Live barn owl webcam at Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Two barn owls, that's whooo!

UPDATE 4/9: Got this from Wendy on Thursday, haven’t had a chance to blog. 

“Just a quick up date on the Owl Cam at Sulphur Creek. Five eggs have hatched to date and we expect the 6th egg to hatch on Good Friday, April 6th.  All the babies seem to be doing well.   The male had been bringing in food at night and mom has been patiently feeding the little babies (owlets) little pieces of rodent that the dad brought in.   The owl cam has been a huge success.   Since put onto the web three weeks ago, we now have had over 35,000 hits by 4,000 viewers from 25 countries.  Images of the babies show that the owlet the first hatched is substantially bigger than his siblings, but all are doing well.”

Feel like snooping on some feathered friends? Sulphur Creek Nature Center set up a camera to record what’s going on with a pair of wild, nesting barn owls and their six eggs. They expect them to hatch any day, and you can take a real-time peek at what’s going on right now on the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District website.

The small camera was placed in a nesting box that is used every year, said Wendy Winsted, an coordinator at the center. It is equipped with infrared light, so activity in the box can be watched 24 hours a day.

Winsted said the first egg is expected to hatch between now and Monday, and the others will follow at two-day intervals.

That’s different than for, say, ducks, because owls lay an egg and immediately start incubating it, Winsted said. Ducks also lay an egg every two days or so but wait until they’re all done before they incubate the lot of ’em. So they all hatch at once.

With owls, Winsted said, the first egg out will contain an owl with considerable advantages over its peers. It will always be the one that’s a bit bigger.

Winsted is very excited about the owl-cam, and said they tried something similar  years ago with a system wired to a VCR. But going public with it brings an all new element.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Winsted said, adding that technological assistance was provided by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park Department, funding from the Castro Valley Rotary Club.

More info on press release after the jump.


WHERE:                Sulphur Creek Nature Center

1801 D Street

Hayward, CA  94541

WHEN:  Online – 24 hours

Sulphur Creek Nature Center

Live Owl Cam

Watch Nature in Action as you peer into the secret world of Barn Owls. The Hayward Area Recreation & Park District has placed a small, unobtrusive camera inside the nesting box of a wild pair of Barn Owls at the Sulphur Creek Nature Center.  You can now receive live streaming video footage of Barn Owls caring for their owlets.  Six eggs have been laid to date and the expected date for the first egg to hatch is around March 24.  Log onto www.haywardrec.org to join in the fun of watch this amazing family.  Check back often for updates on the Barn Owls’ progress and stop by Sulphur Creek Nature Center to see where these owls like to live. This special cam has been made possible through grants and the support of HARD, Castro Valley Rotary Club, Ojo Technology and Building Knowledge.

Keep checking back to see how fast these babies can grow!  You can view this cam 24 hours a day.


Sulphur Creek Nature Center

1801 D Street, Hayward, 94541

HAYWARD — Sulphur Creek Nature Center has set up a live webcam to for the public to monitor a pair of nesting owls along with six eggs that are expected to start hatching this weekend.The small camera was placed in a nesting box that is used every year, said Wendy Winsted, an coordinator at the center. It is equipped with infrared light, so activity in the box can be watched 24 hours a day.Winsted said the first egg is expected to hatch between now and Monday, and the others will follow at two-day intervals. After that, the public can watch the parents raise their young.“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Winsted said, adding that technological assistance was provided by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park Department, funding from the Castro Valley Rotary Club.The webcam can be viewed at www.haywardrec.org.

Eric Kurhi

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, hank you so much for posting this. Speaking for myself I am pleased to see that you are reinvolved and are expaninding your posts.

  • Teresa Conti

    Hmmm. live owl cam or penguin cam. Choices, choices.

  • Michael Moore

    Split screen and broadband. Watch them both. Priceless.

  • Michael Moore

    Oh and do not forget the Peregrine Cam in San Jose.

  • Eric Kurhi

    or the Mother Goose cam at the Contra Costa Times.

  • Michael Moore

    Eric, not a fan of the Mother Goose cam. As soon as I click on it I get an ad for Toyota. While I am in favor of making a buck, I do not like ads that I cannot skip, mute or otherwise muffle. I think the mothership needs to make all the money that it can, but obtrusive ads which are sort of like pop ups are really reprensible. So I will stay with those videos that do not force the advertizing down your throat.

  • Sherry Blair

    I just got back from meeting Lillie Ledbetter at Chabot. It was even better than I thougt. She’s a great story teller with a story worth listening to adn a book worth buying. And, she’s still fighting the old system and educating the next generation. What she did for us was no small thing.

