Hayward City Council candidate forum Tuesday night

UPDATE: Story on forum.

Tomorrow’s brief, today: The League of Women Voters-Eden Area will host a pair of nonpartisan political forums Tuesday night, one for Hayward City Council candidates and the other for contenders in the 15th Congressional District.

For Hayward City Council, nine candidates are vying for four seats that are up in June. Incumbents Barbara Halliday, Olden Henson and Francisco Zermeno are facing challengers Shahla Azimi, Peter Bufete, Ralph Farias Jr., Greg Jones, Fahim Khan and Al Mendall.

It will be followed by candidates in District 15, where incumbent Pete Stark is up against challengers Chris Pareja and Eric Swallwell.

The City Council forum starts at 6:30 p.m., District 15 at 8 p.m. at Hayward City Hall, 777 B St.

Judging from various candidate statements, there’s sure to be talk about economic revitalization and bringing businesses to Hayward. Other possible hot topics (and new territory for HayWord commenters as well) include a contested Walmart Neighborhood Market in south Hayward, and the reuse of the former Mervyn’s headquarters site as upscale housing. And there’s always gang injunctions or even happy hour restrictions/alcohol policy.

Take a gander at political reporter Josh Richman’s blog for the latest word on the District 15 race.

Eric Kurhi

  • teachermama

    No WalMart!

  • Michael Moore

    Teachermama, no worries I think. The Planning Commission listened and said no. This is a good example for choosing candidates to support.

  • Teresa Conti

    What is wrong with Walmart?

  • Michael Moore

    Lousy wages, terrible benefits, predatory business practices with the competition, reliance on foreign manufacturers, terrible vendor relations among just a few. I do not shop there. Just look a the mom and pops and local businesses that disappear after Walmart.

    I also do not support chains and franchises.

  • Eric Kurhi

    Well, I’ll be livetweeting the forum in about a half hour. As always, http://www.Twitter.com/erickurhi

  • teachermama

    It’s Wal-Mart’s world, we’re all just living it (except Michael and I, hee hee). If you patronize Wal-Mart, you may find that eventually it is the only place to shop, and if you work in retail, you may eventually end up *shudder* working there. I stay away. Teresa, for more info check this out. http://www.walmartmovie.com/

  • teachermama

    Debate lowlights: Kahn just said crime was NOT a big issue in Hayward…compared to Oakland. Farias said our school district ranks so low in the state, it’s just “28 away from stupid.” And now Greg Jones just said “damn”. If only Rick Perry were here, we’d have a full slate of bizarre commentary.

  • John Kyle


    I do belive that Greg Jones had a bit more to say… but on the whole I do not believe that any candidate had anything valid to say about what it will take to make the so called downtown area are really viable mixed use combinations of condominium residential uses above condominium type COMMERCIAL uses and which are located along El CAMINO REAL IN MTN. VIEW AND SUNNYVALE.

    oNE THING WHICH DETRACTS FROM THE APPEAL FOR INVESTORS NEEDED TO BRING THE CONCEPT TO HAYWORD IS THE LACK OF ‘bARS’PER SE! yOU COULD NOT INDUCE PURCHASERS OF A RESIDENTIAL CONDOMINIUM UNIT TO LIVE ABOVE A BAR AT GROUND LEVEL….THE BUSINESS TYPES ATTRACTED TO THE COMMERCIAL FIRST FLOOR ( GRADE LEVEL) UNITS ARE TYPICALLY PROFESSIONAL OFFICES FOR ACCOUNTANTS, LAWYERS, BOOK STORES, MEN’S AND WOMEN’S TAILORING SHOPS. In Hayward,it would not be good idea to provide park-like sitting benches in the Landsaped areas. Separate structures for parking is accessed from side streets and condominium units find parking at upper floor levels in separate structures with bridged, secured but open to elements type walkways.

