Just don’t let the big rat drink

Sunday update: Here’s that happy hour story.

Hayward was talking alcohol at Tuesday’s meeting, in particular loosening a restriction on happy hours around town. More on that later. But as part of the informative packet, they included a chart of the most problematic alcohol serving locations around town based on calls for police between January 2010 and August 2011.

By far the highest number of calls (8 battery, 2 assault w/deadly weapon, 60 disturbances, 6 drunk in public, 6 Alcohol and Beverage Control violations) were to a liquor store at the corner of Mission and Industrial boulevards, with downtown’s Funky Monkey bar settling for second place (5 battery, 15 disturbances, 30 drunk in public, 4 ABC violations).

But the most surprising entry came in midway through the list of 30 establishments.

No. 15, with two calls for battery and 11 for disturbances: Chuck E. Cheese.

Click on the chart for a larger view. See any other surprises? Downtown venues are highlighted in yellow, top six in pink. To be fair, higher numbers can also indicate an owner’s lower tolerance for shenanigans, particularly when it comes to determining what exactly qualifies as a “disturbance.”

Eric Kurhi

  • Qodrn

    My observation is if we eliminate B St, Hesperian and Mission blvd, we could eliminate 3/4 of the police force. Just saying.

  • Michael Moore


    Nice to see you back and posting on Hayward. I think the most amazing thing about the Alcohol Serving Locations in Hayward is the complete absence of Buffalo Bill’s and The Bistro. Neither has any mention and they certainly are established and purveyors of decent alcohol. No apparent stats. If in fact they are unfaulted, the balance of alcohol sellers should be compelled to follow their example. Either that or they should be included.

  • Lissa Taylor

    Hi Eric, welcome back!!!!!
    Kudos to the Board of Education!!!!! FINALLY asking the right questions, where’s the data and where is the evidence that this is serving kids not adults? Mr Reynoso, I heard you say, stop bringing strategies and show me the data and results! Is the Board “Finally” seeing through Ms Wu-Fernandez’s vague, convoluted responses and out right lies to your questions? Pointing out her lies and inconsistencies is what made me a target of her retaliatory practices. After receiving a 6 year accreditation with WASC, it was safe to throw out the entire plan and violate the education code by involuntarily transferring students while violating their due process rights?

    HEA is now asking about Kathryn Benson, what took you so long? Where was HEA when this classified employee was reprimanding and harassing certificated employees? I informed the Personnel Commission of her illegal tactics prior to my departure and nothing happened. Now she is got a promotion and a pay raise by simply changing her title? I’m only writing what I have witnessed personally, and have evidence to support.

  • Lissa Taylor

    For my friends in education who have called to warn me… Stop!!! I can tell my own story. I understand it looks like I’m standing alone, I’m not. I understand you can’t speak out without fear of retaliation in the form of negative reference, negative letters of recommendation or worse blacklisted!!!! Most administrative jobs are obtained by who you know not what you know! I don’t work in education anymore and if I can stop the Chien Wu Fernandez’s from ruining the lives of children by lying, demonstrating unethical behavior towards families and targeting any educator who is not tenured. Then my resignation although forced will not be in vain. To my principal friends ACSA, although they portray themselves as an administrative representative, will not step in on your behalf. I was told to keep quiet and be glad I have a job.

  • teachermama

    Good observations Q and MM. So happy the blog is back in action. I remember when NY Pizza was written up about being an immigrant success story, but I also remember going in there for a slice when my son was just a toddler and it was all F bombs and filth. So stick to delivery, I guess. As for chuck e cheese, if you’ve ever been there on a weekend, you’ll understand in a heartbeat. All it takes is a few birthday parties to fill that place to capacity, and with parties comes family drama. Mix in the beer/wine, a few broken machines, whining kids, jockeying for tables, waiting, waiting and more waiting, and there you have it.

  • Michael Moore

    Teachermama, you are right about Chuck E Cheese. It is violence waiting to happen. I am sure there is a good reason for going there. It is the best place I know of to catch an infectious disease, reinforce poor behavior in children and adults and to eat mediocre to lousy pizza.

    I would hope that Planning Department, Police Department and the City Council will work cooperatively to see if they can drive out Chuck E Cheese in to a neighborhood away from Hayward.

  • Michael Moore

    After looking at the stats provided by Eric, I am now disinclined to believe that the problem, if there is one, is about Chuck E. Cheese. Once you look at the totals by category, figure in the medians and deviations, you really end up with the inescapable conclusion that HPD, the City Council and Planning Commission should look narrowly at the following businesses: Funky Monkey / Rumors Bar; Foxes Cocktail Lounge; Stein Lounge; Quik Stop Market Center; University Plaza; 7 Star Food Store; Tennyson Liquors and Deli; Bijou Restaurant and Bar.

    These businesses all score above the mean for the incidents noted and obviously are prone to more incidents than the others noted.

    Good citizens should join together to quit patronizing these businesses until they produce better results. While ME Restaurant, Chuck E. Cheese and Shar-Ade all have had incidents of note and notoriety, they are relatively crime free, with incident totals that reflect an occurrence more than an ongoing issue.