Antiques appraiser comes to town

Guitars! Bayonets! Bling!

One of those gold/silver/antique and collectibles appraisers is in town through Saturday. If you end up going and get something appraised, let us know what it was and what they said. Here’s the press release and a photo of some of the stuff they’ve acquired so far from the Hayward stop.


February 14- February 18

Tuesday – Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm

Hampton Inn

24137 Mission Blvd.


If you have gold, silver, antiques or other rare collectibles lying around your house, the Ohio Valley Refinery & Roadshow wants to see them!

The Ohio Valley Refinery & Roadshow is making a stop in Hayward this week in search of rare and unique collectibles. The refinery has the resources to pay top dollar for your gold, silver, and collectible items.  “Gold and silver markets have not been this strong for over 30 years,” states company spokesperson, Dennis Kouts.

The OVR is a place where anyone in the community can connect with collectors from around the globe.  Our specialists make offers based on rarity, collectability, condition and market value. If the price is right for you, OVR will pay you on the spot with no hidden fees!

A few recent finds for collectors have included a rare gold coin collection purchased for $107,000 and a letter written by George Washington to the doctor of his wife expressing his disdain toward the doctor’s actions regarding her treatment.  Also at a recent show inOhio, a local resident brought in a letter from Abraham Lincoln that she thought was a fake for over 15 years and walked out $25,000 richer after finding out it was an authentic letter.

You might be amazed by what you find and ecstatic with what the Ohio Valley Refinery & Roadshow wants to pay you for it.  OVR specialists will assess your items for free and there are no hidden fees!

Nearly all coins and paper currency, vintage jewelry, war memorabilia, musical instruments and toys made prior to 1970 are highly sought after.

The Ohio Valley Refinery & Roadshow is able to offer good prices as it has its own refinery. Refineries typically do not do business with the public; rather, they deal with precious metal accumulators like jewelry stores, pawn shops, dentist offices or industrial facilities that trade with some form of precious metal.  All local area businesses that deal with precious metals are encouraged to call ahead and make an appointment with one of our representatives. There are no appointments needed for the general public to sell their items. The event is free and there is no limit to the number of pieces that can be brought in.

Mark your calendars for February 14- February 18 and head down to the Hampton Inn.

For additional information call 217-726-7590

Eric Kurhi

  • Qodrn

    Don’t know about gold, but the Cal State East Bay newspaper stepped in it when they used a picture of some Hayward High School students with a story about how fellons are going to be released in their home towns to serve their sentences.

    It seems the High School had not given permission for the pictures to be taken, and the parents of the students in the picture are ticked off too.

    Evidently, steps have been taken at Cal State and the problem “will never happen again.”

    There is alot more to putting out the paper than you think.

  • Qodrn

    The Hayward School Board wants to add a $58 (where do they come up with these numbers?) levy to your property taxes in order to help out the district classrooms.

    I agree the classrooms need help, but I am not sure this is the kind of help that is needed.

  • Michael Moore

    People in Hell want Ice Water as well. Vote no on the proposed increase in property taxes for schools. Vote out of office the School Board Trustee that support additional property taxes.

  • Sherry Blair

    What’s wrong with the classrooms? Is there another way to fix them?

  • Michael Moore

    Sherry, there is nothing wrong with the classrooms. The teachers, administrators, staff and parents need to rededicate their collective efforts within the resources that they have in order to provide results that are in keeping with the expectations of a K-12 education.

    All of the resources needed are already there. What is missing is the real dedication to the final result. So far it does not exist.

  • I find it very interesting that I have not been on the blog in a while and suddenly I am no longer able to access it without reregistering. Did I miss something, an email from Eric (i doubt that since he does not answer any of my emails), a notice on the site?

  • With respesct to the parcel tax…It seems to me that including it as an agenda item lacks a bit of due notice to the public. I wonder how many citizens of Hayward actually access the HUSD website and look at the agenda? My guess is not many. Once again HUSD is lacking in its efforts to be transparent. It is also quite interesting that this subject is being presented when only 3 members of the board will be present for the meeting. Doesn’t this type of a “hearing”/discussion need to have a full compliment of the board present?

  • Sherry Blair

    Welcome back. No, there wasn’t any notice that I know of.

    I didn’t know the parcel tax on the board agenda. What meeting was that decided? I didn’t know Qodrn was talking about a board meeting.

  • The “hearing” is on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting. It contains the resolution and other documents to be signed on March 7th. I guess that is when they will take the final vote.

  • Teresa Conti

    Sorry if I was not very clear about the agenda item. It left me in a bit of a shock when I read it; does seem rather a sneak attack.

    I really support schools, etc., but I think the time has come to stop adding more money to problems. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am currently pinching pennies to pay my current property taxes.