    What I advise is that some viably interested individsuals take advantage of my offer to make a tour along El Camino on the Penninsula for the purpose of educating those interested in what is and is not economically feasible for small developers to acquire a parcel or two in downtown Hayward and possibly transplanting the idea. The levels of expertise exhibited by our present and future Council members are insuffiicient to meet the benefit found in the advantage of having a third party influence brought to the discussion.

  • Sherry Blair

    1. Don’t plan on the City Council agreeing with the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission voted against housing on the old Burbank School site and City Council just voted for it anyway.

    2. It is really sad that in a city of about 150,000 people there are so few who want to serve in public office. Well, who would want that job anyway? So many would rather sit back and have fun criticising those who do.

    3. After watching the candidates, I still see a difference, though. Now we will be the ones who can make a difference – if we get off our butts and vote!

  • Teresa Conti

    Good heavens, this is the worst lightning storm I remember. I have been in more wind and storm, but not with lightning. Batten down the hatches! Find the candles!

  • John Kyle


    Did planning commission vote against housing using a particular objection? There are occasions when a housing project is inferior to the potential of a better thought for housing on a particular site.

    The Burbank site is ineresting because a commitment was made for a particular comcept on that level piece of ground during thsnkwheeling and dealing which led to the creation of the new Burbnk School….. AT NO COST TO HUSD.

    Do not feel badly if you do not understand that which occurrede…. Gov. Brown has kissed ogff urban redevelopment agencies such as we had here in Hayward. That gent demonstrated his own ignorance in that act!

    Allshouldbe aware that the ‘old cannery’ atrea is gone and that we have in that neignborhood anew tarct of housing being debveloped and that we have a New school AS REPLACEMENT FOR THE OLD BURBANK SCHOOL, ANENLARGED hard park and weasier automotive access,not only to the train stop, but easier access to the new housingstill uinder development just nortjh opfthe Winton Overpass which extends all the way to the New Hard PARK AND THE NEW BURBANK SCHOOL….


    iF YOPU HAVE NOT NOTICED WHENSTUDENTS ARE ENJOYING RECESS OR NOON/LUCH BREAK…. THEY ARE ALLLWEARIN WHITE SHIRTS ANBD BKLOUSES WITH DARK PANTS…Not a unifoembut a code which reveals a students connwection to the Burbank schookl as a matter of patrental pride as well as safety; to say nothing of identity when a youngster is off campus witythout permission. The uniformity is less expensive to parents as well… it is not a uniform so much as it permits passing ‘hand me downs’ in preference to a new outfit each and every year! That general area is not at the peak of existence/identity as a wealthy neighborhood.

    If planing commission goofed, all the applicant has to do is appeal to council… who would review the case even if the planmnjing commission had approved the project.


    Too few of those who havwe tossed their hat in the ring for our City Council election in June have spent any time in volunbteer effort. Tossing out solutions by inexperieced candidaes with no concept of how to steer them through the process is a poor candidate and political choice for a council seat.

    I would recoomed that you consider Al Mendall,and Mr Jones if you want new blood or if satisfied with their past performance, Ms.Barbara Halliday and/or Mr.Zremeno. Hang in there with our African American gent who does his homework prior to the meetings and has done much service to the city in it’s establishment of use of electronic devices. He has a degree in that subject and I would hate to lose him. He has done much good work on his assignmnets by the Mayor and I can personaly recommend that he be permitted to be the Council Representative on the Hayword Airport Committee. Ms Halliday is an incumbet and Is the only female candidate AND MY OBJECTION TO HER IS BASED ON A SIMPLE ANNOYANCE WITH HER SPEAKING/GIGGLE STYLE OF ORATIONS. mR.mENDALLHAS PUT INA LOT OF TIME ON THE PLANNMING COMMISSION, i WOULD VOTE FOR HIM IF HE CAME BACK IN TWO YEARS TIME! i INTEND TO VOTE FOR THE FORMER cITY MANAGER MR.JONES, hE HAS A HISTORY OF DEALING WITH MATTERS AT THE COUNCIL L;EVEL AS CITY mANAGETR HERE AND IN ( ?)CONCORD. yOU CANNOT BLOW SMOKE IN HIS FACE ON BUDHET AND OR DEVELOPMENT MATTERS. i’D KEEP ZERMENO AND OUR KNOWLWEDGEABLE BLACK GUY WHOSE EXPERIENCE IS HIGHLY VALUED BY ME!

