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  • qodrn

    Wake up people of Hayward!

    Get on here and talk about your city!

    While you still can!

  • qodrn

    Well, if you ever wanted to own a football team, your chance has arrived. For the price of $275, you can own a piece of the Green Bay Packers.

    For more info, go to

    Good Luck.

  • teachermama

    I thought the new format for accessing the agenda was annoying, but manageable.

  • K Rocchio

    FITAG is meeting this year. The next time we meet is December 13th, but it will be a special meeting and not the regular format. You can contact for schedule and agenda information. This is the email for Elaine Krumlauf and she is very helpful.

  • qodrn

    the city is having a meet and greet with the new superintendent on Dec. 12. Think its open to all at City Hall.

    Info on the city web site and HUSD.

  • John Kyle

    If you missed it, the HUSD School Board of Trustees, has decided to place a parcel tax on the ballot in early 2012 as a means of making up a projected shortfall of about $8,000,000. Or about the equivalent sum of money lost to truancy and held back by the State.
    Hayward Unified School District is plagued by budget deficits which are basically caused by student truancy and transience. This is not a new problem! Within my own memory, it has been existent within the district for more than 20 years.

    On September 30 2010, a new law came into play and this tool, leading to correction on a quick basis, has not yet been employed by HUSD! The law was passed by the State of California legislature, through leadership of State Senator J. Leno and is entitled, “Senate Bill No. 1317” It took effect on January 1, 2011 and to the best of my current understanding, has not yet been utilized to curb the substantial money loss caused by truancy and transience on the part of a large number students and their irresponsible parents!

    Serious grievance with the HUSD Board of trustees now motivates me to oppose any consideration of a new parcel tax ( or assessment ) levied against and, in addition, to the current Real Property taxation and assessments levied against properties within the boundaries of the Hayward Unified School District.

    It was not too long ago that voters approved Measure I in support of the current construction program which sees several new school structures nearing completion. Measure I has built into it a feature that will soon impose another assessment necessary to completion of the Reconstruction and Improvement program.

    Recall that the measure provided for a total of four assessments, each to exist for 25 years and imposed upon the tax roll on four separate occasions; the second such assessment will soon arrive. Four assessments imposed upon the tax rolls, in a time space at intervals of four years each, will eventually see the sum initially imposed multiplied by four, in the not too distant future.

    Talk of a new parcel tax arose at last night’s Trustee meeting! The purpose displayed on this occasion was to provide cash assistance to a budget ‘wracked and tortured’ by failure to penalize parents of repetitive truants. The continuing parental indifference to the future of their own truant children, as well as the negative affect upon educational opportunities afforded to more responsible, ambitious students, must not be tolerated!

    The budget shortfall of nearly $ 8,000,000 in school year 2010 -2011 is an obscenity when seen as caused by reluctance to bring charges against parents whose children wracked up an incredible money loss to the district in school year 2010 – 2011.

    In early months of year 2011, I wrote to Ms. Brunner seeking an explanation of why it was that senate bill 1317 had not been brought into play. Brunner returned with a message which spoke of a softer, more gentle plan then being taken up by HUSD. ‘We will be speaking to parents on an individual basis … so to make them aware of the problem, thus assuring their future co-operation’

    Last night, the trustees, without realizing it,indirectly admitted failure of that ‘nice guy approach’ when dealing with neglectful parents. Now the error is compounded by proposing to place a parcel tax on a near future ballot which, of itself will probably cost $200,000. in expense!

    Last night they voted to place on a near future ballot, a parcel tax sufficient to bring budget into balance. A few months ago, Supt . Duran, speaking in support of a new parcel tax thought the amount would be at least $200. per taxable residential property parcel. Add that to the additional sum to be placed on your tax bill for phase two of a four part assessment soon to be imposed by Measure I

    I’ll not vote for another assessment until our esteemed Trustees make use of SB 1317. A night or two in the ‘cooler’ will alert many neglectful parents to the future faced by their offspring, when their habitual truancy serves to deny their own children the future they deserve.

    Frankly I feel betrayed by the lack of intestinal fortitude displayed by Trustees as they moved to place a new parcel tax on our properties. They have a tool available in Senate Bill 1317 which they are reluctant to use.

    Use of the provisions of Senate Bill 1317 rather than a new parcel tax will be a factor in deciding who gets my vote in next year’s Trustee elections.

    How say you, dear readers?

  • Mr.Kyle you forgot to say that two board members voted against the parcel tax..Mr. Reynoso and Ms. Brunner. Whether you like Mr. Reynoso or not he gave a very moving set of comments regarding why a parcel tax is so very wrong for our community. I believe it was his commentary that swayed Ms. Brunner to vote nay.