    Perhaps the current “I” assessment is running out soon, and this is an attempt to replace something that is being paid out anyway. I don’t look at it that way.

  • Teresa Conti

    I am not supporting Brown’s sales tax increase either; I am starting to feel like I am paying Britain’s value added tax.

    Wait until folks find out about the changes to the property tax deduction next year. The state will be picking up quite enough cash with that, thank you.

  • I have heard that some of this parcel tax is to be used in a very interesting way and n;ot in supplies or direct physical improvements. It is my understanding that a portion will be directed at stablizing teacher salaries. Has anyone heard this? I hope that I am wrong.

  • Sherry Blair

    Weren’t the schools supposed to get money from the ending of redevelopment?

  • Michael Moore

    Sherry, my understanding is that when the California Supreme Court found that the ‘opt in’ RDA arguments the follow up aid to schools went away with the decision.

    Kathy, nice to see you back as well. It is time for all of us to quit throwing money at a problem that money does not fix. Accountability and transparency will fix the issues. All of the participants need to be at the line and contributing. So far that has not happened.

    We need elected representatives that believe in the same solutions and clearly the present board is once again not there.

  • Michael,
    I would agree with you with the exception of Mr. Reynoso. He is the only one who questions every expenditure; attempts to look out for the welfare of students; demands data before making a decision. Unfortunately, he is only one vote.

  • Sherry Blair

    It will be interesting to see the presentation. I think we should certainly have open minds and listen, but I hope our elected representatives ask the right questions too. The last thing we need is a figurehead board.

    We need to do our job too. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

  • teachermama

    I have to pinch my pennies too . . . I need them to buy school supplies for my students! I spend far more than 58$ every year providing books, folders, notebooks, markers and materials for science and social studies projects for my students, not to mention magnets, sharpies, and other miscellaneous items that I need in order to do my job. These are unreimbursable expenses that are funded with my take home pay. Neither the district nor my school’s PTA cover them and I wouldn’t want to run the risk of charging “illegal fees” to parents, so even though I have not had a raise in several years, I just spend my own time and money buying what the kids need. So does every teacher I know who works in a low income school. Bring on the parcel tax and let the public pay for public schools!

  • Sherry Blair

    Teachermama, neither individual parents nor teachers should bear the burden of necessary school supplies and materials. Education should be provided by the public through taxation. It’s the only way to insure that all the students have an equal opportunity. I would vote for a tax without second thought if I thought that is where it would go.

  • Sherry,
    You hit a homer with that posting. Any parcel tax should go to classroom supplies and if there is any left over then HUSD should look at restoring music at the elementary level.

  • Michael Moore

    Sherry, Kathi and Teachermama you have all perfectly identified what is wrong with the present system.
    Additional fees, assessments and taxes will not fix what is wrong.

    The District Management should be allocating to Teachermama and her compadres that $58 per student from the existing budget, removing it by refinancing debt, reducing duplicating and paper costs, or cancelling an event.

    The Union should be in support of challenging the budget and expenditures by the board. Everyone needs to learn to excel with what we have and quit grousing about what is not going to happen.

  • teachermama

    I heart the HayWord blog 🙂

  • Sherry Blair

    And you,Michael perfectly represent both the tea party and the occupiers!

    I love it too.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Kathi — I’m not aware of a problem with the blog that requires re-registering every time you log on. I did notice some time ago that I had to approve postings by already verified commenters, but thought that had to do with people changing their login info. Haven’t seen an email from you since 2010… when was the last time you sent one?

  • Eric,
    Using your email address posted on the blog, I have sent you several during the period of time that you were not contributing articles. I asked for an explanation of your absence or notice of the demise of the blog to be posted on the blog but received neither a response on the blog nor one to my personal email. I do not twitter nor do I facebook…just blogging is a technological milestone for me.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Yeah, I don’t recall getting those. I remember getting something from Sherry during the downtime, but that’s about it. I just did a search of my email for anything coming from a Booth and found the ones from your husband’s addy in 2010 but that’s it… were they sent from an unfamiliar addy? I would think I’d still spot them, but BANG also has a spam filter that may have snagged them.

  • Qodrn

    It is probably a waste of time, but who is the genius who kept open the entrance furthest from the handicapped parking at the Hayward County Courthouse?

    So, we have the scenario of walking to the nearest entrance, can’t use it. Then walking around over half the building to reach the entrance that is open. Plus, when I finally got to the destination, the country’s computer system was down, and I could not file my case. Plus, no bathrooms were open on the first floor.

    I know I should be grateful there is still a court open in Hayward, but it is hard to be grateful when your legs and back are shooting stabbing pains up and down your body.