  • John Kyle



  • Sherry Blair

    Your post #11 leaves a lot to discuss, but I would like to focus on two things that are bothering me.

    The first is your idea that the new housing in the Burbank neighborhood might bring in “FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN WHOSE INTELLIGENCE WILL LEND THEMSELVES TO AN IMPROVMENT TO THE OVERALL STUDENT PERFORMANCE AT THE WINTON AVE MIDDLE SCHOOL!” Not only is that a false idea, but an insulting one to the many families already living in the neighborhood and their intelligent children.

    I am not surprised, though, since when my own intelligent children attended Burbank and Winton, they suffered from the false images attributed to Burbank in general. Often those images were created by the schools themselves in order to persuade State and Federal officials of why they needed special funding to meet our needs.

    I remember in particular how difficult it was to even get Burbank students tested for the gifted program. Once parents pressed for testing, low and behold, gifted students were indeed discovered.

    The second issue is your objection to Councilwoman Halliday, “BASED ON A SIMPLE ANNOYANCE WITH HER SPEAKING/GIGGLE STYLE OF ORATIONS.”

    I think I have noticed what you are talkimg about, but I do object to your description altogether. To tell you the truth, I identify with her. But I don’t expect you to understand that either.

    You see, women in general have a hard time with speaking up and speaking out. That is often because they are so often shut down by the male dominated power structure, both in families and in the community. As a result, women often anticipate being cut off before they have time to complete their statement. That interferes with the flow of their speech. I have seen our mayor cut off Coucilwoman Halliday in the past. Perhaps he shared your “annoyance.” I also noticed that he does not do the same to the councilmen who sometimes seem to go on and on from my point of view. Fortunately, Halliday and Sweeney seem to have worked through their relationship with each other. In fact, I think our council is rather remarkable in the way they work together as a group.

    Barbara Halliday is the only voice womaen have on our council and she is a voice worth listening to. She certainly speaks for me. I only wish we had more like her.

    And along these same lines, although I appreciate your comments about me being intelligent and writing well, I find your other comments: “Do not feel badly if you do not understand that which occurred.” and “Just hang in their and seEk opportunity to be part of City…” really patronizing.

    Ask your wife what she thinks.

  • John Kyle

    Ms Blair;

    Sorry? No, I had intended to be helpful… will not try again!

    Except to say that Winton middle school has a poor history in it’s experience with truancy. In School year 2010 – 2011 the truancy rate stood at 80.18% !which placed it at 3rd position among the five middle schools.

    Patronizing? Well if that 9is how you handle that…. so be it! I do not mean to brag but i Have participated in about two dozen taskforce groups ( or if you will, ‘ad hoc groups’ the last of which was the walpert Ridge advisory group which made poassible what you now see at the ridge; HUSD rec’d a free school! Communitry gained a nice high end housing project which unfortunately mnissed the prime money market experience…. are all the lots sold and have they been improved with a new ‘upscale’ home?

  • Sherry Blair

    No need to be defensive, John. I was not doubting your intentions, only the effect the words you use to communicate them. I do not doubt the extent of your resume either, but your words seem to express your doubt about mine.

  • Sherry,
    You are talking to a brick wall whenit comes to getting Mr.Kyle to understand how words sting and sometimes hurt.