  • qodrn

    Hmmm, who is going to pay this tax?

    My own opinion is truancy is not going to improve much even if the parents are prosecuted, which the school can’t do. The police have to do this. Are they behind this approach? One wonders why the law is not being enforced. Maybe John, you need to yell at the police too.

    I think that for most of the truant parents, a trip to the cooler may simply result in them meeting old friends.

    What a mess. It will get even worse in January.

  • John Kyle


    Qodrn is confused…

    What must occur is to create a plan for HUSD Trustees to follow as a means of jacking up their level of courage in a war on truancy. I can only speculate, but perhaps they need a plan thrown at their feet so that they avoid any hint of racism in their struggle with the use of SB 1317.

    Some may disagree with me on this particular idea… if so, perhaps they might suggest another path to successful completion of the first COMPLAINT FILINGS under SB 1317.
    Select the single worst offender in each general racial group. One Caucasian, one Latino and one Afro American truant. File three actions simultaneously! Let the chips fall where they lay!

    But grab the attention of all three groups simultaneously! Let hell fall on those who see it as a race based prejudicial action. Avoid the estimated cost of placing a parcel tax on a ballot, which alone will run up into a sum over $100,000.

    SECOND; ADD AN ITEM TO THE AGENDA OF EACH BOARD MEETING WHICH IDENTIFIES THE PARTIES AGAINHST WHOM THE ACTIONS HAVE actually BEEN FILED. File three more such actions within 30 days of each court filing…. Keep the pipe line full ! Bring pressure upon the courts for prompt hearing dates. It loses effect if the court delays an action for unreasonable periods of time..
    Attend the next board meeting, fill out a speaker’s card! Deliver your message personally, do not leave it up to your lazy neighbors… protect yourself from an unimaginative board of trustees.
    Finlly for Qdrgn.. Tyhis is not the responsibility of the Hayward Police Dept. It id =s tyhe responsibility of the Trustees to push it’s it’s own legal represenjtatives into the needed acttions.

    Parents of truants have no right to privacy in this matter any more than does a child molester.

    As my Jesuit teacher in my senior High School year year, (a heavily involved Naval Chaplain of over 33 months in Pacific war service, without leave,) often stated…. “it’s a cruel world kiddies ! Toughen up!”

  • Michael Moore

    JOhn, could it be that your revered Jesuit who doubtless had endured horrors of war without respite passed on those same terrors and abuse to his boys like you. No doubt this explains how you have passed on the same abuse to others. Fits right in with the message of the Church: Abuse, corrupt, confuse and then provide safety from the law with the shield of the church all within a tax free environment. Good system. Similar to the Mafia.

  • Cynthia Rodriguez

    The information about the budget is saddening for schools in CA. From what I have read many districts in CA are going to be in trouble.

    Kathi and John, I was at the board meeting last night, and the board did NOT approve a parcel tax to placed on the ballot in 2012. Please explain.

  • qodrn

    Where is Eric to settle these disputes?

    Now, I am going have to watch the video.


  • John Kyle



  • John Kyle

    Cynthia Rodsriguez….

    Mr. Armas phoned with the same remark….I have agreedf to review the tapes befrore further perssing for use of SB 1317.

  • Mrs. Regina Brooks-Day

    I would like to speak personally with the new Superintendent of HUSD and let him know what’s really happening in the school district. Things are not going as good as he may think. I know he’s settling in, but he needs to go out and really see what’s going on with the schools. Students are not getting the much needed support/ assistance they need in our High Schools. I’ve had one child finish HUSD and with no help in going to college, but from outside sources at other school districts. He’s in is third year of college and thanks to the professors at the Peralta colleges who believed in him and assisted and supported him for two years. With the Peralta College counselors, professors and coaches support, my child is in his third year of college at Sacramento State University major in Art/Education and carrying a 3.0 gpa. A success story. I asked him if he would come back to Mt. Eden and his answer was NO, “I never receive any support from staff and the school and it was just not a positive environment when I was in high school. The teachers were horrible and unsupportive to students”. His words I never liked attending Mt. Eden High School at all and wish I could have attended Logan HS in Union City. Thanks to Logan HS for their coaches for support him during his two years at Merritt Community college. They were his backbone while attending Mt. Eden and I thank all of the staff at that school who believed in my child and his dreams of getting a college education. He is on a full Scholarship at Sac State due to Merritt colleges counselors, Logan HS coaches for track and field . The high school never had the resources/supportive counselors needed to make sure students succeed to the fullest. I have a 10th grader currently in one of the high schools and again the same issues are coming up. Things have not changed one bit. I’ve contacted Alameda County Office of Edcation many times regarding many issues at the high school. Get settled in Mr. Evans and I have things to talk to you about concerning the status of HUSD….It’s a serious matters when it has to do with our students and their educational experience. I’m very disappointed at how HUSD is going. It hasn’t change since 2006..Change needs to happen for HUSD! I’m not sure when it will. I only have two more years with my last child and we are done with HUSD…Hopefully, I will talk with you at the board meetings, in your office, a parent meeting, or at the school site before the school year ends. Welcome Mr. Evans and make crucial changes in our district…It’s much need to makes sure all students get a quality education.

