What’s up at the San Leandro Marina?

Had a story updating what’s going on at the San Leandro Marina, with a focus on the “liveaboards” who call it home. Story was long, never got around to certain aspects such as the crime that accompanies blight. Clipped this part:

Reverse racism! Also, beware the satanic thug and his evil can of hot pink paint.

“There is crime,” said boat owner Oliver Campbell. “Prostitution, and drugs. You run around out there and you got to be careful or you’ll get a needle stuck in your foot.”

Up around the bend in the jetty, past the fenced off former Boat Works site that is now a haven for feral cats, hot-pink and black tags marred the outside wall of a public restroom.

“I’ve been coming here for years, but this is the first time I’ve seen this,” said James Mason, pointing at a pair of hateful little symbols. “It must have been kids – they didn’t even do the swastikas right, they’re going the wrong way. But the intent is still there.”

It should be noted that while I was going through archives I came across a lot of stories related to crime at the marina back in better days. It was once quite a party hangout for teenagers, and there were also some interesting tales of out-of-control incidents at the Blue Dolphin.

“It’s like that with any public park that’s open at night,” said harbor master Delmarie Snodgrass. “You’re going to get people out there, some of them looking at the water, others just to party.”

Snodgrass added that when it comes to big  displays of illegal behavior – think sideshows – “police have been on top of that.”

She said if necessary, cops have a handy way of isolating and catching troublemakers.

“They will close Marina Boulevard and Fairway Drive,” she said. “They’ll box them in if they start doing that stuff again.”

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    The Marina is a perfect example of what is wrong with San Leandro. Jack Maltester and his successors like Tony Santos long ago championed the Marina. They touted the place as special. Well, they were right, special for special interests. It is time that the city converted the Marina in to a park, along with the elimination of the gangs and drugs that are there. One has only to look at the Police Dispactches through the SLPD website to see how much of a problem there is there.

  • Qodrn

    Maybe closing the Blue Dolphin was a bad idea.

  • Michael Moore

    The Blue Dolphin closed itself with poor ownership and lousy service and overpriced food. Horatio’s has done a much better job. The best thing that can happen to the Marina is that it could be opened up with more access and better policing.