  • John Kyle

    Poor Ms. Booth…. On or about August 1, 2011, she made her first contribution to the Hayword Blog… spent much time during August 2011, attacking Mr. Armas… when I asked Armas what started her obvious dislike, he was tight mouthed AND SAID NOTHING.
    Booth was on personnel commission which heard grievances from city employees…a convention affecting matters involving personnel, is that the matters under consideration are private and not discussed after the event, which occurs after the doors are closed to hear various personnel matters and disciplinary actions.
    It is PRACTICE requiring self control! Mr. Armas is one of the most self controlled folks that I have ever met!
    When I asked Armas what caused Booth’s obvious bitterness towards him, he shrugged his shoulders and said absolutely nothing!
    It was obvious that with Booth’s attacks upon Armas in the blog were designed to hurt, that when she carried a grudge to the point that she joined forces with a party using a nom de plume ( ‘Obama new age’ )……that there was nothing honorable about the Attacks….. Obama new age act was venomous, when she suggested that I was stalking her daughter! Booth suggested that she, ( Obama New Age), file a report with the police Department
    I suggest to all that you go back to the blog submissions starting at August 1, 2011. Read those contributions by Booth… especially from the time she joined with another female character ‘Obama new age’ whose contributions suggested that she was a female working in Oakland as a nurses aid.

  • Sherry Blair

    I read a book for teachers once called “He Hit Me Back First.”

    Words do hurt and sting. But that is true on both sides of a conflict. They also hurt when they are about our friends and family and even about our choice of candidates!

    John does understand, Kathy. It hurt him when you used hurtful words about his friend Jesus. It hurts me when he uses them about you.

    Can’t we call an end to this old feud?

    Be the change that is needed?

  • Eric Kurhi

    Sigh. The August you speak of, John, was in 2010. It won’t be long before two years have passed since the exchange you keep bringing up.

    As a reference point, in August 2011 some of us were talking about the fate of the 1/4-pound Giant Burger, which was a much more pleasant exchange.

    In California, the statute of limitations on defamation is one year. I would think a grudge based on comments on a blog would have an even shorter shelf life.

    I agree with Sherry — end this old feud.

  • Whatever……

  • Duely chastised.

  • Sherry Blair

    Now that our little group therapy session is over, I have another idea: Let’s start a new American Revolution in Hayward!

    I know, we’re just a small group, but remember Margaret Mead’s observation: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    And like our forefathers and mothers, we are connected to a newpaper guy! And we have the internet! How good does it get?

    No, I wasn’t thinking about getting out the guns or overthrowing the government. I don’t think it will be necessary. It’s our government this time.

    What we will need to do is focus. Those who would dominate the people have created a system that divides us. While we are busy arguing over our differences, they get stronger. What is needed is for us to rise above our differences and unite around our common cause!

    That means balancing the power of male and female, rich and poor, black and white and brown and everything in between, old and young, religious and scientific, left and right and everything in between. What’s left, what we share,is our individual liberty and our union. E Pluibus Unum.

    What do you think? Can we make a new conscious beginning or should we just give up. I say evolve!

  • John Kyle


    Ms. Blair,
    You put forward an excellent idea which of itself justifies continued expenditure of individual time in the act of reading and contributing to this blog! I expect to personally provide some thoughts about HUSD AND IT’S FINANCIAL CONDITION. I may be delayed a few hours or perhaps a day or two…. Seems the ‘honey do list’ has grown a bit with the arrival of some dry sunny weather.