  • Cynthia,
    As far as I remember, the parcel tax proposal, that is to attempt to place it on the ballot was passed. I guess it is time to review the tape of the meeting, if I can access it from the new format. I hope that you are correct Cynthia.

  • Jerry

    Did you know that a 100 foot tall cell tower was approved by City of Hayward Planning Commission to be built next to Stonebrae elementary school?

    Help us move this tower to a safer location, farther away from the school – sign the petition and tell your friends.

  • qodrn

    Well, you can always watch the replays. Honestly, how do you get to the video? I miss the summaries of the meetings too.

    I think without this stuff thumbs down to the new format.

  • Michael Moore

    John, all you need to do is to call your local Jesuits and place me under the control of the Inquisition. In the meantime, you and I are in agreement that it is time to insist that HUSD provide results without the benefit of additional taxation or bonds.

  • John Kyle


    YOU FLATTER YOURSELF…. YOU ARE NOT TO RELY ON ME FOR THE Death bed call as aid to your problem. Make your own call.

    Go back to the contribution in the blog I made last spring which described the full page add published by the Jewish Merchant of Columbus Ohio who recited the results of two pieces of reserach…. the one wh9ich ought 9ointerest you is that which dealt with sexual abuse of children by male and female ministers of your protestant faith… the second which you will not fully read is the statictical data pertaining to the cost savinghs to non-catholics provided through extensive hospital system offered to the public through variouus Catholi9c Religious CONGREGATIONS ON A NATION WIDE BASIS.


    In `1962 California was the last state in the Nation to remove laws which permitted ‘ad valorem’ taxes inposed uon parochial schools. It took three votes to accomjpish that and much of the success of the last vote was the result of the assistance of the Seventh Day Adventists. The opposition provoided by the Masonic lodege in 1932, 1952 and 1964 ( 62 ?) was financed in large part by the Masonic order out of New York.

    So once again, I suggest it is time you practice your annual rum soaked drumj performancdes, banginjg away a few hours in ‘remberance’ of the 400 hundred year (+)Battle of the Boyne. If that fake minisTer Ian Paisley is still around….be sure to genuflect at his feet!

  • Sherry Blair


    (Thanks for letting us camp out, Eric.)

    I wish I had heard Reynoso’s speech. Too bad we can’t get the video of that.

    Do you all see how our governments are reacting to the economic downturn to increase taxes and make laws that take away what freedom we have left? Washington passes the pain to California, California passes it to Alameda County and Hayward. Everyone passes it on to us.

    HUSD wants to pass it on us too? Yes, let’s lock up the truants and their parents too. It’s only a modest proposal.

    I agree with Qodrn. Wake up people!

    Alexis de Toqueville had it right too.

  • qodrn

    John, how can the school district send people to jail for truancy?

    All I could think of is they could lock em in the parent rooms, but I think that would be kidnapping.

    I can’t send someone to jail for tresspassing on my property for example. I have to get the police etc. to do it.

  • qodrn

    To the Hayward Police Chief:

    You have lots to do, but your folks really need to do a better job with abandoned cars in neighborhoods that have both apartments and single houses. I don’t appreciated walking in the rain because some idiot has been parked in front of my house for months on end.

  • John Kyle



  • John Kyle


    Senate bill 1317 became effective UJanuary 1, 2011. It provides a legal procvess which enforces the legalo obligation of parents to educate their cyhildrenh…. their failure to perform as parents has coist the district in the last year a sum of around $8,000,000 in lost ADA money.

    HUSD has recently considsered a parcel tax which would bring additional taxation upon your home… so that those neglectful parents will not have to worry about our problem… some feel that a free education comes without accompanying responsibilties…. whoich is ok just so long as you do not belly ache about the matter when you discover your loss…. right?

  • Observer


    I think prosecution under Senate Bill 1317 has to come from the District Attorney’s office. It doesn’t make sense to me that the school district would be the prosecutor.

    Students are considered chronically truant if they miss more than 10% of the school year or roughly 18 days with unexcused absences.

    The one danger is that a student can be truant only if he or she is enrolled in school. Nowhere does the law address the fact that parents could just withdraw their child from the district and supposedly home school him or her or that they are moving to another school district. Once a child is no longer enrolled, there is no chance of prosecution under Senate Bill 1317. No student enrolled, no ADA.

