth revisiting for fascinating lore on Muffler Men¬†and photos of all the variants.

So I’m hoping now that the story is out, someone will contact me and let me know what’s going on with Mike. Will let you all know if they do.

And yes, I am still here.

Eric Kurhi

  • qodrn

    Stay away from the Mission blvd end of Harder, closed by massive police presence including helicopter; son counted 18 police cars as we drove around the mess.

    Eric said it is a code 187 which is murder. Wow!

  • bob

    Last sighting E Castro Valley Blvd

  • Eric Kurhi

    Clarification: Scanner traffic indicated they are looking for a suspect out of Southern California with a no-bail warrant for ATTEMPTED murder. Still waiting on more details.

  • The Silent Observer

    My sister spotted “Big Mike” somewhere along East Castro Valley Blvd. He is covered by a tarp, but his arm was sticking out from underneath.

  • The Silent Observer

    Glad you are still with us Eric!

  • Scott

    I was driving down mission blvd after two years living in New York and immediately noticed that mike was missing. It’s too late to keep him, I only hope that whoever has him will take good care of him and find him a good home.

    Three cheers in remembrance of the night watchman of Hayward.

  • Lynn

    Hi- I have a picture of Big Mike on his trailer in front of some houses on East CV Blvd. There was quite a discussion about his appearance there on the Facebook page for “CV Legends” last weekend!

  • qodrn

    Well, did they get the perp?

  • Alex

    I heard that he is over along East Castro Valley Blvd as well.

  • Sherry Blair

    Yesterday I talked to a friend about Big Mike going missing and she saw him being unloaded. I drove to see it for myself. It’s on East CV Blvd. Go East, under the freeway and you’ll find it on the right side of the road in front of some old buildings. He appears to have been beheaded!

  • All;

    So long ‘big Mike’… I’ll not miss you!

    As a retired real Estate Appraiser, I’ve always thought such as he were nothing more than ‘blight’ and had negative affect on near by Real Estate values.

    “He” just was lacking a good presence in aid of mesurable value in business inducement or as neighborhood aesthetics.

    Some hick town on the eastern end of Interstate 10 might provide a warm welcome…. perhaps Texas?

  • dd

    Not sad to see him go. HAHA. He has always creeped me out since I was little!

  • Eric Kurhi

    Yeah, I found him today, still on a trailer with his head at his feet. Talked to a neighbor who said his new owner is out of town and hard to reach but that he’s a collector of old things, which made sense looking at the other stuff in the yard. So now we know the where, but not the plan.

  • qodrn

    Poor headless Mike!

  • qodrn

    Well its 10:15 and the helicopter is back flying overhead. Are they looking for this guy once again?

    Good grief.

    What did this guy do exactly?

    Or are the cops just a little bored?

  • Eric Kurhi

    Qodrn: That probably had something to do with a house fire in the area… was it a news chopper by any chance? Developing fire story.

  • Hmakesyouthink

    Mike is in Castro valley under a tarp. He may show up again at the new museum when it opens.

  • john lipton

    OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The Chicken Head … Gone. The Doggie Diner Doggie head … Gone. Big Mike … Gone. Mayor Roberta Cooper … Gone. Well I guess the news isn’t all bad.