  • Michael Moore

    Golly gee, perhaps we should have a Town Hall meeting and get everyone together. Why I am sure that parochial school leadership from the Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostals, Episcopalians, Lutherans, Orthodox Jews, Reformed Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Bahai’is and Latter Day Saints would love to be able to contribute their special expertise in to making the schools so much better.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Blair
    As an initial topic on a single subject, I suggest that the ‘blog community’ discuss thoughts on the subject of Average Daily Attendance (ADA) money, which presently sees HUSD losing $29.10 per day for each act of truancy, which sum, the State of California retains, presumably for another worthy purpose other than support of HUSD. Hayward schools have an extremely serious money problem solely caused by truancy.
    Obviously, the annual full year gathering of truancy data for school year 2011 – 2012 will not be available for several months. I have in my possession a copy of the data for year 2010- 2011. The data reflects the enrollment at October 1, 2010 so the actual percentages reflecting the truancy rate may be conservative if, as I suspect to be the case, the assumption that the enrollment number on October 1, 2010 is not the true experience throughout the school year. I assume that the data on actual occurrences of truancy are accurate but reserve judgement until such time as administration offers enlightenment on that subject. The rates of truancy are thus assumed to be a calculation using the October 1st enrollment data as a constant throughout the fiscal year. We had an enrollment of 20,666 in year 2010 – 2011 the number of truants is reported at 14,986.That statistic indicates that 72.71% of the total enrollment were classified as truants. ‘Only’ 24.23% of k-6 students were truants! ‘Just’ 79.2% of middle school enrollees were classified as truants and 91% of our High School enrollment had the dubious distinction of being identified as truants.
    Not too many meetings ago, the Board of Trustees at husd enacted a new ‘real estate parcel assessment’ as a means of making up the $9,000,000 (approximate loss), which seems to be occurring on an annual basis.
    I can hardly wait until the experience of fiscal year 2022- 2012 is reported!
    How about yourself, dear reader ? Is it not the moment in time to prosecute the parenst of truants under the rules established in California State Senate Bill 1317 ?

  • John Kyle

    All !

    Damn hour at which I finished the above… note four lines above the last…. fiscal year 2022 should read 2011 ! Blame it on the aging process ?

  • Sherry Blair

    I appreciate your support for the revolution, guys, but I was thinking about real change, opening to a new more balanced, inclusive and life affirming paradigm. Real change involves changing ourselves first.

    Michael, I rather enjoy you. I think you are very intelligent and witty, I certainly think you have the capacity to imagine a better world. In fact, I know you have already. But you don’t seem to believe in people’s ability to learn and change or your own ability to persuade people to change. I can see why too. A leader must be able to communicate his vision, not his sense of hopelessness. Your sarcasm tells others that, since there is no hope for real change, the best we can do is develop a sense of humor about it. That only depresses people like me who want to move forward.

    John, I have my own “honey do list” for you! You are like a dog with a bone! You see a change that is needed, but you have not been able to create it. You keep talking about it, but nobody seems to care. I think what’s in the way is that you are only looking at one piece of the puzzle. If you saw the larger whole picture, you would be more able to see how your part fits into the whole in time and space. In other words, it can happen but only after other things prepare the ground. In the meantime, you are just spinning your wheels. By the way, I like that you are willing to set aside the blog to help your wife!

    I have my own resistences to change. It is hard work for one thing. It requires lots of energy, resilience and the ability to forgive others for their shortcomings and especially to forgive myself. Sometimes I have periods of doubt and lack of self confidence. But when in the company of those who love and support me, my family and friends, I get re-energized. But isn’t that true for us all? I think we need each other to pull this off. That’s why we keep coming here.

    Back to the revolution…I think we must begin with our individual visions. What kind of Hayward do we want? Sometimes that comes out in the form of what we don’t want first. Then we must learn how to communicate what we want to each other in a clear way so we can all see it too.

    When we begin to communicate in this way, it is important for the listener to try to imagine what the other is saying and to see the good in it. By seeing the good in the other, we actually help it to come out. When we are sarcastic or hurtful, the other withdraws into a defensive position that prevents real communication. I’m not talking about lying to each other, but developing our own capacity for seeing good in others.

  • John Kyle


    Your re-action is quite disappointing. In a single word….. bland!

    I leave you and all the many other contributors to the blog.

    Good luck to the students of HUSD too!

  • Michael Moore

    Well done Sherry.