    Still, it may be worth the effort to try it out. What other districts have done so and what has been its effect? It would be a better argument if one can bring actual results from other school districts with huge truancy problems and whether prosecution actually improved school attendance.

  • John Kyle

    ve to cope with truants emanating from low incomje housing….

    Clue: They have 5 parollees living in their school district while in zip 94541, there were, as of October 2010, something like a mere 4,500 parolees AND PROBATIONERS, living within our older housing…..

    It was in Pleasanton, while attending graduation of a Grandchild that I witnessed the dumb schools Supt, rise to address the assembly of Graduates inj the Amphitheater of Alameda Fairgrounds….

    Standing in front of the mike he raised his right arm….. pointing to the wes6t and said: “are you not glad that your children did not have to attend schools on the other side of those hills…?”

    That was followed by loud cheers, foot stomping, whistles, applause and other signs of approval….

    Frankly the ada sum paid to Pleasanton ought be reduced and handed over to Hayward and OAKLAND…

  • Sherry Blair

    Qodrn, the city is now acting on the partnership principle. We the people have the responsibility to report a problem and they will try to solve it. But we have to do our part and report. I’ll bet if you report it, they’ll find a solution for the abandoned cars.

    Using “Access Hayward” on the city’s website gives good results.

  • qodrn

    Eric, very nice article on how the Hayward Volunteers are carrying on in the absence of their leader. I hope Donna’s family get involved; I think it would help with their shock at losing Donna.

  • qodrn

    Will the school shut down the student buses to the schools now?

  • qodrn

    Apparently nothing has gone on in Hayward since December 13th.

    How sad.

  • John Kyle




  • qodrn

    Eric could be on vacation,or busy with other stuff.

    Anyway, for some reason watched part of what I think was a planning committee meeting.

    Seems like the planning people were all set to approve a massage parlour on Mission Blvd near B Street, when the owner of the building said he didn’t like the guy who was setting this all up in his own building.

    So, the planning commission delayed the vote for further clarification.

    Question: Does downtown Hayward need a massage parlour? Isn’t this the thing we have been trying to weed out of downtown Hayward? Or, thanks to the city’s ready to build philsophy that has lead to many abandoned business sites, taking what Hayward can get?

  • John Kyle


    ’twas the night before Christmas
    and all through my jeans

    I’ve searched and searched for the ways and the means.

    Not a quarter was stirring, not even a bit
    The greenbacks have left me, the pennies did quit!

    Turn forward, turn forward oh time in thy flight
    and make it tomorrow, just for this night.


    Merry Christmas to all…..except ‘occupy’ nuts!

  • qodrn

    Who is Robert Solanga and why is he doing Eric’s job?

  • qodrn

    Now we have katie Murphy and others covering what usually is Eric territory. Any body seen Eric?

  • qodrn

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • teachermama

    Happy Hanukkah! Tonight is the first night.

  • John Kyle


    My Christmas ‘gift’ to you all….. is seen on the Opinion Pages of Oakland Tribune, Daily Reviews etc…

    I attack the Occupy movement for what it is….a political condition known as anarchy!!!

  • qodrn

    If you want to look agenda and videos up on the Hayward school board web site, you can now resume doing it using for former methods. YAY!

  • Thank you Mr. Kyle for your charitable, kindspirited comments at this time of the year. With gifts like that none of us need look for coal on our stockings.

    Happy holidays to all.

  • Michael Moore

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Sherry Blair

    The winter solstice has passed and today is a new moon. This seemed appropriate:

  • qodrn

    Waiting for Hayward’s response to the ruling that the state can end redevelopment agencies. Hoping against hope that this might put an end to some of the this roadwork that keeps me sitting in traffic all the time.

    Also, where does this leave our “ready to build” empty lots? Good grief.

  • Michael Moore

    Qodrn, I suspect that the Hayward City Council will trumpet their decision to opt in to the Redvelopment Agencies and preserve their projects. But the rest of the money is gone and I suspect the only projects funded will continue.

    Perhaps the city will finally allow residents to farm those empty lots instead of hassling folks that try to transform the earth.

  • John Kyle


    ….of course, those empty lots are free of toxics… right?

  • John Kyle



  • qodrn

    Eric has an article on the Michele Le case today. What a mess that is.

  • Sherry Blair

    Michael, you may be interested in the “Hayward Urban Agriculture Community visioning sessions” about the future of urban agriculture in the “greater Hayward area.” I think that includes you. They are co-sponsored by the COH and HARD. The third of four scheduled meetings will be at the HARD administrative offices on Jan 14th 10-noon.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • qodrn

    Happy New Year!

    Let’s hope the Mayans ran out of clay.