  • John Kyle


    I have made this statement on earlier occasion, but it loses nothing in the repetition!
    While attending the graduation of a grandchild from Amador High School, which event occurred in the amphitheater of the Alameda County Fairgrounds, I observed the Superintendent of Schools make his dramatic approach to the microphone where, after a bit of toying with that device…. he raised his arm, straight out toward the west, which he was facing. In a well measured volume of speech he asked a seemingly rhetorical question which was: “are you not glad that your children did not attend schools on the opposite side of those hills?”
    Even more shocking than that remark was the explosion of noise emanating from the well packed audience which seated itself upon central stairways and stood along the fence lined pathways of that venue. The foot stomping, whistling, loud cheering and other obnoxious behaviors, left an indelible impression on my mind as well as that of my spouse.
    If there were members of minority races in the audience, I was unable to observe them. The graduating students may have had a few ‘non-white; individuals among their numbers but I do not recall seeing any black children in that class.
    Frankly, if the matter was left to me for resolution. a penalty would be imposed upon the sums of ADA cash made available to Pleasanton Schools, until such time as low income persons of color find opportunity for low income housing in that community.
    Why HUSD’s teachers union ( HEA ) has not ‘picked up’ on their own more difficult wage negotiations which result from this disparity…. is quite beyond me!

    It is too bad that the colored coded map of Alameda County, which displays the concentration of parolees and probationers by zip codes is not being shown on the blog. I have a copy or two of that so if you all are able to prevail upon Mr. Kurhi, he might install it on the blog for your edification. It would aid understanding by those who criticize me for urging resolution of the “hooky problem” by use of Calif State, Senate Bill 1317 !
    Which is not to say that participants of this blog should avoid raising hell on behalf of HUSD, it’s teachers, tax payers and it’s students, in a more meaningful manner than the present ineffectual use of this blog! Want a copy of the Map? Tell that to Kurhi ! I lack the key and ability to transfer the color coding necessary to your understanding of our mutual problem.

  • Sherry Blair

    Thank you for that story, John. I am equally incensed about his remarks and the reaction of his audience.

    I think it would do more good if we doubled down on making our schools better rather than getting retribution.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Blair;

    I too am proposing immediate and effective effort directed to the idea of enabling our schools to provide more effectiveness in achieving success for the students; I am not proposing retribution so much as I am stating a strong belief that parents of truants are , for the most part, not meeting their lawful obligation. Procreation of children has obligations in civil law as well as it does in religious belief systems.
    Our money problem is basically a problem of truants possessing parents who are negligent! Perhaps the parents are unbalanced in thought processes or fail to understand their obligations in full. HUSD’s problem is that it lacks the resources to educate parents as well as their truant offspring. SB 1317 when exercised properly, will put the District Attorney in a position to require parents to attend a meeting with the judiciary powers that compel compliance with their obligations to provide shelter, clothing, food and education, until the child or children reach 18 years of age.
    Our truancy problem here in Hayward has reached extraordinary heights. The simple fact is, that the problem has existed for years and yet no resolution has occurred by mailings or phone conversations.
    Another simple fact is that you do not need to publicize identities of students or parents in order to correct the problem. A front page story which announces that three (unnamed) students at a particular high school have caused their parents to attend a mandatory court appearance is enough to cause an awareness that will have a rippling affect when other parents start carrying the message throughout their separate neighborhoods. When other parents are made aware of the effect of decline in classroom Instruction hours, caused by teachers who are distracted by repetitive questions raised by truants, you can logically bet that those students faithful to requisite classroom attendance will raise a question or two, with truants. If that thought, assumed present in the minds of other students and their teachers, is not occurring, then we are really in deep trouble!
    Another way of expressing a reply to Ms. Blair’s criticism is to solicit from her a simple answer to this question: Can you advise any other more effective plan of action, which would prove superior to use of SB 1317 without creating a need for yet another money draining budget item ? IT SEEMS TO ME THAT USE OF THE LEGAl PROCESS, BEYOND THE ACT OF FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE DISTRICT ATORNEY, IS RELATIVELY FREE OF EXPENSE involving only the personal appearance of A TRUANT OFFICER AT TRIAL, WOULD BE FAVORABLLY RECEIVED BY THOSE WHO POSSESS AN ABILITY TO THINK.
    DO THE MATH….11,221 ACTS OF TRUANCY OCCURRED IN SCHOOL YEAR 2010-2011. That is totally unacceptable to this voter AND I EASILY EXPECT FAVORABLE PUBLIC REACTION. ESPECIALLY IF THE DAILY REVIEW PICKS UP THE STORY! 11,221 ACTS OF TRUANCY BY AN INITIAL ENROLLMENT AT 18,641 EQUATES TO A 60.25% truancy rate. However it is not accurate since absences by a truant are not thought to separate truancy days of just one day from those which so occur and which involve two or more continuous days.

    Sleep on that thought and wake up in an exhausted condition!

  • Sherry Blair

    Asked and answered earlier.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Blair;

    Oh !