Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    This is the most positive thing that the Trustees have done. Stand up to the Union and stand by the standards. The Principal is responsible for the success and failure of his/her school. Accountability should be tangible.

    This is the begining of what should happen. Way to go HUSD.

  • Michael Moore

    Way to go School Board. You have brought back the financial standing of the district. This really is an extraordinary accomplishment. I think this portends a real change in the district. I watched the School Board meeting last night. I was struck by how well behaved the Board was this year as to previous years. Not really a very spirited group of angry parents. Very professional. Good job all!

  • Michael,
    I, too, watched the board meeting….and I suppose it is true that financially HUSD is in “semi ok” financial shape. They had better be because based upon what I took from the demographics study, there will be a huge need to transport students when the attendance lines are redrawn and students are shifted around. As it is now, HUSD spends money bussing what they call re-directed elementary students from their home school to another due to over crowding.

    What I found disturbing is the I-Bond build-outs being done for schools that already have low attendance/enrollment numbers projected for next year if all remains the same (East Avenue and Fairview in particular). I am puzzled by the fact that schools such as Cherryland, Harder and Longwood were not put at the top of the list, since they have been operating at maximum+ student bodies for several years…and their current buildings are old beyond belief.

  • Michael Moore

    I was pleased with the finances and I think in large part that is due to the efforts of the board, staff and the unions. They are all to be commended for working for a positive goal.

    I was disappointed that the board did not green light the discussion on the future. Not discussing is foolish at best and silly in general.

    The three scenarios: Do nothing, change a little and change a lot are still preliminary and bring up lots of questions and no one has any answers. The four key areas: Staff, Board, Union and Parents as well as perhaps a small bit of City need to start talking responsibly and not starting and stopping. I wish this had happened last night instead of putting it all off for a month.

    I was shocked that Ms Herredia abstained on the expulsion votes. She really was a disappointment. She seems distracted and not at all in the moment.

    I thought that the Golf Tournament presented by Craig Garrison was questionable. I guess it makes sense.