  • Sherry Blair

    John, it’s your choice, but…

    The revolution I am thinking of is no less than the evolution of human consciousness that is happening in the world today whether or not you choose to be a part of it.

    It is based on an emerging consciousness of what is beyond our dualistic, separating consciousness, an awareness that unites us all for the good of the whole.

    I believe that, far into the future, people will view this time as at least as exciting as the age of enlightenment that preceded the birth of our country. Hardly bland at all!

    None of us are going to escape the consequences of our choices now.

  • Mr. Kyle if you are still checking out the blog…look at today’s, Sunday April 22, Chronicle…Insight Magazine. There is a very interesting article on Truancy.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Booth;Ms.

    Thank you for mentioning the ‘truancy articles’ appearing in the Sunday, (April 23rd) edition of the SF Chronicle. Actually there were three articles and a photograph covering two pages of the Insight section of the Sunday edition. Hell would freeze over before the Bay Area News Group ever made a similar, well needed and appreciated article. I think to send my copy to the Board of Trustees.
    I will mail you a copy of some interesting additional details if you agree to accept that mail! Please make a statement to that affect in your next contribution to the blog. Others will be afforded the same courtesy but they must mail me $0.50 worth of postage; my address is in the phone book!
    I have in my possession, the latest available annual report of truancy factors at HUSD. It covers the school year 2010 – 2011 and it explains why we need to build pressure on the Board of Trustees for the dual purposes of correcting the truancy problem at HUSD. There is the additional irritation of knowing that the oncoming additional ‘parcel tax’ being implemented by HUSD Trustees, would not be necessary if the Board of Trustees, just stopped ‘being nice’ to our plentiful supply of neglectful parents! Their truant sons and daughters are indifferent to their own future as well as the plight of taxpayers who, in many cases, just simply are unable to keep up with the effects of inflation and the unnecessary loss of $9,000,000. suffered by a school district possessed of an additional need to dip into the purses of taxpayers in HUSD’s district.
    I am not able to apply what I am about to say, to current condition of the last few years, but in my real estate appraisal experience which extended over 30 years of my 40 year employment in the banking industry, I recall reading statements by realtors, which appeared in their listings controlled by the Southern Alameda Board of Realtors to wit: “This property is located In Union City (or Castro Valley) school district but not HUSD despite the location in City of Hayward or unincorporated areas of Alameda County, bearing a Hayward zip code!’’
    GUESS WHAT/! Your home is worth more if located outside of HUSD’s area of concern !

  • mr. kyle,
    Thank you for the offer, but I really do not need any further info from you. I just wanted to pass along the notice of the article(s) to you.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Blair;

    How about You? See # 31 and # 32.

  • Sherry Blair

    No thanks John. I already have too much stuff I want to read. Just getting through my emails is almost impossible these days.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Blair,
    It is a free country… do as you will with your time and energy. However, I remind you and all other readers of the blog…. that, I find it incredible that there is a general lack of concern for realistic control of our truancy problem

    Lay aside the problem we all experience which is, the affect upon the most common form of investment we all make that not surprisingly, is the home in which we live AND the children or grandchildren living in that abode, who are compelled to attend classes at HUSD SCHOOLS.
    THERE ARE OTHER COMMON INTEREST PROBLEMS WHICH OCCUR AS A RESULT OF UNCONTROLLED TRUANCY. Our state supported criminal justice system is flooded with those having a history of truancy.
    If HUDSD trustees have used California Senate Bill 1317 to battle truancy, they ought say so publicly and advise of the effect as well as the number of individual cases in which that ’tool’ has been used and amount of dollar loss of ADA money stemmed as a result!
    An election is coming up and we need to know the names of those trustees we will retain, if such exist!
    See one of my earlier submissions on the subject of truancy and learn that the lost ADA money was at or very near, the $9,000,000 mark IN SCHOOL YEAR 2010-2011. The experience report for the current school year will not be available until around middle of August.

  • Sherry Blair

    Were any of you at the board of educaton meeting on school boundaries last night? Eric?

    I was in the back of the room and couldn’t see or hear everything so I am not sure I was interpreting it right. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    The most interesting part to me was right at the beginning.

    The board came out of their closed session and began the agenda. When they got to the section on approving the agenda, a disagreement emerged. Reynoso had made a motion to accept the agenda as written, McGee had seconded it. Armas apparently wanted to insert a return to another closed session sometime later, maybe after the worksession. They argued about it for a time and then, when a solution was not found, they adjourned to a back room to resolve it out of the public eye. Well, the men did. Heredia hadn’t arrived yet and Brunner came out with the audience to wait for the men.

    Of course, the audience had to wait and were very inconvenienced by this dispute. In fact, this is usually the part where the public would ordinarily get really disgusted and begin trashing their leaders.

    When the men came back, the motion was passed and McGee made a speech that I really liked. He apologized to the people waiting in a way that expressed his heartfelt sorrow at having caused our inconvenience. Well he won my heart for sure. At the same time, he defended the board’s need to take the time it needed to resolve the interpersonal issue it was faced with. That was exactly the right thing to do and well worth the wait. He made the best of a bad situation by taking advantage of the teachable moment.

    The board did the right thing too. Our school board is like any group of people, like our own group right here on the Hayword blog, in fact. Differences are real and must be worked through in order for the group to work well together and accomplish their purpose. We are wrong to treat public officials as if they ought to be possessed of super human capacities that make them immune to the same problems of other groups and families.

    I only wish that our congress could do as well as our school board!

  • John Kyle


    HUSD Trustees, failing to understand a basic cause of current and forthcoming budget deficits, now seek an incorrect solution! The Trustees are guilty of an assault upon intellect of voters when seeking passage of Measure ‘G’, as seen propounded within the Alameda County Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet !

    What they seek is a property tax assessment of a mere $58. per annum. The amount of the proposed tax is put forward as being $58.00 per year regardless of whether or not this is a business parcel, an apartment complex or a single family residence. Exceptions are to be made which are directed to the elderly, who may or may not understand the requirement that the exception must be supported by an application requiring a visit to HUSD Administrative offices.
    The annoying factor in the ballot measure is that the Assessment will bring in only about $9,000,000 . That sum is roughly equivalent to the amount lost to HUSD as a consequence of the loss experienced by a permissive attitude exhibited toward parents of truants.
    About $9,000,000. per year is lost to HUSD as a consequence of losses in the Average Daily Attendance money caused by it’s lenient, almost permissive attitude, exhibited toward hooky players and their parents.
    Obviously, I do not have possession of the statistics for school year 2011- 2012 but I do have in my possession the Truancy Data for School year 2010-2011. The initial enrollment established on October 1, 2010 totaled 20,606 students. The number of truants totaled 9,921 , which is expressed as being 48.44% of the total enrollment, established on October 1, 2010. I note here also, that when a truant is absent on successive days, that factor is un-discernable in the annual report for year 2010 -2011.
    Expressed in another fashion:
    3,026 elementary school students were truant. Or, 24.123% of our elementary school students were truants;
    2,383 middle school students were truant. Or, 79.02% of middle school students were truants;
    4,572 high School students were truant. Or, 91% of high school students were truants.
    Of the total enrollment at 21,406 students 46.7% were truant on one or more days.
    I lack sufficient data to pin point the precise cost, but my bet is that the sum total of lost ADA money experienced by HUSD in year 2010 – 2011 was at or above the $9,000.000. level.
    So, instead of bringing parents of the worst truants to task under terms of Senate Bill 1317, our Trustees are laying solution of the problem upon the backs of homeowners!

  • Michael Moore

    John, if your numbers are correct, how can there be overcrowding in schools?

  • John Kyle


    Good question…(even if a bit inane).. when registration occurs seats are provided in all appropriate classes. Truancy is sporadic through out the system…. you do not pull desks or seats just because a kid absents himself…. you do not have the labor force for that….

    Seats pulled today would be returned the day he/she returns…. so do we have a labor force on the payroll for that activity. Truants do put together 2 0r 3 day succesive unexcused absences.WSo I rathwer imagine that teachers have an annoying task of trying to undertstand just how to assure that all have opportunity to obtain FULL INSTRUCTIONof all subjects which are involoved inh a course of the year… so do API scores drop because a teacher problem or an attendence problem.

    FROM cAL AT SAN LUIS OBISPO ‘magna cum laude’ in mathmatics… she refused to even consider applying to HUSD after graduation she apparently took a bit of hazing for even entioning that she lived near HAYWARD. She lived in Castro Valley but commuted, (AS DID A BROTHER AND THREE SISTERS.) to Concord to attend HS at The young ladies school ‘Carondolet’ located near the “football team”,(DeLasalle.)

  • John Kyle


    That which appears above escaped into the ether prior to completion and editing for spelling etc.

  • Sherry Blair

    I think I may have discovered the answer to the disappearing posts.After you submit a coment, refresh. I think that does what we want. Try it.

  • John Kyle


    sEEMS TO ME THAT THE Lack of contributions by Mr. Kurhi and contributing readers of this blog…. that it is near a state of extinction!

  • John Kyle


    It would be beneficial for Hayward to see Mr. Quirk in the State Assembly. He is intellectually bright, highly articulate as well as being energetic. He has advanced degrees in Mathmatics and astro-physics, retired from The governmemnt facility in Livermore, has a quick mind, does not go off in tangents when speaking …in short I will vote for the man based on my Observations of his participation in City TASK FORCE ON WHICH WE WERE BOTH APPOINTED IN EARLY 1990’S AS WELL AS HIS SERVICE AT HAYWARD AIRPORT AS A MEMBER OF cOUNCIL’S AIRPORT COMMITTEE FOR ABOUT 10 OR MORE YEARS.



    I LO0K FORWARD TO HIS USE OF PERSONAL ABILITIES IN THE State Assembly and hopefully, in future , the State Senate !

  • Our votes will negate each others Mr. Kyle.

  • John Kyle

    Ms. Booth:

    Negativitry is your forte… used as an adverb !
    (… in musical language.)

    Then too, Mr. Quirk has used his various degrees to their maximum while you have admitted ( on the blog in year 2011) ..NOT TAKING THE BAR exam. So why did you go to law school? Somenody must have been disapointed!

  • Give it up Mr. Kyle. The fact that I support a candidate other than Mr. Quirk does not give you the right to go on the attack against me.

  • John Kyle


    # 45 was not an attack by you?

  • Nope..simply stated that I would not be voting for Mr. Quirk and as such our votes would negate each other. It was certainly not an attack on Mr. Quirk…not supporting him does not equal an attack on him or on you.

  • Sherry Blair

    Read #45 again, John. Kathy’s right.

    Why compare Kathy’s education to Mr. Quirk’s? She isn’t a candidate.

    I agree that Mr. Quirk is very talented and has much to offer. I still have not decided, though.

    I spoke to all the candidates at the League of Women voters event. I think we need to take the time to be grateful that good people have the courage to run for public office, given the way they are treated by the very people they hope to serve. All of the candidates seemed to be good people with visions to improve Hayward. Yet we must choose the one with the best vision and ability to make it real.

    While I’m at it, let’s be thankful for the League of Women Voters who do the hard work of studying the issues that most citizens do not do. Check out their website, Smart Voter.org.

    They really knows how to put on a candidate’s forum in a way that serves the needs of intelligent citizens, not at all like the ones the media is feeding us.

    Also, if you didn’t see it, Bill Moyers did a really good show: “Big money, big media, big trouble.” It is worth seeing online. We just have to wake up.